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KI CHANGES is the website of Pam Goodall in Plymouth, UK. A variety of spiritual items are included.  All is given in love, light and peace.
Ki means Life Force, so this website is about making changes to enhance your life and how this could help you.  It lets you know about me and the services I can provide.  Hopefully it will also help you in your spiritual quest.

When you read anything on my site - it is my belief.  Everyone takes their own path and you should go with your gut feeling, your intuition to see if you agree with me.  However, this is true for anything you read or hear wherever you are and whoever is speaking.

Latest Channellings  (see page - Channellings 2017)

18th November 2017 - Be the Love/Light


This is my new ebook of channellings from the Arcturians which is available to download from Amazon for £4.95

In Channellings of Light and Love, Pamela Goodall brings you messages from The Arcturians, who are beings of light and love. There are three Arcturians, Ordo, Femo and Io, who live on the planet Alteria, which orbits the sun of Arcturus.

The book can be read as a book or opened ad hoc to a different page each day as a reading and message for you.

Pamela channels the messages of universal love which helps everyone to grow and move along their spiritual journey. The messages also give advice for our planet Earth and how we can help Mother Earth in the 5th Dimension consciousness.

Edgar Cayce referred to Arcturians as: “one of the most advanced civilisations in this galaxy and is the prototype for earth’s future. Its energies work as emotional, mental and spiritual healers for humanity.”

In the channelling dated 28th December, 2012 the Arcturians said: “We ask you to continue in your work of shining your light to all you meet and to all you pass in your day to day life. For as you walk others are unconsciously drawn to your light and so you continue the work of sharing and giving the light to others and to the planet.”

All is given in love to aid you and Earth/Gaia.


I have been looking at the statistics for this website of mine and am amazed how many wonderful people have looked at it.  I do hope it has been useful.  So many people from all around the world.  I am overwhelmed with love and blessings to you all. Thank you.   Love Light Peace.

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