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February 13, 2018 - The Choice is Always Yours - Io

Hello this Io, so nice to be back, so nice to be here. 
What makes you happy and what makes you sad.  It's a choice.  It's a choice you make every day, today, tomorrow, yesterday you made a choice.  Will I be happy, will I be sad?  If you wake up and think "oh it's a bad day  today  and it's going to be miserable, look at the rain, look at this, look at that", you'll be miserable, you've made that decision already.  And you will have a miserable day.  But if you wake up and look at the rain and say "okay well I've got  lots of other things I can do, so I'll have a happy day and I will do this and I'll do that and I will be happy ."  And then you will have a happy day so the choice is yours, the choice is always yours.  Do you know this, do you realise this, the choice is always yours. 
Happiness does not come from without yourself, happiness comes from within yourself.  Happiness is a feeling that you get when you want to be happy.  Yes you can be happier maybe when you meet with people,  but to be happy all you have to do is think happy.  If you can't think that then try and think of a happy time, a happy time when you really enjoyed yourself  and  you laughed and you laughed and you laughed. Think of that happy time, think of that joyous time, go back to it, feel it, understand it, create it in today, in the now and then be happy, feel that joy, feel that happiness, feel the laughter.  For you can only be happy when you want to be.  If you want to be sad and miserable well so be it, that's your choice.  It is your choice, nobody else's.   So allow yourself to make the choice of freedom of happiness, because when you're sad, yea you are like in a prison, behind bars, you are deciding to stay in the gloom, in the doom.  This isn't happening, this isn't happening.
But if you decide to be happy, then you can decide actually I'm going to break down the bars. I made them, I'm going to  break them.  So be happy, think of things that could make you happy, think of what could possibly make you happy today, tomorrow anytime you think.  Just remember you have the choice, you have the choice.  So be happy, laugh, giggle, watch a comedy programme, anything that makes you smile, that is good.  Hear a baby's laughter, watch a dog or a puppy playing, any animal especially small animals, small baby animals always make you smile.
So be happy, be happy in the moment each time you raise your happiness, you will feel better about yourself.  And if you find it really really hard to smile then make yourself smile, make your facial muscles smile.  You will feel so silly you might even laugh at yourself.  Now wouldn't that be a breakthrough.  So smile,  smile, smile, laugh and be in the joy.
Pam has a favourite poem.  "Smiling is infectious, you know not what you do, when someone smiled at me today, I caught myself smiling too, as I passed around the corner someone saw me grin, and then I realised I had passed it on to him" and so it goes on.  When you smile you pass the smile to others, so when you see someone smile or laugh, feel the laughter with them, feel the smile.  Enjoy life.  Life is for enjoyment.  Enjoy your life.  Make that choice to enjoy your life.
Love and blessings.  I am Io.
Channelled in body by Pamela Goodall.

2018 - 30 January - Merlia - Love and Peace
Hello this is Merlia.  Today, today I want to speak to you of peace and of course love goes with peace.  You can't have peace without love and you can't have love without peace.  The two go together hand  in hand.  So peace and love, how do you get there, how do you get there?  You start by loving yourself, one of the hardest things for humans to do, but know that you are far greater than you think, you are magnificent beings here in spirit. 
And this is just a small part of you, playing a role on earth, this is just one small part of you.  You are magnificent and we applaud everything you do down on planet Earth, on planet Gaia.  For you do not realise that every small thing you do with love magnifies and joins with other small gifts of love.  And so the world becomes stronger in love and so do you. 
So if you can send out gifts of love from yourself, why not give a gift of love to you, for you are the greatest gift to yourself and when you love yourself you can give out even stronger gifts of love to others for they know not what you do sometimes, some feel it, but those that are in the darkness don't feel it. and to get them to be in the love, they must first feel love.  So the stronger you can send love the better, the more you can send love the better. 
Everywhere that you send love brings peace.  For love and war do not go together, but love and peace do.  You cannot hate and be at peace.  You cannot be sad and be in peace.  You can only be in love,  true love and be in peace.  So love yourselves dear ones for you are far more magnificent than you could ever dream.  Love yourself for all your good qualities, do not look at  your bodies, look at who you are, look at who you are.  How wonderful you are, what a lovely person you are.  Love yourself and then send it out to others. 
We love you, you magnificent beings.  I am Merlia.
Channelled in body by Pamela Goodall

20 Jan 2018 - Love is a many splendoured thing
This is Merlia and I am here to give love, love to all of you from us in spirit.  I am the Divine Feminine and soon the Divine Masculine will arise too.   And so the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine can rise together in love.  To send love to all the world.  To lighten the darkness.  To bring peace into where there is hate.  To bring peace where there is war.  Sending love to these places will help your world to rise, to rise in the Light, to rise in the Love and to beat back the darkness.  To overcome the darkness and allow love to be in every heart.  For love is what is needed.  Love is the answer.  We have said before love is always the answer.  Love can do many things. 
So be the Divine Feminine, it doesn't matter if you are male, there is male and female within each and every human.    So whether you're male or whether you're female let the Divine Feminine come within you, to help you raise the love within yourself, to help you raise the love for yourself.  For you need to love yourself and then you can send out love much stronger to all others. 
Allow yourselves to be compassionate, allow yourselves to be soft and caring, allow yourselves to love each other, to love thy neighbour as thyself.  For in this world where you can fly by aeroplane anywhere you wish, everyone is your neighbour, everyone in the world.   So love your neighbour, love yourself, send love to all if you wish to raise the consciousness of your world. 
For love can do many things.  In the words of your song "Love is a many splendoured thing".  There are so many songs about love in your world, look at the words, hear the words, know what love is, there are many versions of love but the strongest love is the love from God/Creator.  When you feel that love you become that love and then you can send it out stronger and stronger to all the people on the earth, to everything upon the earth and within the earth. 
And you can send the love to Gaia, Mother Earth, for she too is raising her consciousness and needs love as well.  So love, love, love, love is all there is.  Allow yourselves to be love with the Divine Feminine and also with the Divine Masculine, when you are in balance of the two, when you are balanced with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine then love soars, love grows stronger and stronger within you and when you go about your business people feel that love emanating from you.  How wonderful is that.  So be the love, be the love, that's all you need to do, be the love. 
I am Merlia the Divine Feminine.
Channelled in body by Pamela Goodall

5th January 2018 - Go with your Dreams
Hello this is Io.  Yes back again, ready to give another message, how lovely.  And the New Year for you, ready for new starts, new beginnings.  Everyone has a new start, a new beginning if they so wish, however, if they choose to stay in the old energy, that's where they will stay. 
Go to the new energy, go to the new energy, the energy of the New Year, the higher energy.  Don't be afraid to step forward, don't be afraid to step forward and to go where you are led, for each of you have a new journey to explore if you so wish.  Each of you can go forward into a new day, a new start, a new something.  What do you choose that to be, for this is your journey and you should choose. 
Everyone has dreams, what is your dream?  You can create it, this has been told many times, your can create/manifest your dream, all you have to do is have the courage to do so. Those of you who know about quantum physics know that science is saying that you can create your future too, not just us in spirit.  So create, create your future, create it as good as you can make it and then ask for this or something better.  For who knows what there might be for you. 
Allow yourselves to rest in the flow once you have made your request, your order.  See your dream and see it manifest, see it in the now, see it right in front of you, be within that dream.  This is how you create it, having let go of all that was.  Allow it to come to you.  Put no obstacles in the way, for this is what humans tend to do.  They put out a dream and then they say "oh but maybe it won't happen".  Well that will stop it happening that's for sure, so allow it to happen.  Allow it to be, allow it, only you can do this, only you can allow it. 
So dream as big as you want and ask for this or something better.  In the high energies that are coming through this is so easy now to manifest.  It makes it easier and easier for you to manifest, so do it.  And well done when you have, well done.
And thank you.  I am Io.
Channelled in body by Pamela Goodall

4th January 2018 - Feel the Love
Hello this is Merlia, talking about love and the Divine Feminine, for I am the Divine Feminine.  I come within you and you can feel  the softness, you can feel the love, you can feel the compassion.  You know that this is truly the Divine Feminine and so I ask all of you to reach out to feel that love from me to you.  Feel it through this message for I love you all unconditionally in a very soft feminine way for you too are love,  made of love by the Creator.  God you usually say, maybe Allah, Jehovah, the name matters not.  The feeling of the Creator is all that is needed, knowing that the Creator is love.  The  Creator is only love, love is all there is.
Feel that love, feel that love surround you, feel yourself loved in this moment, feel the love wrapping around you, loving you, cuddling you, warming you.  Know that love is the most magnificent energy and emotion that ever was and ever will be.  Love is an energy, not just an emotion.  Love is an energy that can solve many things.  Love can overcome anything, anything at all.  Love can overcome hate, love can overcome sadness, love can overcome misery, love can overcome anger, love can overcome all emotions for love is the strongest emotion and is also an energy and the energy comes from God the Creator. 
So know as you go about your daily way just accept that love is within you, for love is actually within your DNA.  The love of the Creator is within your DNA, so love yourselves dear humans, love yourselves for you are the creations of the Creator.  How can you not love yourselves? 
Love surrounds you at all times, but sometimes you are too caught up in things to feel this, to know this.  Sometimes you can't feel the love at all, but it is there, it truly is there for you just waiting.  We can send the love to you, but if you are too busy to feel it?  So stop being so busy, take time in every day, take time to just stop and take three deep breaths. Do that now dear ones, three deep breaths filling your lungs, actually using your lungs, filling them to capacity, using the oxygen for your body.  Helping your body to do what it is supposed to.  It needs all that oxygen.  So when you do three deep breaths you help your body and you  also pause and in that pausing feel the love.   Feel the love surrounding you, feel the love within you, feel it growing within you, feel the love for yourself, the love for your soul, the love for who you are in this moment, love yourselves.  And we are loving you too, all those in spirit with me, we all send you love.  We always do in each and every moment, there is only love.
I am the Divine Feminine Merlia.
Channelled in body by Pamela Goodall

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