KI  CHANGES - Love Light Peace

Shamanic Soul Retrieval
Energy Clearing
Channelling Higher Beings
Advice/Counselling from Spirit
Distant Healing


I am now qualified to take you on a journey to retrieve pieces of your soul that you may have left behind in previous lives.

Phone or email to arrange time and place for services.
Price: £30


Sending spirits who are stuck on the earthly plane into the light, helping them to move on and for you to live peacefully.  Clearing negativity from homes.

Price: £40

Archangels and Masters of Light are channelling messages through many
lightworkers on this planet.  I am one of these channellers and I am receiving more and more messages as I progress on my spiritual journey. 
I receive channellings from The Arcturians, who are extra terrestrials who work with love and light.   In addition I have received messages from Jesus, Mother Mary, Hilarion, Archangels, to name a few.

The best route to healing any ailment is to change the condition or conditions, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, that created the original ailment and thereby prevent the condition returning.  For example, on a physical level - diet change can make a vast difference to many diseases; on a spiritual level release of beliefs or baggage can work miracles.  
When healing I channel Angelic and Spiritual energies with Tera Mei and Seichem Reiki. I sometimes use Access healing for the client or Quantum Touch. At other times I will use crystals in a session to help with the healing.  EFT and NLP may also be brought into a healing.
Healing is mostly done when I meet someone or at a card reading session. 
I also send distance healing and am happy to include anyone in this daily ritual. 
Email me to send your name or loved ones names to be included in the distance healing.


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