KI  CHANGES - Love Light Peace

Inspirational Talks and Presentations are given at Mind Body Spirit Fairs and to all interested groups.

Talks to Mind Body Spirit fairs are free. 
Talks to other organisations £30
Topics include:

Exploring angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels.  Where they come from, what are they, etc. 
What the scientists say, what we know from ancient tales and what spirit tells us now.
Chakras 3rd to 5th dimension
Talking about the 7 traditional chakras and the extra chakras to help in the 5th dimension.

What is Channelling
Describing channelling and giving demonstrations.

Dimensions, and in particular the 5th Dimension.
All about dimensions, what is the 5th dimension and what it means for Planet Earth.
Fairies and Elementals
Explaining what they are, why they are called Elementals and much more.
Explaining how we help ourselves by forgiving others.
My Path Prior to Spiritual Awakening
The experiences which led me to spirituality.  An explanation of my understanding of Spirituality to hopefully help others.
Understand aggression to learn about peace, how peace can be achieved within ourselves and the world.
Spirituality versus Science
Exploring the differences and similarities of science and spirituality.
Spirituality - What is it?
My understanding of spirituality.

Other talks being written include:

So what is Meditation?
Different styles of meditation, what you can do and  why it is so good for you.
Channelling - What is it?
Explaining how this is not "spooky", but a common occurance.
Love - do we really understand it.
Expressing a little bit more about the understanding of love.
and more. 

If you are interested in having me as a speaker, please phone or email me on: 
Tel: 01752 367620 
Mobile: 0796 707 6584 

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