KI  CHANGES - Love Light Peace

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1 December 2008
We are the Arcturians.  Yes we are pleased with your progress.  You are raising your consciousness and thereby raising the consciousness of others.  You also work well with your group and your friends.  Together we are winning.  Together we can do it.  The central sun is sending many rays to lift the earth.  The earth/Gaia is responding and is renewing and regenerating.  This is happening.  Do not listen to negative news, as this pulls you down.  Listen instead to uplifting music and work with, angels and masters.  Love yourself, love the world, love the universe, love God.  All is one.  Well done.
26 November 2008
We are  the Arcturians.  We send greetings to all in your group.  Work together to bring the peace and the light.  We three work with you and merge with you.  The heat you feel is from this merging.  We three are emissaries from one planet.  We work with all, whether in the esoteric or physical field.  Energies from all of the Universe are working together to raise the consciousness of Gaia.  The time has come for all to work together.  Together we can do it.  Together we can raise the consciousness.  The time is ripe.  The seed is growing.  Consciousness is growing.  Together we all move into the light, for the light is all there is.  The light is all there has ever been.  The light is all.  The light is one.  All is one.
10 November 2008
We are the Arterians. Greetings.  Today is an important day.  It is the day when more lightworkers than ever before have worked to increase the light on your planet.  There has been a worldwide gathering, each doing their part, maybe not realising how many others are working in the same way.  This is marvellous news and we wish that this continues to grow and thrive.  Everyone doing their bit to work for the light of the world.  Open your eyes, open your hearts, open up and receive the light.  Send it to the planet Gaia, send it to all lightworkers, send it to all people, send it to animals, send it to all plant life.  Increase and increase the light and so the consciousness of all will rise.  This is the ultimate goal.  Light in every heart, love in every heart.  Greater consciousness for all.  Well done.
5 November 2008
Dear Children of the Earth I greet you, I am Kumeka, Lord of Light, Chohan of the Blue Ray.  Congratulations Warriors of the Light.  the light is increasing, the grids on the planet are increasing in light and frequency.  Crystals are awakening.  Everything on the planet has its place in the order of things.  You each have a place.  A place like no other.  Each is separate, yet connected, as all are connected.  Each has their own work to do.  Each has agreed to do this work.  Each plays a very important role in the grand scheme.  As a machine cannot work without all its parts, neither can the grand plan to raise the vibrations of Gaia.  The frequency of the light is rising and the light diminishes the darkness.  Today each of you is important.  Tomorrow each of you is important .  Each must play their part.  We too of the heavens play our part.  Masters of Light, angels and what you call extra-terrestrials are each working for the grand scheme.  We are all one.  we work together, all of us.  Together we can overcome.  Together we will transcend the darkness.  Together the frequency of the planet earth will be raised and the higher consciousness of all people will rise.  Keep receiving the light and transmitting it to Gaia.  Keep seeding the planet with light.  The 11/11 portal is close and more light will be sent in a great wave.  Be ready to receive this light.  Ready yourselves by clearing and cleansing your physical bodies, your chakra system and your auras.  For when you clear and cleanse yourselves daily then you can receive more light and channel it through your bodies easier.  work well my children, Rainbow Warriors.  Our good wishes go to all.  We are always here for you, all you have to do is call.  God bless you and keep you. 
Kumeka, Lord of Light.
31 October 2008
 Hello, we are the Arterians.  We have been watching your planet intently and along with the Angelic Host and Masters of Light we are pleased and happy that the light on your planet is growing day by day.  Gaia is happy that rejuvenation is happening, slowly at first , but things will gradually speed up.  We still need Lightworkers to ground the light into the earth.  The Starseed is working well and we applaud you.  Well done Warriors of the Rainbow.  Well done and keep up the good work.  We are working alongside you and with you.  Do not despair, everything is working as it should.  Everything at this time is perfect.  The light is increasing.  The planet Gaia is ascending.  The fifth dimension is on its way and will soon be here.  Warriors of the Light never falter.  Never give up – keep working with us and the Angelic Host.  Together we will win the fight.  Do not let the powers of darkness stop you, or impede you.  Be strong Rainbow Warriors.  Be strong.  Fight the good fight will all your might.  Fight with the power of the light against the darkness and negativity that tries to stop the planet from rising in consciousness.  However, together we will win.  Light always overcomes darkness.  The light just needs to be switched on and switch it on we will.  We are always with you and you receive full protection from the Angels.  Love and light.
24 October 2008
We are the Arterians.  We come in peace, we send peace, we are peace.  Peace is in our hearts and minds.  We wish that your people will also have peace in their hearts and minds.  Therefore, we send peace.  We send peace into the hearts of mankind and into the grids which enclose your planet.  The planet Gaia is lightening.  The dark shadow is lifting.  People of earth are shifting.  Each heart is becoming lighter.  The Mother Earth is becoming lighter.  All the Lightworkers on the planet are working well, channelling the light and seeding it into the earth.  More is required.  Keep channelling my friends and by so doing the whole Universe will profit.  We send love and light.
16 October 2008
 Dear Children of the Earth we have come to communicate with you through this channel.  This channel is fearful that she is not “getting it right”.  We say do not worry.  All is as it should be.  The message we bring is of love and peace, and gratitude for all that the Lightworkers across the globe have achieved.   The light is increasing.  The world is becoming brighter and the channels of energy around the world are being lit up.  We thank you and all Lightworkers and ask that you continue the work to bring in the light.  Many of you have worked long and hard at this work and continue to work hard.  It does not go unnoticed.  We thank you.  We thank you, not to increase your egos, but we know that acknowledgment and gratitude are well deserved.  Continue in the great work.  We send great love to you all.
The Archangels.
21 September 2008
 We are the Arterians.  We give greetings to all who read this message of love.  Peace to your planet.  Your planet Gaia is undergoing massive upheaval.  Negative energies are rising to the surface so that they can be transformed into positive energies.  The negative energies must rise so that they can be seen.  What is hidden cannot be dealt with by the human population of Gaia.  For the population can only change what they can see or feel.  The negative energies are being felt around the planet by many more people.  This is due to the consciousness of the planet rising.  The planet will continue to rise.  More and more people are becoming drawn to the light and are becoming Lightworkers.  The light is being set to you by our Father/Mother God and is being downloaded through Angels and workers for the light in spirit.  We are such workers of light.  We download this light to each of you that read this missive and ask that you be ready to receive the light, to carry the light within you and to seed the planet with this light.  The light being sent at this time is Adamantine particle light which is a clear sparkly diamond light and the Golden Light of our Mother/Father God.  Adamantine particles are creation light and will change your world dramatically.  The Golden Light is unconditional love from our Father/Mother God.  Blessing to you all.  The three Arcturians.
19 September 2008
 Hello, we are the Arterians.  Spread the word, spread the light, this is all that is needed.  You and thousands like you working for the light.  All of you being the light.  As you move around the planet, the light you carry is spread around you, showing your light to others.  Encouraging others towards the light.  As you move you leave a trail of this light behind you and this helps others.  People are drawn to your light and the light of others.  They feel the goodness with the Lightworkers and the Wayshowers.  They are drawn to this goodness and the light.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, remember to be the light and share it in this way with others.  The more is shared the more light there will be as others want to be in this light.  More and more people around the planet Gaia will be draw to Lightworkers and Wayshowers, who will help them to receive the light and to grow spiritually.  They will rise in consciousness.  More and more people will want the light and will rise in consciousness.  As they do so the world will also rise in consciousness.  People will see a different way forward for your planet.  People will start working in a more loving way on your planet.  Countries will eventually have leaders who are of the light and so your planet Gaia can have peace. How wonderful this will be.  In raising your planet to peace you will also raise the whole cosmos.  The whole cosmos is waiting to rise more consciousness because the planet Gaia rises.  Peace be to you Warriors of the Light.  Work well and be happy knowing that you work for the Highest Good of All.
The Arcturians.
Ordo, the eldest.
17 September 2008
 We are the Arterians.  We need you to spread our messages.  Send by your internet and email.  More need to read the messages.  Each will find what they look for.  The more places to find the path, the more will join.  Do not be fearful, this is your path.  Do not think people will not think you good enough.  Do not be embarrassed.  Stay true.  Speak Your Truth  Love and light to all Lightworkers and Wayshowers.
15 September 2008
Hello, we are the three Arterians.  We love to send the light to planet Gaia.  We meditate with you to increase the light.  The planet’s light is increasing all the time and this is excellent.  Many Lightworkers on your planet are working for the light.  Lightworkers around the planet are uniting in love to seed the earth and increase the light.  Lightworkers continue to be strong, darkness fights back.  Send the light, receive the light, be the light.  Shine out with your heartlight.  When your hearts are pure, nothing can withstand the love.  Receive and send, receive and send, receive and send again.  Well done Lightworkers.
9 September 2008
We are the Arterians.  Save the planet, help the planet.  Raise the consciousness of the planet.  Continue and continue in the work.  Do not become entangled in the negative stories in the world.  Believe that all is well and it is.  Believe that love conquers all and it does.  Believe that light overcomes darkness and it does.  Meditate and bring in the glorious rays of God.  Fill yourselves with love and light.  Balance yourselves.  Do these things constantly and your consciousness will raise.  Become the Master.  Bring in the light.  Bring in the light.  Bring in the light.  Love is sent to all.  The Three.
4 September 2008
We are the Arterians.  Now is the time for all people to clear and cleanse themselves.  If they do not, then how can they expect the planet Gaia to clear and cleanse herself.  Humans release your burdens, release your fears, release your negativity. Be positive about your future.  Positively create a new future.  Create your planet as bountiful and beautiful.  Create peace across your whole world.   Stop fighting.  When you fight, another fights back.  When you argue, another argues back.  Stop your negativity.  Become positive.  Positive that you can make a difference.  Each and every one of you can make a difference.  Every person who has peace in their heart and looks forward with a positive outlook is joining with like minded people to create a new world.  A new world where people will look after each other, will feed each other, will be a t peace with each other.  Love and peace to you all.
27 August 2008
We are the Arterians.  Together we can heal the world.  All of us working together.  Ending and bringing in the light.  The Adamantine particles and the Golden Light of God.  Cleansing and clearing.  Raising the consciousness of all on the planet Gaia.  Gaia loves and thanks the people of earth who have been working for her as Lighworkers, raising the consciousness of the planet.  The planet will rise in consciousness, that is now certain, but more work still needs to be done, we cannot sit back and think that now we have no work to do.  We always have more work, more learning, more light to bring.  For the greatest good of all we continue to work for all.  Love and light.  All is one and one for all.  The Three Arterians.
20 August 2008
We are the Arterians.  Now is the time to meditate and meditate and meditate.  Meditate and bring the Adamantine rays to earth.  Meditate and bring the Golden ray to your planet.  We are meditating too and helping you as much as we can.  Lighten your life and you help the planet.  Light up your life, light up your love, light up your planet Gaia.  Mother Gaia is so pleased when you help her.  She loves all her children and is so pleased that so many are working together.  Warriors of Light this is your time.  Wayshowers you are needed more than ever now.  Continue your work and receive the love and light we send.  Thank you.
5 August 2008
We are the Arterians.  The time is coming for all to act as responsible humans living on your planet.  Clearing your negativity and learning to live in your hearts.  Open your hearts, lift up your hearts, see your brothers and sisters around you.  Everyone on the planet Gaia is a brother or sister to you.  Love each other, love everyone.  Then you will have peace on your planet.  When you love another truly, you cannot help but forgive.  Forgiveness is love.  Forgive everyone, forgive yourself.  Clear the negativity, show your true selves.  Love, love, love.  That’s all there really is.
4 August 2008
We are the Arterians.  It is imperative that now everyone who can receives the light from the rays that are being sent.  Go into meditation and ask to receive the light.  Adamantine crystal light and golden light.  Both are needed for the planet.  We need to “tip the balance” even more.  Receive the rays, prepare for the 888.  We are doing all we can, as well as the Angels and Masters.  But humans need to do their part.  Human Angels, Warriors of the Light we need you to act and act now.  Bring the light to earth, plant it in the earth, embed it in the earth.  The diamond sparkly light of the Adamantine crystals and the Golden light of God.  Both are essential and are required to be visualised within the earth, in every part of the earth, in every plant, in every animal, in  every person, in every heart.  Do your part and receive the light, receive the rays.  Ground them into Gaia.  Seed the earth.  Now is the time.  Plant the seeds of the rays.  Nurture them and see them grow, expanding all the time.  Love and light to you, my Spirit Warriors of Light and Love.
28 July 2008
We are the Arterians.  You have heard that you and groups of people like you have raised the consciousness enough to ensure that the light overcomes any darkness.  That peace will prevail.  Now is not the time to stop.  Now is the time to continue even more.  Now is the time to increase the Golden light on the planet and to anchor it firmly, even more firmly into the Mother Earth.  The Golden Gate will increase the light shining forth.  Will you be ready?  Ready to be a Warrior of the Golden Light.  This is your role and the role of many others.  Anchor the golden light deeply.  Breathe in the golden light and shine forth as golden light beings.  Together the world will become totally golden and glowing.
25 July 2008 10.30pm
We are the Arterians.  Remember to meditate night and morning.  Raise your consciousness.  This way you raise the consciousness of the world.  We are three.  Three who send you greetings.  Working through you is a good contact with the earth.  You have always loved O’Rien.  This is because you once lived in that constellation.  You once lived on our planet Arteria.  You are one of us.  A light being.  You chose to incarnate on earth as this was more challenging for you.  You have gone through many many challenges and now you are coming to near the end of them.  Well done my child.  Well done.  Keep up the good work.  Love and light.
24 July 2008
We are the Arterians.  We come in love and peace.  Warriors of the Light you are needed.  Warriors of Light you need to act.  Warriors of Light action is required.  Breathe in the Golden light that is now being sent to the earth, seed the earth with golden light.  Fill the earth with golden light from Source.  We along with angels, masters and ascended beings are working with you and for you.  We all work for Source.   That is all.
18 July 2008 11.45pm
Hello.  We wish you well.  Cleansing is good.  Clearing is good.  Receiving the light is good, but we need you to do this more often.  Morning and night every day.  This is needed for the planet.  You and your friends must work harder or the darkness will prevail.  You and many Lightworkers are being asked to do more and more.  Everyone is doing extremely well, but more is required.  We thank you for everything you are doing and for everything you will do for the planet in the future.  The future is just ahead of you.  Much work is needed to regenerate the planet.  Love and light.  Love and light.  We are sending as much as we can, along with the Angels and Masters.  Love and Light.  The Alterians.
15 July 2008 11.50 pm
We are the Alterians.  We are sending light to your planet.  Your planet must raise its vibration.  It is essential that the vibration be raised.  It is essential  that more and more people raise their vibration.  Look to the light.  Receive and ground the light.  As more and more of you earthlings receive and ground the light, the planet will benefit and will be renewed.  More people will come to realise that the light is required and that otherwise darkness can prevail.  Each and everyone of you that receives the light and holds the light for the planet and holds peace in their heart is working hard for planet earth.  We wish you peace.  We wish you joy.  We wish you love everlasting.  Until the next time, goodbye.
15 July 2008 10.11pm
Well done tonight.  You are moving fast.  Do not fear, we are with you always.  There is much for you to learn, but you will assimilate it naturally.  You will find you remember the information.  More channelling from various ones, angels, spirit guides, extra-terrestrials and more.  Even your father.  This is an easier way for you and it is a good learning process.  We know that you are finding it hard to just receive information, so we are using this method.  But why can’t you be a medium using this method.  This way is good too.  Do try to remember to meditate morning and evening, even for 5 minutes at a time.  Continue raising your energy levels at all times.  Work only for the highest good of all and do not worry if you are better or worse than anyone else, do not compare.  You can tell this to others and forget for yourself. Do not put yourself down.  You are a Child of God and are working well.  We are well pleased.  We surround you with love and protection at all times.
Your Guardian Angels.
10 July 2008
Hello, we are back.  We are the Alterians.  There are three of us.  We work in concert.  There is strength in working as a group.  Everything is stronger, you know this, as you feel this when in your spiritual group.  We send love and felicitations to you and your friends who you work with.  Your friend is right to encourage you.  She also has contact with others who come from other planets.  She has seen and felt.  Together you would work well.  Together you are strong.  There is one other who lives in love.  She too works well in concert with you.  Love is all there is.  Work in the love, be the love, send the love.  Love works wonders, love manifests, love is life.  Be well.  Be at peace.  We are the Alterians.

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