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Hello, we are the Arcturians.  It is sometime since we last spoke, however it is now time to speak again.  The sun in your sky is sending out powerful rays to lighten your world.  These rays are sent to raise the consciousness of your world.  When you open yourself to receive these rays and then ground them into the earth you are helping everyone’s soul on the planet.  Each heart is receiving these rays, when you are near those of a lower consciousness you can help them rise, by opening your heart chakra and seeing the beauty in all souls.  In this way you send love to them and open their hearts wider.  As more and more souls open their hearts, the world will rise and love and peace can happen.  So spread the love, spread the light and make peace happen.
30November 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We have a message for all Lightworkers.  Do not delay, send out the light today.  Receive the light by being a transmitter and then plant that light within the earth.  Send it down to the very core of the earth, where Mother Gaia can use the light to transform herself and regenerate.  Send the light, which you receive to all of humanity, for all of humanity needs the light.  The light needs to be constantly fed to all humans for they rise and fall in consciousness and need to be raised all the time.  The light which you receive can flow from you in an ever widening circle and so affect all things around you.  The light, The Adamantine crystal light will through you, light up all those around you, all that you are in contact with, near and far.  For the light, the diamond light is needed by all and there is no end to their need.  So keep flowing with the light, receiving and sending and so together the world lightens out of its darkness.  Send the light to all politicians and to those in power, for they are all in desperate need of the light.  And so Lightworkers you are the creators of a world of higher consciousness.  You are the ones who can make this happen.  You are the Warriors of Light and together the fight against darkness can be won.  It is not a time to be complacent, darkness ever tries to win the battle, but darkness can always be lightened so easily by being shown the light.  So Spiritual Warriors spread the light, spread it deeper and further than ever before.  The light will overcome all.  Let your light shine.  We are so proud of all Lightworkers who continue in this work and so grateful, for not only will Gaia rise in consciousness, so will all the galaxy and the omniverse, for all are one, all are connected.  Everything affectseverything.  So receive and send the light and together you will manifest a higher way of living.
29 October 2009
Today the lesson is about love.  Love is a very special feeling, an act and a vibration.  Love for God is the highest love, love that is unconditional and just is.  Love can be unconditional and sent to the whole world – to every human upon the planet.  It doesn’t matter what level of consciousness they are at, they and all, need love.  So send unconditional love.  Love for your fellow man and woman.  Everyone is your neighbour.  Remember Jesus said this, love they neighbour as thyself.  And so it is that you must love yourself too.  When you truly love yourself then you can love the people, the world, the universe, all that is.  Love makes the world go round and is a wonderful love.  Love is God the Father/Mother. Love is all.  Love is transmuting, love changes you to be a better person.  So open your hearts and send out the love.  Love to everything upon your planet.  When you can live in love then you truly are a magnificent being.  You are in your majesty.  You have become a Master.  So love, love and love again.  Increase the amount of love you can hold and the amount you can send.  The more you do this the greater you will become.  For love is all there is.  Love embraces everything.  Love embraces negativity, love embraces the bad and the good.  Love is all consuming and transmutes all darkness.  For love is light and light will always overcome darkness.  Know that you are all special beings and that the stronger you make your connection to the love/light, then the more you can do for your world Gaia.  Live long andprosper.  Vywamus.Ascended Spiritual Teacher/HealerHigherAspect of Sanat Kumara
22 October 2009 2.10am
Hello,we are The Arcturians and we greet you today.  The sun is shining down upon Gaia and the rays are flowing to the Earth/Gaia.  We need all Lightworkers to be open channels to allow the light rays to channel through into the earth to ground the light into the planet.  More light is needed.  Always more light is needed.  The rays are working on the chakras within the bodies of all mankind.  Each person is receiving the healing rays, for each person needs the rays to lighten them.  Everyone is on their path to enlightenment whether they know it or not.  So channel the rays from the sun into the earth.  The rays are originally from the Great Central Sun and are then passed to the sun in your galaxy to be sent to Gaia.  So work with us to lighten your planet, to raise its consciousness higher, for the good of all. 
21 October 2009
Hello we are The Arcturians.  This is Ordo, the eldest.  Today we are speaking of stars again.  Stars in your eyes.  When the stars are in your eyes, then you are seeing with the eyes of God with joy, with happiness and in peace and love.  See the beauty that surrounds you.  Do not let the negatives in your world distract you from your view.  Let the negatives go and send love and light to them by all means, but do not let the negatives in the world become your world.   Let your world be filled with light and with love.  Let your world be filled with happiness and joy.  When you see the world through the stars in your eyes and see the world as a loving world, a beautiful world, a world that is rising in consciousness, then you will help others to see this too.  That is your aim Lightworkers, to shine the stars in your eyes to others so they can see the light and move away from the darkness.  Let your light so shine.  A beacon to others, drawing them closer and closer to the light of God, the Father/Mother of all.  When you help others to shine their light, then your light will be brighter still and with peace in your heart you will together earn peace and joy and love for the planet Gaia.  Blessings to you all.
18October 2009
Hello we are The Arcturians.  This is a good day for planet Earth/Gaia.  Today we have received news that the planet is rising in leaps and bounds.  Rising faster and faster due to the hard work put in by Light Workers across the globe.  Working together groups of Light Workers can create and magnify their work.  So when you go into meditation in a group to work for Gaia, ask that you be linked with all other groups in meditation at that time, so that all the energy can be connected and utilised.  Each person within the collective is a channel for this energy.  No one is alone.  A single channel can help the world, but working together how magnificent is that help.  So work together with all who meditate or pray for the good of the world and the world will rise and become your/our vision of the future.  Blessings to all. 
16 October 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we want to talk about stars.  The stars, as you call them, that you see in your sky.  The stars are suns.  Many have planets orbiting around them.  Some are old and dying, while some are new suns just born.  Why are we telling you about suns.  Well suns are power house for planets, this your science will tell you.  Planets cannot exist without a sun.  Well we tell you that the suns are Gods in their own right managing their own star systems.  As you know everything is energy and so is the God of your sun.  Your Sun/God is sending and diverting rays of light to Gaia, to earth to raise the vibrations of the planet.  Your planet has been allowed to fall into disrepair and therefore needs maintenance and so the rays which are being sent via the sun will help repair Gaia and everything upon her and within her.  The rays from the Sun/God are magnifying the energy and so it is that the vibration/consciousness of planet Gaia/Earth rises.  We need you to seed those rays into the earth Lightseekers.  We need you to go into meditation more and to receive the rays that are being sent and be the conduits for these rays to pass through you into the Earth and out to the people of Earth.  This way Gaia will rise and rise to the 5 dimension.  Much energy has already been passed into Gaia, however more is required and so with your help Light Warriors we can seed these energies into and upon the planet.  We thank you for continuing in this work and we applaud your diligence in constantly raising your own consciousness to be able to be used in this way for the highest good of planet Gaia.
14 October 2009
“Be the best you can possibly be”  is a really good maxim for anybody, but for Lightworkers and Wayshowers and those who work in and with the Light it is a way of life.  Or at least it should be.  It is easy to be the best you can be when with your groups, with each other, with like-minded people.  Can you also be this way when you are alone or with others who are not so far along their spiritual path?  Do not let yourself be lowered to their level.  Your aim should always be to raise their level, thereby spreading the light and raising consciousness with everybody you meet and bringing peace wherever you go.  This is the way of the Spiritual Warrior.  Ready to be who you are and stand in your truth.  Proud to be who you are and where you are on your spiritual path.  When you feel that you are lowering your standards, take three deep breaths and bring yourself back to centre, to the peace within, be a master, be a master of yourself.  Then and only then will you truly find who you are – a worker for the Light and one who always gives their best. Archangel Michael
12 October 2009
We are the Arcturians. Today we come to tell you good news.  Today the sun is shining.  The sun is providing power – power to help the earth.  The sun is sending power, a shower of power to the earth.  This power is working for the good of Gaia.  Helping her on her path to higher consciousness.  The sun directs the rays which come from the cosmic centre.  The sun is the powerhouse for this galaxy and as the earth rises in consciousness, then the whole galaxy rises as well.  For all is one, one cannot do without the other.  So friends be grateful to the sun and to God/Creator who send all the rays to help Gaia and this galaxy.  We with other light beings work with the rays to send light to Gaia.  More and more refined light, raising Gaia day by day.  Everything on Gaia must rise in consciousness too and therefore the people will all rise in consciousness.  Long live the planet Gaia/Earth.  Blessings to all.  
26 September 2009
We are the Arcturians.  The time has come to tell you of other things.  Today we wish to speak of order.  The order of things in the Universe, your universe.   The Sun, the Moon, the stars that you see all are living, some in your dimension, some in higher or lower dimensions.  The God of your sun is looking after your planet and solar system.  He/she is watching and waiting for your planet Gaia to arise, to lift herself up into the 5 dimension.  You are on your way.  Gaia is rising from the third, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  So Lightworkers we praise you for your work and ask that you keep working at bringing in the light, the Adamantine crystal light.  We also ask that you work with the Violet Flame of St Germain to clear all negative energy from your planet.  Walk your walk and talk your talk.  Spread the word of the work you are doing.  More are listening,  more are awakening.  They need to hear and understand what is happening on their world.  So work well beloveds.
25 August 2009
Hello, we are the Arcturians.  We wish to talk about Karma.  At this moment in time it is more important than ever that you release all trauma or baggage which you keep within your physical, emotional or etheric bodies.  All negativity within you needs to be released.  You can do this through many ways.  You can meditate and ask for the Violet Flame to cleanse you.  You can ask angels to help you remember and release.  You can do it by writing it out and then burning the paper.  You can talk it out.  But by far the quickest way is to meditate and see yourself as your higher self.  Then go to the Spiritual Council and ask for release of all Karma and to be given Grace.  And if you truly want this, so it shall be granted.  Blessings upon you all. 
21 August 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We will always tell you the way forward towards the light.  We will tell you the easiest way and the quickest way.  All you have to learn is to love and forgive. Follow the teachings of Jesus Christ to love God and to love each other.  Every person on your planet is your neighbour.  More so in this century than in any other.  Love your neighbour as yourself.  Give love to each other.  Forgive each other.  When love and peace sit entwined in every person’s heart, there will be peace.  This is a simple truth.  Why do you doubt it?  Believe it and it will be so.
15 August 2009  10.45pm
We are the Arcturians.  Today is a good day.  Transformation is happening.  Change is happening faster.  Every single person upon the earth is experiencing change at this time.  People are finding that emotions are rising, pain is rising, past issues are rising, negative issues are rising.  All of these are rising to be healed.  Healing can only take place when a situation is accepted and looked at.  When a situation is hidden it cannot be dealt with.  So these situations, issues, emotions are rising to the surface, so that they can be seen and dealt with.  And then they can only be dealt with if the person is willing to change.  When a person deals with the issue and changes, then person rises in consciousness and moves further towards the light, towards home, towards God, the Father/Mother.  Blessings to all as you transform yourselves and raise yourselves higher and higher.  Well done.
1 August 2009
Hello, we are The Arcturians.  Today the message is of love.  Love that conquers all.  Love is what every human, every spirit, everything yearns for.  And yet love is there, all the time, just waiting for you.  Love is surrounding you now.  Of course we are talking about the Love of God/Source.  The Unconditional Love that is surrounding you, never judging you.  Unconditional Love does not need to forgive, for the love dissolves darkness and so negativity cannot prevail.  Unconditional Love which you can feel.  Just close your eyes and think of God/Source, the Angelic Kingdom, Masters of Light, the Unicorns, loved ones and you will feel the Unconditional Love.  Know that it is there for you.  It is always there for you.  So when you are feeling down or angry or any negative emotion, try to connect with the Light and then you will feel the Unconditional Love surrounding you.  You are never alone, for we are all one.  One with God/Source.
26 July 2009
You asked and we answer.  2012 will be a year of change, big change.  In December will come the biggest change of all.  On the 21 magic will happen.  Believe in this magic.  Do not despair.  Do not listen to the Doom Prophets.  Listen only to your heart and to the Light.  Be the light and love and continue channelling the light and love.  We have already said that the darkness has been overcome.   The world Gaia has tipped the outcome to become the Light in the darkness.  Do not fear.  Fear is darkness. Fear is not love.  Love overcomes fear.  Love overcomes all negativity.  So be the love, send love, channel love to yourself and to others and then my friends you will be the Light and the Love.  You will be as above, so below. When Gaia is as in Heaven, then you will know that we speak the truth.  Love to all.  The Archangels.
17 July 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we come with a message of love.  Love to all mankind.  Love to all your brothers and sisters, for all are Star Children and Children of God/Source.  Everything and everyone comes from God/Source.  We are all one.  We beat as one heart, or we will when humanity realises that they must awaken.  Awaken to the Path of Light.  When all are on their path, then all hearts must work together.  For together we can do great things, together we unite, together we are peace, together we are love, together we are the light.  So be at peace in your heart and send out love to all. And when every heart can do the same, then there will be peace.  Peace to all mankind.
13 July 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we bring you a message of love and hope.  Hope that all your dreams can come true.  All you have to do is keep working in the light.  The light is coming, the love is coming, the peace is coming.  Together we can achieve this, but we need to do more work.  Let yourselves be a pillar of light.  Let yourselves be a constant channel for the light.  Let yourselves be the light.  Let it seep through you.  Let it seep through you and into the earth, into Mother Earth/Mother Gaia.  For she is waiting, waiting to receive more light.  Light to lighten the darkness that has overcome her.  Light that will throw the darkness away.  For when there is light, there cannot be darkness.  Darkness cannot exist in Light.  So let the light shine, through you, in you and in Mother Gaia.  Then miracles can happen and the world will rise.
9 July 2009 pm
Hello, we are the Arcturians.  Today we bring you news.  Today the earth is changing faster.  Everything is speeding up.  Time as you know it is speeding up.  The rays of light are arriving on Gaia stronger and stronger.  Many lightworkers are channelling the rays through their bodies and planting the light within the earth.  This is necessary for Gaia.  Lightworkers across the globe are working together to raise Gaia out of the darkness and into the light.  Look to the light, feel the light.  You many sense the light and know that change is coming.  Change that is good.  Change to make things better on Gaia, so that Gaia can regenerate, revitalise, reform and rise in consciousness.  Gaia needs you.  Lightworkers continue in this work, everyday if you can.  Be the channel, flood the earth with the light and you will see wonders.
9 July 2009 am
Dear Ones, we are here.  We are your Guardian Angels.  We come to let you know, all of you who read this, that we are always around you.  You are never alone.  We keep you surrounded in love and light.  We are with you whenever you are sad, miserable, angry, jealous or any of the bad moods.  However, we cannot help you, unless you ask us to help.  We must allow you free will, the freedom to make your own choices.  We cannot interfere.  Therefore, you need to ask us for help.  Help with anything.  We can be there when there is danger, but only if asked.  We always surround you in love.  So ask, ask for help with your work, with your play, with driving, with shopping, with loving, with receiving and with anything else you need help with.   This channel knows that we can help when danger is close.  She knows we can help with parking places.  Know as she does.  Know it in your hearts.  Feel us around you.  Feel the love we give you.  Know that we are here to help you. We surround you in love and light.
7 July 2009 11.05pm
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Change is coming.  change is here.  Everything is changing from day to day.  Humanity is on the up and up.  It is inevitable.  No-one can stop it now.  The light is growing.  Consciousness is rising.  Many can feel it.  Your bodies are changing.  Your emotions are changing and your minds are changing.  Humanity is becoming lighter and brighter.  Moving up from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions.  Living in a changing world.  Living on a planet reborn, regenerating.  Life is for living.  Live each day like there is no tomorrow.  If you think in this way, what is the point of war and aggression.  There is no point.  enjoy life, live life, live in love, live in peace.  Live in harmony.  How wonderful is that.  Enjoy your new experiences.
6 July 2009 11.20pm
Hello, we are the Arcturians.  We would like to talk about peace and how it can be obtained.  Peace can come, when peace is in your hearts.  if there is no peace in the hearts of humanity, then how can there be peace.  so it is up to you, people of Gaia, be the peace, be at peace, carry peace in your hearts at all times.  Love one another.  This does not mean just your family and friends.  Remember that Jesus told you of the Good Samaritan.  Love people of other cultures, other religions, other coloured skin.  You are the same.  Your hearts are the same.  so love each other and there will be peace.  It is that easy a solution.
6 July 2009
We are the Arcturians.  Today is a good day.  Today many people are receiving the light and passing it into Mother Earth.  Today we ask that as many people as possible try to do this on a daily basis.  The more GodLight that is seeded in Gaia, the quicker the planet can rise in consciousness.  Around the world many people of many nations and many faiths work to receive this light from God/Source.  Know that you do not work on your own in this work.  People from every continent, every country, of all colours and all faiths are connected in the work that they do in channelling the light to raise the planet.  We are here to help in this process.  We help to channel the GodLight to planet Gaia.  We work with Angels, Masters and Spirit to do this according to the great plan of God/Source, so that all may benefit.  Everyone on Gaia will benefit from more GodLight in their hearts, which will raise their consciousness and so this will help to raise the planet's consciousness.  When this happens then the solar system benefits and so the benefits spread out in circular waves to the whole galaxy, universe and omniverse.  In this we are well pleased.  The Circle of Light send you blessings.
2 July 2009
 We are the Arcturians. We are so pleased that you have finally put the channellings you receive upon your planetary internet.  Please continue to do so.  Although you feel that you are just one of many channelling information from us to planet Gaia, you are still necessary to pass on information to others.  We understand that you feel like a beginner, when others on the planetary internet receive long missives.  But short messages can be very powerful.  Remember as a Lightworker that the energy you receive and pass to others is as important as any energy passed to others.  So continue to channel us and other, continue channelling light to the planet, continue in your mission.  Love and light goes, where the light energy flows.  So let the energy flow from you via this channelling out onto the internet.  If just one person reads the messages within the channelling, then doing this work is well done.  However, many will read and many will listen and many will hear the clarion call and wake up.  Wake up Lightworkers, wake up.  It is time.  It is time to wake and feel the light and feel the love.  It is time to spread the light and love.  Your planet is waiting for you.  Your planet is asking for your help.  Help to bring light into the planet and to lift Gaia/Earth out of the mire and into the light.  In this way you will help yourself to rise in consciousness and you will help Gaia rise in consciousness.  Well done.
27 June 2009
 We are the Arcturians.  We come in peace and wish you peace.  Peace is in our hearts.  Peace could be in your hearts.  All you need to do is practise.  Practise keeping peace in your hearts.  Open your hearts.  Love all.  Love the world.  Love life.  Love everything.  Love all that is.  Love is all around and when there is nothing but love then there can only be peace.  A loving heart is a peaceful heart. So open your heart wider and even wider still.  Love yourself, love your family, love your friends, love your enemies, love those that abuse others, love the abused, love those that hate, love those that hurt and when you find enough love to do all that, open your heart wider and send more love.  For love conquers all and love is peace.  Peace be to you all.
21 June 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians. Today has been your summer Solstice, a great day for planet Earth, for planet Gaia.  Around the globe people in the northern hemisphere have been helping the planet.  In the southern hemisphere too people are working for the good of Earth.  Many lightworkers have given their time to bring light to the planet.  Know that every time just one person helps to bring in the Adamantine Crystals and seed them in the planet, Gaia rises in consciousness.  When many do the same work the planet rises in leaps and bounds.  Never think that you cannot help the planet.  Each and every Lightworker is important and every action brings its own reward.  Every action helping Gaia, raises the planet’s consciousness more.  So do your bit.  Every day consciously bring in the light, channel the Adamantine crystals, meditate, raise yours consciousness so that together the world consciousness rises more.  Be the light and lighten your world.
14 June 2009
We are the Arcturians.  It is sometime since we last spoke.  You have been learning and it was a time that you needed for your growth.  Now it is time to speak again.  The planet Gaia is moving, moving to the sound of the Spheres, to the sound of the Angels, Masters, Extra-terrestrials, to the sound of God and to the sound of you and your peers on planet Gaia.  Much is happening.  Change is coming.  More and more change.
1 May 2009
Dear Ones,
We come to wish you joyous tidings.  We celebrate with you that the planet Gaia will move into the light and is ascending as we speak.  Gaia is moving into a higher consciousness and so is everyone on the planet.  Those who have practised being in the light will be the first, but all will rise.  it is inevitable for this has been ordained by God/Great Spirit.  We urge you to continue receiving light through your bodies and to plant it deep within the planet.  Even though Gaia is rising, more light is required.  We of the Angelic Host send as much light as you can hold.  When all who can receive the light and seed the planet then love can prevail.  Love is all there is.  Love can conquer all.  Love overcomes the darkness.  Love is the light and light is love.  Be in the light.  Be in the love.  When each heart is in the light/love then peace can be on planet Gaia.  We give thanks to all Lightworkers and ask that you continue in the work.  Blessed are the Peacemakers. 
Archangel Michael and the Archangels.
24 April 2009
Dear Ones, we come to wish you joyous tidings.  We celebrate with you that the planet Gaia will move into the light and is ascending as we speak.  Gaia is moving into a higher consciousness and so is everyone on the planet.  Those who have practised being in the light will be the first, but all will rise.  It is inevitable for this has been ordained by God/Great Spirit.  We urge you to continue receiving light through your bodies and to plant it deep within the planet.  Even though Gaia is rising, more light is required.  We of the Angelic Host send as much light as you can hold.  When all who can,  receive the light and seed the planet then love can prevail.  Love is all there is.  Love can conquer all.  Love overcomes the darkness.  Love is the light and the light is love.  Be in the light.  Be in the love.  When each heart is in the light/love then peace can be on planet Gaia.  We give thanks to all Lightworkers and ask that you continue in the work.  Blessed are the Peacemakers.  Archangel Michael  and the ArchAngels.
19 March 2009
 We are The Three,  Vision is a wonderful thing.  Use your eyes to see the beauty of Gaia.  Use your inner vision to see that planet Gaia can grow and be even more beautiful.  The way is sure.  The way is long.  Long to see Gaia as a beautiful planet, more beautiful than you have ever seen her before.  She can be wonderful, verdant, productive, full of life.  Animals, birds and fish will proliferate.  The plant life and trees will grow more plentiful  The seeds of destruction can be erased.  When two or more are gathered together and see the beauty of your world, the beauty shines forth and darkness diminishes.  Ensure that Gaia stays as an even more beautiful planet.  Spread the light with Gaia and beauty will increase, light will increase, love will increase and peace will ensue.  Peace be to you.  The Arcturians.
15 February
We are the Arcturians.  Today your planet is going through major changes.  Every person on the planet is being lifted in consciousness.   The green ray is being sent to the heart of everyone and everything to open hearts wider and to help people understand that love is the only way.  So my friends open your hearts wider and in doing so, forgive, forgive, forgive.   Every time someone forgives someone else the consciousness on the planet increases a little.  So keep forgiving, remembering that it is sometimes small things we have to forgive.  Te big things we remember, the small things we tend to forgest.  It is time to remember the small thing as well as the big things.  Until you pass to spirit there will always be people to forgive.  Be humility, be the love, send the love, surround yourself in love.   When you do this you are the pebble in the pond, you send out the ripples of love to the world.  Never consider that you are too small to make a difference, the smallest pebble makes a difference.  So forgive, forgive, forgive and love, love, love to all.  So be it. 
4th February   1.50am 
 We are the Arcturians.  We come in peace and love.  We are here to help with preparing the way.  Together we can do many things.  Together we can change the world.  Already your world is learning that the light is coming.  Even those who do not realise consciously know in their unconscious mind that it is so.  Many of them will fight this.  Many will fall by the wayside.  They are not ready.  What you and fellow lightworkers can do is prepare the way for others who wish to raise their consciousness.  When you live in the light, in a higher consciousness, then you are an example of the light.  You shine forth in the darkness and many will see you and wonder how it is so.  They will feel the wonder of you and want to feel the same.  Be the shining example.  Show the way and many will follow.  When lightworkers of the world unite, great things happen.  The world as you know it is leaving and a new world stands before you.  Be prepared; be ready for this glorious event.  Listen to your heart and follow your heart, for your heart will lead to the light.  Light is all there is.  Darkness is a fantasy, a dream.  So many are still living in that fantasy and not allowing the reality of the light into their soul.  Speak your truth my children.  Show the way.  Be the shining example.  For when others see your light they are beguiled and wish to know how you are happy and content, knowing that all will be provided for.  Be brave spiritual warriors, be strong children of the light.  Show the way and many will follow.  Peace be with you.  The Arcturians.
15 January 2009
We are the Arcturians.  We are here to explain to you how we work.  We send to those who will listen.  When we make a connection, we work with that person slowly at first, then we progress to other things.  So be patient, wait and see what comes.  Over this last period, your Christmas and New Year, you were too busy to listen.  That was why you received no messages.  Now you are back in balance and our connection will be stronger.  Try to connect daily if possible or weekly if that is what you prefer.  We send love and light to all on the planet Gaia.  The Three.
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