KI  CHANGES - Love Light Peace

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30 December 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We wish you a joyous New Year for your planet.  This is a time of rejoicing, of moving forward.  A time to leave behind the old and move forward to the new.  What an exciting time lies ahead for planet Gaia.  For as each person on your planet leaves behind some negativity and this gets transformed into pure energy, so each person rises higher and higher, reaching towards the 4 dimension and into the 5.  At the present time there are 3 dimensional people, but many are rising through the 4 dimension.  Some people are already in the 5.  The more people that raise their consciousness and rise to the higher dimension, the more help is given to your planet Gaia to rise into the 5 dimension.  The energies being sent to the planet are increasing and everyone feels these energies.  Every single person is receiving the energy, none can avoid it.  So each person is therefore, unable to stay where they are – each must rise.  So also is the planet rising, for Gaia too receives the energies and is tossing off negativity through earthquakes, floods and other disasters as you humans call them.  Each so called disaster cleanses the earth more and more.  It is the same for the people, each major eruption of memories allows them to rise to the surface of your minds, so that they can be dealt with instead of staying buried.  Each time someone releases the negativity within, the consciousness of the planet and everyone and everything upon it also rises.  Onward and upward to the 5 dimension my brave friends.  You can do it, so look forward to the new year and the future.  Great love and happiness awaits you in the 5 and higher dimensions.  Happy New Year.

29 November 2010
This is Arcturian 3, Ion is my name.  I am here to say that you and your people need to find your place in your world.  Many of you are confused and do not know which way to go.  You need to find direction.  Listen to your inner voice and your intuition.  Your angels and spirit guides will be whispering in your ears to tell you your path.  But many humans keep themselves so busy,  they have no time to listen.  So stop, relax, and listen.  Go to the trees, your woods or forests and listen.  Go to your rivers and seas and listen.  Go to the quiet places where you can be at peace and then listen.  Your guidance is being given to you, but what use is it if you do not hear.  Do not expect to hear a voice, but do expect your thoughts to be guided or to hear an inner voice.  Ask for guidance and it will be given.  Ask for guidance for the highest good of all and you will be guided on your way.  Peace be to you all.
There are three Arcturians who use their energy collectively to send messages to me.  Their names are Ordo who is the eldest, Femo and Ion.

24 November 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We are asking why love is not bountiful on your planet.  Why you do not love each other?  Why you do not love yourselves?  If you are part of the Creator, then how can you not love?  How can you not love each other and how can you not love yourself?  You are made from the Creator and therefore part of the Creator.  Therefore you are divine, a part of God.  How can you not love God, who is the Creator?  When you can learn to love yourself in a non-egotistical way, then you can truly love one another.  Many say they want peace, but do not love others from other cultures.  They truly do not want peace.  To want peace is to love oneself.  When one loves oneself, then you become love.  When you are love then you are at peace.  And when you are love and are at peace, then you can only love all others.  Love cannot hate.  Love cannot dislike.  Love loves.  So love yourselves for you are a part of the Creator, you are divine.  Be the love and be the peace and therefore create love and peace in your world.  When you see only love and peace then you spread this around you, affecting all that you meet.  Affecting everywhere you go.  When you are love you can be a catalyst for change.  So be love and change the world.
25 October 2010
We are the Arcturians.  Again we ask questions of you.  Why does humanity say one thing and mean another?  This we cannot understand.  Why do you people lie?  There is no reason to do this.  You just take longer to learn lessons this way.  For what you give out comes back to you.  Everything you do, comes back.  So if you lie, you get lied to.  If on the other hand you give out love, then love comes back to you.  Why would you not want love?  Give out love to get back love.  If you say you love, but truly do not, then you are lying and so love will not be true to you.  Love is a wonderful emotion, which can be felt in many different ways.  There is love for children, love for parents, love for friends and love for partners.  All of these are different.  Most of these are conditional loves, for you are wanting something in return for your love.  But when you love unconditionally, love returns to you thousand fold.  For when you ask for nothing, you receive.  So do not lie, be the truth, be the love, be the unconditional love that is truly you, your divine self.  When you can be as your blueprint of your highest self then wonders shall be shown to you and beauty will surround you.  Peace and love will be in your heart and so you will grow in love and light.

22 October 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Why does humanity talk about peace, but not be the peace.  Yes there are some people who are peace, but many people are not able to be peace, because in their hearts they are not at peace.  If you have anger within you then you are not at peace.  If you feel revengeful or hurt or any negative feeling then you are not at peace.  To be at peace you have to release all negativity, so why do you hold onto this negativity, your baggage.  You will feel so much better if you release it.  You will feel free and content and at peace.  Then truly can you send peace to your world, to Gaia.  So release all negative thoughts.  Do this in whatever way is right for you, but release and release again until all negativity is gone from your heart and mind.  For when this is truly done, then you will feel happier and you will be able to feel the love which is available to you from the Creator.  You do not know what you are missing.  Those that have already released negativity from themselves are love incarnate and are so peaceful that they leave in their wake love and peace wherever they go.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all people were like this.  Then there would be peace on earth.

17 October 2010
Hello we are The Arcturians.  We are talking today about peace.  Peace in your hearts, so that you can spread the peace to those around you.  Peace needs to be spread locally and as each person spreads out from you feeling the peace, so the peace passes to the next circle around them.  So peace can travel around the world.  Most people only want to live their lives in peace and so they send peace to their circle of family and friends.  We know that you as humans are capable of doing this, spreading the peace person to person.  Peace can spread around the world if you are all willing to do this.  Just be the peace.  Release all anger from within you, so that you can be at peace.  If you do this you will help yourself and help the world.  Do not be afraid to release the anger, the negativity within you, for this has to be seen for it to be resolved and healed.  When all anger is released from all people in Gaia, then peace will prevail.  Peace to you all.

29 September 2010
We are the Arcturians.  We are talking today about gratitude.  When you thank the universe then the universe helps you by lightening your load.  Gratitude to everything and everyone will ease your way to higher consciousness. When you thank the earth/Gaia for providing you with a planet to live on, you are blessed.  When you thank the earth for growing fruit and vegetables for you to eat, then that food is blessed.  When you thank animals for providing you with meat, bless and thank the animals for they have given their lives for you.  Bless your family and friends and thank them for being there and you will be blessed.  Bless all the people in the world and great blessings will return to you.  For gratitude and blessings lift you to grace.  They raise you to a higher consciousness.  They raise your vibration and you become lighter and brighter and so do everything and everybody you bless and thank.  Blessed food gives more energy to your body.  Blessed houses live in the energetic signature of love.  Blessed family and friends give back love manyfold.  So thank and bless everything and everyone and lift yourself higher and higher. 

25 September 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we are talking about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is very hard to do.  It is easy to say I forgive you, but to actually forgive totally is very hard.  For even when you say I forgive you, often you have only forgiven the top layer.  Think of forgiveness as an onion, with many layers.  Often you have to forgive one part of the problem, then later you will find there is another layer to forgive, and then another, and another.  Through all these layers you learn different lessons to help you grow.  So forgiveness helps you to move on, to grow, to higher your consciousness.  So learn to forgive and forgive and forgive.  Often the act of forgiveness is able to remove karma, so you clear yourself in the process.  And you can only forgive with love, for if you do not, then you are not truly forgiving.  When you can send love to your adversaries then you grow exponentially.  So learn to forgive, not by just saying the words, but by meaning them.  Forgive yourself in the process, for often you blame yourselves for many things.  So forgive others and forgive yourself and so you will grow in love and light.  

20 September 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today, we three, are wanting to talk about love.  Love for your planet.  For when you love your planet you want only the best for it.  When you love all the aspects of your planet, the seas and all life forms who live in them, plants and animals then you can send pure light to those seas.  When you love the earth and all life forms that live in or on the earth then you can send pure light into the earth.  When you love the skies and all life forms that fly in the air then you can send light to the skies.  For if you do not love you cannot truly send light.  For love is light and light is love.  So love the planet you live on.  Love everything and everyone, for when you send light to all then you increase the vibration and the consciousness and all benefit.  For all comes from God/Creator/All That Is.  And so how could you not love what God has provided, for it must therefore be divine.  Everything is divine and all is one, part of the Divine.  So love, love and love some more and your planet will love you for sending that love. 
29 August 2010
Hello, we are the Arcturians.  We wish to speak of love.  Love for all humankind.  Love is the answer to everything.  If only you humans would remember this.  Love overcomes all.  Love conquers fear.  Love chases away the darkness.  Love resists hate.  Love heals.  Love loves.  Love mends arguments. Love is the answer.  However, there are many kinds of love and sadly most humans love on condition.  I will love you if you love me back.  I will love you if you do something for me.  When humans learn to love unconditionally then they will find that love not only conquers all, but it returns to you one hundredfold.  Love given freely is never wasted.  Love is returned to you always.  But do not always expect it back from where you send love.  Love is always available to you.  God and the Angels constantly embrace you with love.  This is never ending for God is love.  When you feel unsupported or lonely or just need a hug, ask God and the Angels.  You will feel yourself surrounded by love.  Your loved ones in spirit also send you love for they do not stop loving you just because they live in a different dimension.  So love yourself and love others and you will find yourself surrounded in love.
4 August 2010
Hello we are The Arcturians.  We wish to speak about planetary issues.  Lady Gaia, who is in charge of your planet, is asking for help.  She has been asking for quite some time now.  Some of you have listened and some have not.  Some are helping by recycling and being green, as you call it.  Each must do their bit for the earth needs cleansing.  Some people are being channels for the Adamantine Crystal Light of God and seeding it into the earth.  This is great work, for the spiritual hierarchy can send this light but it needs a human to plant it into the earth.  When enough people are working for the planet and helping as much as they can, then the planet will start to cleanse.   Unfortunately many on your planet are still continuing to pollute and abuse the earth.  Lady Gaia is asking you to be the Wayshowers, the example, showing how to be green, how to recycle and how to channel.  Those that cannot channel can pray.  For prayer is very powerful and is always heard.  So do your bit for your planet.  Do your bit for Lady Gaia.  Do as much as you can for the earth and do not forget the oceans and seas.  For the people of earth have polluted the waters of the planet and are killing the corals and the fish.  What will you do when there is no water fit to drink and no food fit to eat?  Think on this and stop polluting, be green, be earth conscious every day.  Be the example to others.  Be a Wayshower and work for your planet, so that your planet can be thoroughly cleansed and once more become healthy and whole.  It can be done.
2 August 2010
Working in the Light is very hard to keep up at all times.  There are times when you as humans must rest.  We are aware of this.  There are many energies coming to the earth at this time to renew and re-energise Gaia.  These energies will be intensifying as time quickens and so you will find it harder and harder for your bodies to integrate this.  Many of you are having a hard time, feeling up one day and down the next, maybe sickness, maybe pain, this is because your bodies are adjusting to the energies.  The Adamantine Light which is from Source is extremely strong and your bodies are weak, therefore, it takes times to adjust.  Just be willing to go with whatever comes and to try to keep yourselves in alignment with the Spiritual Light of God.  Know that when you receive this Adamantine Light and adjust or go with the flow in your bodies, then you are truly working with the Angelic and Spiritual beings to raise the consciousness of Gaia.  Lady Gaia is so grateful for all your help, for she needs as much help as possible at this time.  We in the Angelic Kingdom are speaking to your leaders and trying to instil ideas which will help your planet Gaia as much as possible.  Some leaders are listening.  Praise be to God.  Many countries are now working together for the common good in new ways.  Each step forward is the right step to peace and new found freedom within the world.  This is the way to peace and love, working together for the common good.  When all on earth/Gaia are working in this way, then your planet will be a haven for all.  So open your hearts and go with the flow, accept what comes your way with good grace and you will benefit the earth, your planet Gaia.  Peace be to all of you.   Archangel  Metatron.
24 July 2010
Hello,we are the Arcturians.  Raising your consciousness is something that every single human should strive for.  Every day you should try to become a better person, to be the very best that you can be, this is how you raise yourself.  This is your path.  This is the path for every human, whether they realise or not.  When you consciously practice to become a better person and realise the mistakes you make, then you are learning well.  When you think to yourself – that was not well done by me, I could be better, then you are well on your path to become that better person,  reaching to become their higher self.  Listen to your conscience, your gut feelings, your intuition, these will tell you the right path to take.  Listen to your Angel guidance, that still small voice of God, all of these are urging you to become a better person.  When you have conquered your own selves, then together you can conquer the world and the world/Gaia will rise in consciousness.  But it takes each individual to do their part.
20 July 2010
We are the Arcturians.  We wish to speak of peace and love.  Love one another as you have never loved before.  For when you put your heart and soul into the love you send, you truly send unconditional love.  Know that each and everyone of you can do this, all it needs is practice.  You also need to listen to guidance and feel the love that surrounds you at all times from the spiritual and angelic realms.  When you feel this love surrounding you, then you will be better able to send this unconditional love to others.  For when you can send unconditional love, then unconditional love will be returned to you manyfold.  Know that the more love you send, the more your heart opens to receive love.  Love is knowing that all is well with the world.  Gaia will recover and will become whole again.  Love is giving love to your neighbours.  And who are your neighbours, everyone on the planet.  When you can send unconditional love to everyone on the planet, then you become an Ambassador for Love.  When you can send unconditional love to the galaxy, then you become a Galactic Ambassador for Love.  And when you can send unconditional love to the Omniverse then you become an Omniversal Ambassador for Love.  If you want to achieve this, then send the unconditional love from your heart to as many as you can and you will grow in love and light.
15 July 2010
We are here to speak to you  and we are The Archangels.  The world is speeding up and time is rushing by and we need you all to work with us as much as possible to bring in the light.  The light is needed by Gaia.  The Adamantine Crystal Light of God which can change the world.  As each of you work at being a channel for this Adamantine Light, many of you will be able to channel this almost constantly and while you are aware.  Know that you can do this without being in meditation,  just know that this is happening and that you are carrying this Adamantine Light with you wherever you go.  Each step you take is leaving beautiful Adamantine Crystal Light in your wake.  So step out dear friends, step out with glorious footprints of Adamantine Light behind you.  You are a co-creator of this world.  You can help make it a beautiful world once more.  A wonderful, higher, lighter, brighter world where the consciousness of everyone is raised and everyone is calmer and happier and so are you.  Know that you can do this and that you are working in the light, for you are a Lightworker.  You are a crystal being working in the light for the highest good of all.  The Archangels.
10July 2010
Hello, we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to speak of love. Love is all there is and love can conquer all. Know that when there is love in your heart, then love surrounds you and everything and everybody around you.  When you have love in your heart you are a transmitter of love. How wonderful is that.  When you transmit love, you also receive love in return.  Be a transmitter of love for when love is truly in your heart, then so too is peace, for true love is also peace.  And when you  transmit love, you also transmit peace and peace also returns to you.  When you can see the world through loving eyes, then you can truly be a peace ambassador for the world, for Gaia.  When you are a love and peace ambassador for the planet then you truly work in the light and love of God the Creator.  For you are doing the work asked of you.  Spreading love and peace to resolve negativity on your planet.  Love and peace can and will restore peace to Gaia.  So be the Peacemakers.
20 June 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today is a day for postulating/talking about orbs.  We can come in spirit form to your planet in orbs, carried by Angels.  We love to visit your planet – it is so vibrant.  You do not realise how lucky you are to have such a planet.  So why are you not looking after it.  Every day in every way people are destroying their home planet.  Is this madness?  Do they not realise that where would they live if the planet is not healthy and vibrant/  You do not have space travel, you could not travel to another planet to live on.  And we, the Spiritual Army of Light would not let you.  For humans are destroying one planet so why should you have the chance to destroy another.  So do everything you can to look after your planet.  Gaia is crying out for help.  So if there is something more that you can do to make yourself “greener”, as the saying goes, then do it and encourage others to be “green” too.  Every person can make a difference.  If everyone on the planet did their bit, then Gaia, your planet will recover.  Gaia is at present renewing herself, throwing away the rubbish which has been dumped into her.  She needs to recover and so it is.
4 June 2010
We are the Arcturians.  We are speaking today about baggage.  So many of you are afraid to release what you are holding onto.  Some of you don’t even realise that you have baggage.  Some think that they have cleared everything.  As humans you are really good at burying your memories, and sorrow, and anger and many other emotions.  To grow you need to release these.  You have to allow these negative qualities to come to the surface.  Only when you see these negative qualities can you actually let them go and be released from their grip.  These emotions and memories hold you back from the path you wish to be on fully.  So many who have started on their path still need to release their FULL baggage.  When you do, life starts getting amazing. So when emotions rise to the surface, allow them to be. By allowing the full force of the emotion or memory then you can fully release it.  The energies that are coming to your planet at this present time are helping to release this baggage within you all.  So if you spend a day crying or being angry, realise that you will benefit from the release that it is giving you.  Welcome it, so that you can move further on your path of discovery to the Light.
26 May 2010
We come in peace and love.  We are here always.  We are your Guardian Angels.  We come to share our love with you and to tell you that we are always here for you.  We are with you even if you don’t realise it.  We send you love when you are sad.  We surround you in light to help you.  We wrap our wings around you when you feel angry or frightened.   Do not be afraid of us, for all we are is LOVE.  We can only love, for that is our being. We are here whenever you need us.  All you need do is call.  Ask us for our help and we are there.  We work for God/Creator/Source and do his/her bidding.  So when you pray to God/Creator/Source then we are the ones sent to answer the prayer. All prayers are answered, always.  But like a good parent sometimes the answer is no or not yet. Ask for help and it will be given, strength to carry on, protection for you, your children/family/friends, your house, when travelling, whatever you ask - we will be there.  Notice us if you see white feathers, hear a particular tune that gives you guidance, see orbs in your photos.  There are many other ways to see or feel us.  We are here in love to help YOU, so do not be afraid of us, as so many are, know that we are here to love and guide you, each person with their own two Guardian Angels.  And remember you can ask any angel for help, not just us.  We send love and light and many blessings to you.
25 May 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we come to talk about peace and love and how these are two sides of the same coin.  For when you love you are at peace, you cannot be anything else.   When you are peaceful you can send out love.  So be the peace in your hearts.  When you are irritable, sad, angry, fed up,  are you peaceful? No, you cannot possibly be, because you are not peaceful in yourself.  So what must you do?  You must learn to love yourself, for you are a divine being, a spirit in a physical body.  So love yourself and when you do, you can only have peace in your heart.  When others see that you are happy with yourself and see how peaceful you are, they too become loving and peaceful.  So by loving yourself you can spread peace and love into your world. Be happy.
1 May 2010
We are here to tell you about glory.  Glory is when you have achieved your aims.  Glory is how you feel. Glory is great joy.  For when you have worked through many scenarios in your life and come through the good and the bad times and learnt from all of these, then that is when you feel the glory.  Glory is joy and happiness.  Glory feels wonderful,  for you can feel glad that you have learnt many lessons and raised your consciousness.  So glory be, praise to you when you have lifted yourself up and moved on to another chapter in your life.  Glory be for all the work you have done.  And glory be for all the work you will still be doing.  For life is forever moving onwards and forever learning.  Moving on up at each stage, just like the schoolchild who moves on up to another class each year.   Life is a process, so revel in the glory as you too move on up and raise your consciousness.  For as you raise your consciousness, those around you feel it and feel compelled to move on up too.  So glory be to you and all on their spiritual path.  Glory be.The Archangels.
6 May 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians. We want to talk about peace.  Peace to all and goodwill to all men and women.  For when you spread goodwill and blessings to others you are being the peace.  So bless everyone.  Bless those that hurt you.  Bless those that love you.  Bless everyone, for when you do you create love and peace.  When you bless you open hearts.  When you open hearts you create love and peace.  So bless everyone daily even those that you don’t like, for they also are children of God/Source.  Children are naughty and bad sometimes, but do their parents stop loving them.  No.  So God/Source also still loves them and because they are children of God they need love and blessings even more. They need to be shown how to be.  So teach them by sending blessings.  And as you open their hearts you also open them up to peace.  So bless everyone and so love and peace can grow more and more.
1 May 2010
We are here to tell you about glory.  Glory is when you have achieved your aims.  Glory is how you feel. Glory is great joy.  For when you have worked through many scenarios in your life and come through the good and the bad times and learnt from all of these, then that is when you feel the glory.  Glory is joy and happiness.  Glory feels wonderful,  for you can feel glad that you have learnt many lessons and raised your consciousness.  So glory be, praise to you when you have lifted yourself up and moved on to another chapter in your life.  Glory be for all the work you have done.  And glory be for all the work you will still be doing.  For life is forever moving onwards and forever learning.  Moving on up at each stage, just like the schoolchild who moves on up to another class each year.   Life is a process, so revel in the glory as you too move on up and raise your consciousness.  For as you raise your consciousness, those around you feel it and feel compelled to move on up too.  So glory be to you and all on their spiritual path.  Glory be.The Archangels.
24 April 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We come in peace and love and give you joyous tidings.  Today the planed Gaia has moved up a step in its evolution.  Today is a glorious day, so celebrate, let your hair down, enjoy life.  When you enjoy life and laugh and dance then the energy you bring is lighter.  And so rejoice every day and make your energy lighter and brighter.  When you do so you spread joy and happiness, laughter and sunshine to those around you.  When those around you are in the joy and sunshine of happiness then they too spread it to others.  And so the world becomes brighter and so the consciousness of the planet rises and so it is time to rejoice and be happy and each time you spread this to others you help the planet and all upon her.  Blessings and joy to you all.
2 April 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians. Our talk today is about peace.  Peace is a way of being.  When you are at peace with yourself you are happy.  When you are not at peace you are unhappy.  So why would you want to be unhappy, surely you would want to be in peace at all times.  When you live a peaceful life and are at peace inside you send peace out from yourself.  Your peaceful aura is felt by all around you, who feel your calm and peaceful nature.  People want to be in this calm, happy, peaceful state and are pulled towards this way of being.  So this is how you spread peace to the world.    This is how the world/Gaia can become a peaceful planet.  When more people live in the peace, spreading peace and then more people spread peace to others and so peace happens.
22 March 2009
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we speak of smiling.  When you smile at another, it is difficult for people to not smile back.  So be happy and smile.  When others see that you are happy, they feel happy for you.  Happiness breeds happiness. People like to smile and be happy, so spread your happiness.  When you are happy inside, just happy to be you, people understand this and respond.  As Spiritual Warriors you need to learn that only you can make yourself happy.  But when you are happy with yourself then you spread happiness around you.  So smile and laugh and spread that happiness.  In doing so you will be sending love, for love is being happy and this is a wonderful feeling.  So spread the happiness around you and smile.
19 March 2010
Do not fear.  Where there is fear, there is not love.  Love cannot be within fear.  But love can overcome fear.  For fear cannot be where there is love.  So put your fears away.  Instead be within the love of God/Great Spirit.  When you stay within the love of God/Great Spirit then fear cannot reside in you.  For these two, love and fear, are the two opposite ends of a scale.  The more you love, the less you fear and so the opposite is also true.  But do you want to live within fear or do you want to live within love.  When you live within love you open your heart to the world and send the love out.  Others perceive this and are drawn to you like moths to a flame.  Love is an attractor.  People find peace within your presence, for love is peace and peace is love.  Together love and peace work within you and when you send these out, light and love and peace can be spread to the world like a pebble thrown into the pond spreading out the ripples in the water.  Be the pebble.  Send the ripples.  Be the light and be the love.  Love and light to you and all Light Warriors. Lord Kuthumi, Hierarch of the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe.
18 March 2010  8.30pm
Why worry?   There is no need for anyone to worry, worry causes more worry.  Worry solves nothing.  Worry stops things happening in your life.  Worry is a block to moving on in your life.  For the moment live in the moment.   For the moment is all there is.  The future is not here and the past has gone.  Living in the moment is all you need to do.  Enjoy each moment, for even when things do not seem good, it is an experience and all experiences are good.  Experiences teach you and so you learn what is good and what is bad according to your morality.  Judging only yourself in the process, for if you judge others then you are only really seeing your mirror image.  So live in the moment and learn, learn to experience and enjoy.  Even the bad things are good says one of your songs.  Experience life in all its ups and downs, for every experience is a teaching point.  Experience your world, seeing the beauty surrounding you and knowing that all is good in your world.  For when you see the beauty surrounding you, you will have beauty inside you.  Lord Kumeka, Chohan of the Eighth Ray.
18 March 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We wish to speak about love.  Know that love is everything.  Love is the answer to everything.  Love can cure many things.  When you forgive, you are actually sending love.  When you forgive you heal, so you are healing with love.  Love is a cure all.  Love cures loneliness.  Love when received opens the heart. Love when sent opens your heart wider, so that more love can be sent.  When you love you are happy.  How can you be anything less?  Joy is love and love is happiness.  When you act through love you are giving a great gift to all who receive that love.  So send love from your heart.  Receive the love of God/Great spirit and send it on to others.  Be the strong Warrior of the Light sending love to one and all, being the love and showing others how to act.  Be the love and so when all send love from their hearts, there will be peace and joy on your planet for negativity cannot exist in love.
28 February 2010 12.40am
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We wish to tell you to leave fear behind.  Fear does nothing to help.  Fear only creates fear.  Create peace in your mind.  Peace overcomes fear.  Love overcomes fear.  So create peace and love within you.  When you do this, there is no room for fear.  Fear has nowhere to go – it has to disappear.  Be the peace within the storm.  When you can do this you can spread the peace and be the love.  Love is the answer, for love is peace, so be the love and peace.  Dissolve the fear.  Bring in the light, for light overcomes darkness and fear is darkness of spirit.  Lighten your spirit and dissolve your fear.  Love and peace are the way.  Be a warrior of love and peace.
11 February 2010 11.15pm
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we talk about peace.  Peace must be in your hearts and in the hearts of others to make peace happen on Gaia.  To be at peace one must clear out worries and troubles.  For worries stop peace happening.  Worries solve nothing and create a barrier.  Trust is the answer, trust that all is okay with your life and let the worries subside.  Or pass the worries to God.  Do not hold on to negatives, just pass them to God or his/her angels.  Allow life to flow.  Do not worry.  Be the peace.  Keep the peace in your heart and you will find that peace happens around you.  You will be the calm within the storm.  While others have their dramas, stay outside and be the watcher.  As a watcher you can stay in the peace.  When you are the peace, you pass peace to those around you.  And so peace can come to the world for when many are the peace, then they affect the multitude.  Peace is possible and so it is.
30 January 2010
Be the peace within the storm.  Energies are flowing wildly on your planet Gaia at present.  We are sending huge amounts of light particles to you.  No wonder you feel all at sixes and sevens.  No wonder you are feeling emotional, bewildered, exhausted and many more types of feelings.  Your bodies are not used to these energies. It takes time to adjust, so relax and go with the flow.  Let your bodies sort it out.  Do not worry about it; you are in a state of adjustment.  Just keep your balance and keep at peace in your hearts.  When you keep the balance and the peace you become the watcher.  Seeing and feeling events happening and able to be compassionate, but not drawn into all the big and little actions that are surrounding you.  When you are the watcher, at peace, you send out peace and love.  That is the place where your body can easily adjust to the energies being sent.  So relax, take it easy and go with the flow.  Don’t resist, for that only makes things harder for you.  Be like the river, accepting streams and tributaries flowing into it and just growing.  As the river grows so will you by just accepting all that comes to you is good and fine and for your highest good and for the highest good of the planet.  Gaia is accepting these energies and is extremely grateful.  Be grateful also, for gratitude helps you move to a higher level.  So be the flow, like the river, accepting all that comes your way and so you will emerge as a person with a higher consciousness and will feel at peace and be fully in the love, knowing that all is okay with the world.  Gaia is happy, so be happy.  Send out the peace and love that is within your hearts.  Send it out to all on your planet, send it to everything on and within Gaia, and all will be well.  Peace is the answer, love is the answer.  Be the peace and love.   Archangel Michael
22 January 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today the subject we wish to talk about is auras.  Your aura changes with your thoughts and your consciousness.  The aura is constantly moving and surrounds you.  The higher your consciousness, the stronger your aura.  The same goes for planet Gaia.  All planets have auras and the higher the consciousness of the population of the planet, the stronger the aura.  Gaia’s aura is growing stronger and gaining in higher consciousness as more and more people are connecting to their spiritual selves.  Raise the roof of your planet Lightworkers.  Raise the aura by connecting and living in your own higher consciousness.  Be the best you can possibly be, connect with spirit as much as you can and together planet Gaia’s aura will glow and sparkle like never before.  How wonderful that will be.
19 January 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  The light is coming, follow the light, be the light.  As more and more light from Source is being passed to the planet Gaia, you as planetary receivers need to plant this light into Gaia and so the transformation happens.  Gaia receives this God Light and the whole planet rises in consciousness.  Nothing can stop this process from happening.  More and more adamantine crystal light is being passed to Gaia and more and more of you spiritual messengers are receiving the light and spreading the light to all on the planet.  As the diamond light filters through hearts, each heart must open a little more and so the consciousness of the planet rises.  This is inevitable, so be ready to receive and pass as much light as possible and as often as possible.  And so peace can come to the earth, as each heart lifts out of the mire of darkness and into the light.
11 January 2010
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we are talking about moods.  Every person on Gaia is at this moment in time finding it hard to stay in balance.  They find that their moods are fluctuating wildly.  It feels like they are on a seesaw.  One minute up and one minute down.  However, the challenge is to try and be in balance.  This is very hard for you we realise, but if you can stay in control of your moods through this time when surges of light are being sent to Gaia.  To be in balance is to master your emotions and to raise your consciousness.  To be in balance is to be a Master.  So master yourselves and grow in wisdom and love.
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