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22November 2011
As I was sitting here asking for a channelling for the Spirit Force emag, I slipped into a meditation to bring light to our world, to Gaia.  In this meditation, I was in many places at once, I was shown that my soul was working to bring The Creator Light to many areas.  One part of my soul was with me sitting in my chair sending out light to Gaia and all upon and within her.  At the same time I was also in my Pyramid of Light in space radiating the light down to Gaia.  In the City of Light above I was also showering the Adamantine Crystal Light to Gaia.  In addition I was beyond the galaxy and looking back seeing our world Gaia showered with love and light.  Finally I was out in space with angels and Masters of Light and just being the light and sending it to earth and seeing the earth Gaia filled with the Adamantine Crystal Light Particles.  How blessed am I to have seen this vision.
However, from the knowledge that I have gleaned we are told that we part of The Creator/God.  I liken this to being a single cell of The Creator.  And so, like The Creator, we can be everywhere at once. 
I felt compelled to write this down and to share this meditation with you, so that you too realise that we can do our light work in many ways and in many places.  If we offer ourselves for this work, we can even work for the light in our sleep.  Many blessings to you all.
Love Light and Peace.
Pamela Goodall
23 November 2011
Greetings.  Oh my children how well you are doing.  Congratulations on what you have done together.  For you have raised the world’s consciousness, without you this would not have happened.  At the 11.11.11 strong energies were sent and vortexes were created.   These vortexes are now all over the world in many places and also inside each of you.  For these energies are sent to displace any negativity left within you and help it rise into your awareness, so that you can see it and remove it from your being.  In addition the energies are changing you.  DNA strands are adjusting, more information is being downloaded to you and your bodies are integrating all of this and more.  This is not easy for you and yet so many of you are so eager for more.  So many of you are wanting to help, not only to adjust yourselves, but also your world, which is also receiving these energies.  Take it easy my children, you are wonderful spiritual warriors and sometimes it is time to work and sometimes it is time to rest.  Allow yourselves to adjust to these higher energies and when you have you will find that your path opens up before you and new wonders will be there for you.   All you have to do is be aware of these wonders and accept them.  Rest easy and then allow yourself to shine.  Shine out to the world and show your light to others, so that they may see the way.  For many of you are Wayshowers helping humanity to a higher dimension.  So rest and shine.  Well done and many blessings to you all.
Kumat Sumara.
17 November 2011
Hello we are The Arcturians. We come to talk about the energies that are still being sent.  Since the 11.11.11 the energies have become stronger and many of you will find it a strange time.  For as the energies rise it creates a maelstrom within the body, for the energies are stronger than what you have been used to and the body has to assimilate these energies and then balance itself.  While this balancing is happening, you may find various things happening to you which feel strange.  Fears that you didn’t know you had may arise.  Sorrows you thought you were over may send you crying.  Painful events which you had hidden away will rise to the surface.  All of these things need to be dealt with when they arise.  Send love to anyfears.  Send love to any sorrow or grief.  Send love and forgiveness to all who have hurt you.  Release anything that comes into your mind.  Maybe anger will arise in you, if so, then understand that it is releasing from your body and send yourself love.  Love is always the answer.  When you can send love to all of these, then you will rise higher in consciousness and as each person does this, so Gaia/Earth rises in consciousness.  So you help yourself and you help the planet.  How wonderful is that.  So heal yourself and heal the planet.  For after healing comes the reward, a grander, brighter and lighter soul for you and also for Gaia.  Ride the waves of energies and heal anything within you, so that balance is achieved by you.  These are the strongest energies sent to Gaia so far and they are bringing up the deepest fears, sorrows and hurts.  You have all done so much work on yourselves already.  Heal these deepest negativities and help heal Gaia.  Well done.
4 November 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we shall speak of endings and beginnings.  As you know the 11.11.11 is upon you and this is a time of change.  Change for the better or change for the worse, the choice, is of course, yours for you have been given free choice over your lives by the Creator.  He/she wishes you to choose where you want to go from here.  If you wish to better yourself then choose to end all old thoughts which do not serve you now.  Choose to end and remove all negativity, all unforgiveness, and all conditional love.  When you choose to do this you start a new beginning and the 11.11.11 is the perfect time to create this new beginning.  How do you want your life to pan out?  Do you wish to see yourself climbing higher into a better consciousness?  If so, choose this, that’s all you need to do.  Choose the better way of behaving; choose the loving way of behaving; choose to raise your consciousness higher; choose to love unconditionally; choose to love your neighbour as yourself and choose a better life for all on the planet earth/Gaia.  Do this and your world will open up to love and wonder.  Peace may not come in your lifetime, but peace can come to planet Gaia, all you need do is choose the better, the higher way to live.  Is that so hard?  Love and blessings to you all.
19 September 2011
Hello we are The Arcturians.  Well done to all you wonderful Lightworkers.  You have been working hard at sending the light and increasing your own light, so much so that we can see a difference.  However, there is a need for more people to shine their light.  When you shine light into darkness the darkness disappears, so the more people who live in the light and are of the light, the less darkness there will be in your world.  For darkness cannot be where there is light.  Light is love and love is light, so please send out the love from yourselves to your planet and those upon it.  For love and light are the answer to all things.  Love and light overpower fear and darkness.  So if you do not want fear and darkness which create all lack, hatred, envy, and all negative energies, then send out light and love.  When you do so you can conquer the world with love.  Blessings to you all.
12 September 2011
Hello,we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to talk about peace and love.  So many of you humans do not realise what peace really is or what love truly is.  You think that if there are no wars there is peace, but is there peace in all hearts?  To truly have peace, then each person must bear no grudges, love their neighbour, forgive all who have hurt them and want no harm to come to anyone on your planet.  How many of you can do all this?  Sadly, not that many.  However, you can all learn to become like this.  Learn to forgive, learn to like and then to love, first your near neighbours and then all your neighbours across the world.  When you have peace in your heart and truly can send love to all then you become a master.  Then you can increase the peace by sending out your pure thoughts of peace and love.  But first friends, first work on yourselves, work to make yourself a better person.  Forgive those who hurt you, bear no grudges, accept all people and you will grow not only more loving and more peaceful, but you will grow in consciousness.  When you learn to forgive and to love and to be the peace, then you can spread peace and love like a ripple in a pond.  Be the ripple and see it spreading out around you increasing love and peace upon your planet.  You can do it, for you are brave warriors who came at this time to do this work.  So work hard, play joyfully and love your planet to peace.
20 August 2011
Love is the answer.  Love is always the answer.  Love can move mountains.  Love can change everything.  Love can conquer all.  These are many of your sayings and yes they are all true.  Love is the most powerful force in the whole Omniverse. Love comes direct from The Creator and is gradually powered down so that you humans on planet earth can cope with it.  Many of you have no idea that love is so powerful.  Many of you feel that love is missing from your lives.  You do not realise that love surrounds you.  Love is sent to you constantly from The Creator and is channelled to you via your Guardian Angels, who are love.  Angels cannot “not love”.  They are love. 
We of the Angelic Kingdom love to send you love and to embrace you in love, for this is what we are.  Reach out to us when you feel lonely.  Reach out to us when you are sad.  Reach out to us when you are angry or resentful or bitter, for we will surround you in love.  When you are feeling any negative emotion and you remember to ask us for help, we are here loving you, surrounding you with our love.  We can help you to love yourself.  For when you love yourself, you can then love others more deeply, for you truly understand love.  By learning to love yourself unconditionally you can learn to send unconditional love to your family and your friends.  And when you have learnt to send unconditional love to these, you can then learn to send unconditional love to all on your planet.  For did not Jesus tell you to love your neighbour.  And who is your neighbour?  Your neighbour is everyone on your world.  Now when you can send unconditional love to everyone on your world without judgement you will have grown my children.  For love can conquer hate and love can conquer fear.  Love is a many splendored thing and is a powerful force for good.  So use this power of love and use it wisely and by doing so you will be an example to others and they will see your light as you expand into the love and they will want to be like you. 
So love everything and love everybody and you will find that your world will change.  You will see the world filled with love and because love conquers fear and hate, you can be part of the change to make your world a planet of peace and love.  Then neighbour will love neighbour and there will be no barriers to the love.  No barriers of colour, creed or nationality for love loves all.  Be the love, stand proud in the love and welcome a new world into being.  For when all lightworkers send the love out into the world and into the cosmos, then your planet will become love.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful? 
I send you love and blessings.  I am Archangel Michael.
18 August 2011
We are the Arcturians.  We come today to speak of the future.  Your future is in your hands.  What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to sit and let others take the lead?  Are you willing to be led by the hand where others want to take you?  Or are you willing to step out and speak your truth?  Are you willing to envision the world that you want?  Are you willing to talk about that to others?  Many feel afraid that if they speak out they will be ostracised and that others will not want to know them, thinking they are a weirdo.  When you raise your consciousness you will not worry what others think.  You will not worry if they call you a weirdo or other names.  You will be living the life that you want to live.  You will see the world through your eyes and not through someone else’s eyes.  So are you going to follow the crowd, to be one of the sheep or are you willing to step out and be the weirdo?  When you have no fear of this, then you truly have raised your consciousness and will see the world you live in as a beautiful place, which needs work, but is a loving, conscious world with many others like you sending light and love to all.  Join the Light crowd and be of the Light and be of the Love and be an example to others, so that they may see your Light and want to be like you.
Friday 29 July
Hello we are The Arcturians.  Why of why do you humans keep struggling, when it is so easy?  Why do you like to find the hard way to do things?  “All you need is love” said one of your songs and it is so true.  For love is all you need.  For love can conquer fear.  Love can do many things and all you need to do is open your hearts.  Open your hearts to each other.  Open your hearts and love yourselves.  Why do you find this so hard?  For it has been said many times that you are part of God, that we are all one, and that you are therefore Divine.  And if you love God and if you are a part of God then you must love yourself.  Do not belittle yourselves, do not put yourselves down, instead realise that you are cells in the body of God.  You are important for if you are part of the body of God, then you are needed.  All cells are required in a body for it to work, so as a cell of God’s body you are necessary and need to play your part. You need to love yourself so that you can do your bit for humanity and the whole world. 
When you learn to love yourself then you can love others more.  You learn to love unconditionally.  You learn to love everything and everybody.  You learn to love all the “good” things you see and all the “bad” things you see.  For everybody and everything is part of God and is divine.  So love murderers, love thieves, love politicians for all of these are part of God.  And love people of other cultures and other religions and of other coloured skin for all of these are part of God.  Love spiders and snakes for they too are part of God.  Love the weeds in your garden, love the birds and the bees.  Love everything and you will find that love surrounds you and you will be in love with life.  This is loving unconditionally, loving everybody and everything, no matter what.  Does a parent stop loving a child because they do something bad, no a parent loves unconditionally and forgives.  So start loving unconditionally and your life will become more beautiful and you will be surrounded by grace.
July15, 2011
Hello, we are the Arcturians.  It is I Ordo speaking, although two others help with the energy to send the thoughts.  It has been sometime since we have used our speaker.  She has been occupied with other things, however, now the connection is made again. 
We wish to speak about “you”.  Many of us in the higher realms are sending our thoughts to more and more people.  We wish to reiterate the message of the moment.  it is time to be your true selves.  It is not the time to hide behind your facades, your masks.  It is time for you to show yourselves, to show yourselves in your full glory.  For truly inside you are glorious, but many of you are in hiding.  For although you have done much clearing and cleansing of yourself, you fear that you are not good enough.
Never fear, for you have done enough.  Each person is at the perfect stage for them at this time.  Everyone continues to grow at their own pace.  You cannot force growth, it comes naturally when the time is right and the work necessary to that growth has been done.  But each of you has to learn to come out of hiding.  It is time to shine your light and be your true self.  It is easy to shine your light with others, who are on their spiritual path.  But if you are not true to yourself with all others, you do not move forward.  Some would say, you stagnate or plateau. 
If you want to continue to move forward, then showing your true self, the whole of you is necessary.  You are a human being, so be what you are meant to be, a wonderful, unique, divine person,  who is true to yourself and the cause you came here to activate.  So it is time to start being a true human being and allowing all others to see you and learn from you.  You can do it, for you are very brave my friends.  If you were not you would not have volunteered for the life you are leading.  We applaud you and offer our help at any time.  Just call on us, your guides and angels, we are all here to help you at anytime.  Blessings to you.
June 24, 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we would like to speak about love.  Love for you by you.  When you love yourself you become your full self, not afraid to show any part of you to anyone, for you are complete.  Completeness of yourself is what we all aim for, even those on other planets.  We aim to be whole.  When you only show part of yourself to others, it is because you are afraid to show some parts of yourself.  Sometimes shame will not allow you to be fully yourself and sometimes pride gets in the way.  When you overcome these lesser emotions and learn to show yourself to others as you truly are, then you can truly love yourself.  While you keep parts of your personality hidden you can only love parts of yourself.
But you are magnificent; you are Children of God/Source, you have that Divine Spark within you. So why not learn to be your magnificent self.  Why not show your divinity.  When you do you will truly learn to love yourself.  For you are all unique.  There is no-one like you in the entire universe.  Even identical twins are not entirely identical.  Everyone is unique and magnificently divine.  So find that divineness within yourself and learn to love yourself. 
When you can do this your world will become a magnificent place, for you will be in love with the world and all humanity, because that is what love does.  Love for yourself expands into unconditional love.  And unconditional love loves everybody and everything knowing that everybody and everything is divine.  For all are one, all are joined and how can one small part of a magnificent divine whole be anything but magnificently divine.
21 May 2011
This is Melchezidek.  We are talking about the future, your future, the future of the world, of Gaia. Renounce the old ways, bring in the new ways.  For if you do not discard the old, then you cannot move on.  Today ask yourself do you really need to do this, to keep this, to keep thinking in this way.  Ask us in the higher realms to help you with this removal of all that is not needed in your life.  Do this today.  Now there is no time to waste, for your world is moving on and if you want to keep up, then rid yourself of all that is no longer required in your life.  Clean out your homes, clean out your bodies, clean out your minds.  Change is good and change is always for the better when you release the old thoughts, the old ways.  Do not hold on to what is past.  The past as you see it, is over.  So release it and move on.  Bring in the new thoughts, the new ways of being.  Expand yourselves into a greater person and raise yourself up into the 5 dimension, for now is the time.  Gaia has moved and so must you.  Breathe in the new consciousness, breathe in the new ways, breathe in the higher dimension and you will find it easy to discard the old ways and move on.  Love and blessings to you all.
5 May 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we are talking of peace and love.  Is this what you want?  There is a lot of talk among humans of peace and love, but is this in their hearts?  Unless the love and peace is within them, unless they are peace and love, there cannot be love and peace.  So heal yourselves humans, heal yourselves.  Change your thought patterns.  Change from hate to peace and love.  Change your ways.  Do you want peace if you denigrate people?  This is not love.  Unconditional love accepts the divinity within all humans, no matter what their circumstances.  Without love you cannot have peace.  So if you truly want peace then change your mind, learn to love unconditionally.  See the divine within your enemy.  See the divine within the person who hurts you.  See the divine in the person who loves you.  For all are divine.  When you can learn to love unconditionally you will find peace.  No one said this was easy, but if you persevere then you will find that love and peace surround you.  When love and peace surround you it ripples out from you and creates love and peace in ever widening circles.  Just imagine if just 20 people in one town could affect just one town.  Then imagine what 100 or 1000 could do.  Just imagine when everyone on Gaia is sending peace and love from their hearts.  What bliss.  Heaven on Earth.  Do you wantthis?  Then dear humans you must be the unconditional love to create this peace, this nirvana.  Blessings to you all.
18 April 2011
This is Hilarion.  I come to give good news, so many of you are working to raise the consciousness of Gaia/Earth that the light is becoming so bright.  So many are sending love to the planet and the peoples of the planet, that your world is rising in consciousness faster than expected.  Well done to all of you lightworkers.  Please continue to do this work by keeping on channelling the light to Gaia and to all upon her.  Gaia is re-birthing and as a mother has birth pains, so too does Gaia.  By sending the light and love you help Gaia with this re-birthing, in the same way as a mother who meditates while having birth pains reduces the pain.  So keep sending the love and light to Mother Gaia and she will use the light to raise Gaia from the third to the fifth dimension.  As all darkness is released from Gaia and her peoples so the light can shine forth.  Gaia is becoming lighter and brighter due to the work of Lightworkers around the planet channelling the energies that are being sent.  We of the higher dimensions send love and gratitude to you all and ask that you continue in this work. 
15 April 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We come to talk of peace and love.  Already we can see that many people on planet Gaia are raising their consciousness and opening their hearts and expressing more love for others.  Learning to love your neighbours, whether in your country or across the world.  Loving everyone in an unconditional way is hard for you it would seem, but many are now learning to do this.  And because so many are responding and sending love, which includes compassion, peace is possible.  Send love to the soldiers, send love to the victims of war and send love to the leaders.  When you send love, you help to open others hearts.  The more hearts that open the quicker you can have peace.  So if you want peace, send love, be love, radiate love to all on your planet.
27 March 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We wish to talk of peace and how to achieve it.  You achieve it through love.  It is as easy as that.  When you love unconditionally peace will surround you.  However, if peace is not in your heart then you also cannot send unconditional love.  So the answer is to create peace within yourself.  Only then can you be peace and send peace.  To create peace within yourself you must rid yourself of all negativity.  Watch the emotions that arise from you or that surround you.  This will show you what needs to be healed, to be resolved or to be forgiven.  For whatever you give out surrounds you.  So if your family, friends or colleagues are irritable, sad, angry, moody or any negative emotion, then look to yourself.  You are like a transmitter and transmit what is in your emotional body and so you see it displayed before you in the people surrounding you.  Dig deep and solve the problems within yourself.  You may use the Violet Flame of St. Germain or you may just learn to forgive others and yourself.  You may learn to love others as divine beings and remember that you too are a divine being.  When you have cleansed your body of all the emotional toxins and then learnt to clear and cleanse yourself on a daily basis. So that you do not pull negativity into you from the news, negative people surrounding your or from pollution in your planet, then and only then can you truly transmit peace and love.
4 March 2011
We are sending love to your planet, this is freely given for we wish your planet to rise in consciousness.  The beings on your planet have much to learn, but many are doing so and many more are beginning to learn.  As each new person joins the learning process and reaches for the light, so it helps your planet to rise.  Every person who queries and questions and is curious about being spiritual is helping the planet.  For these will be the newcomers joining in and learning to be with love.  So welcome all newcomers, welcome the questions, welcome the people who are curious, welcome one and all for they are the future.  Together with the wayshowers your planet will rise and rise in consciousness and together light and love and peace will conquer all.  We send love and light to all light beings.
17 February 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We welcome you all to our talk on peace and love, and you know that the two go together.  You cannot have peace without love and you cannot have love without peace.  So it is up to you what you want.  Do you want love and peace in your world or do you want trouble and strife?  Do you really want to see aggression or even be aggression?  I am sure that those reading this message do not wish that.  What you want is a peaceful and loving world and peace and love in your own being.  So to be this wonderful peaceful and loving being, what do you need to do?  You know it of course, you have to resist temptation and not be drawn into dramas.  Instead you know that if you recognise a temptation or a drama that you can then stand back and send love into that situation.  Nobody said this was easy.  God and the Angels know how hard this is for you as a human.  But God also knows that you have the fortitude to become that better person, to stand back and send love.  So be the watcher sending empathy, love and light into any situation, whether it is on a global scale, a national scale or even a personal scale.  The hardest of course, is when you are personally involved in a drama, temptation or other situation.  But when you can stand back and send love and peace into that situation, then you are truly a Peace Warrior increasing the light, love and peace within your world.  So Peace Warriors, be the Love Ambassadors and help your planet become lighter and lovelier for your own sake and the sake of your planet.
January 2011
Let peace be in your hearts.  Let love be in your hearts.  If you want peace in your world, in Gaia, then there is only one way.  Each and every one of you must have peace in your heart.  When you have inner peace, then you can know outer peace.  When you have inner peace, then you can spread peace.  To have peace in your heart, you must have love in your heart too.  For how can you spread peace to those you do not like, or even hate.  If you dislike or even hate people,  then you cannot have peace in your own heart.  So learn to love others as God, the Creator loves you.  The Creator does not judge, the Creator does not hate, this would be impossible for the people of earth are the chosen people.  Each person on Gaia is a part of the Creator, so how could he/she not love each and every one of you.  You are children of God, the Creator, made in his/her image, so it is impossible not to be loved by God.  God loves you as a child who is learning to grow and so you should love others for they may not have grown as much as you.  You may have grown to be an adult child of God, but others may still be babies or infants.  Would you judge a baby or an infant?  No you would try to teach him/her a better way.  You would try to be anexample.  So do not judge others, but be the example to others and in this way teach them to lead a better life.  In this way, by learning to love others unconditionally may you have peace in your  heart.  And when you have this peace, then you will automatically send this out to others on the planet.  Each person will unconsciously receive this peace, this love and gradually will learn to grow to be a better person and to live in peace.  So work on yourselves beloveds.  Work on becoming that peaceful, loving soul who is a true peacemaker in your world and when you all work together then peace can be yours on Gaia.   Blessings to you all.  Mother Mary.
20 January 2011
Todayis the first day of your life.  Today you start anew.  Today you can create something new.  So what do you want to create.  Is it something glorious, or is it something mundane?  The choice is yours.  You can work on yourself to create yourself as something better or you can work together to create a better world.  The choice is yours.  What do you want to do?  Each has its merits.  For when you work on yourself to better yourself, then you raise your consciousness and every time that someone does this, the consciousness of the world rises too.  When you work to release any negativity in yourself, this is a good thing for when negativity is released your body lightens, your aura brightens and you connect with the Source of all things.  So do not think yourself selfish if you work on yourself to enlighten yourself – this is a good thing to do.  But you can also choose to create a better world with the help of others of a like mind.  When many lightworkers come together to lighten and brighten your world, then much is achieved.  Darkness is released from Gaia, from your world and the world rises.  This is your world, so do you choose to lighten yourself or to lighten Gaia?  Both are excellent, both raise the consciousness of your world.  So today is the first day of your new life – create something wonderful.  Many blessings to you.  Lord Sananda.
19January 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We come in peace and love to wish you joy.  Let joy be in your hearts.  Let joy be in your soul.  Let joy fill every cell within your body.  Let yourself rejoice for God/Source is within you and you should celebrate this fact.  For God in within and God is without.  As above so below, as below so above.  God is in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls.  Therefore rejoice in the life that God has given you.  Enjoy nature; see the beauty of the world around you.  The wonderful oceans on your planet, the beautiful countryside, the wild mountains, the moors and the deserts, all have their beauty.  See that beauty surrounding you and let that beauty seep into your hearts and minds.  For God is within and God is without, so see the beauty without and rejoice.  See what God has provided for you.  Enjoy the sun, the wind, the rain and the snow for without all of these you would not enjoy your planet, all are needed.  So rejoice in everything you see.  Rejoice in all the animals upon your planet, for they too are provided by God for you.  Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice and let joy be in every heart.
9 January 2011
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we talk about ascension.  Your world must ascend, this is a direct command from Source/God.  The planet earth will rise to the 5 dimension, this is foretold and will happen.  So people of the earth if you too wish to ascend then you have some work to do.  We need you to receive light from Source, the Adamantine particles and to plant them in the earth.  We need you to be channels for the light.  Not just when you think of it, but every day.  We ask that each day you go into meditation and channel light from God, from Source.  When you channel this light, it fills your body and much of it passes through you and into the earth.  It also passes out from your solar plexus in an infinity loop around you and therefore into the space around you, touching all who are near you.  As you channel the Adamantine particles, so these will be dispersed by you in an ever increasing circle around you.  As each person channels the light energies then each circle joins with the others, creating a blanket of light, of Adamantine particles over Gaia.  If enough people, in all countries do this work, then you and the planet will rise faster into the 5 dimension.  What wonders you are tobehold .  What talents you will find.  So be the Adamantine Light Channellers, the ones who can help make this happen.
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