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28 December2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Welcome to the 5th dimension.  There are still some on your planet who have not risen to the 5th dimension, but those reading these words will be there.  Well done.  You have worked hard to raise yourselves and your planet higher. 
However, we are asking you to continue raising your consciousness higher and higher, so that Gaia can rise even higher into the 5th.  There is still much work to be done and so we ask you to continue in your work of shining your light to all you meet and to all you pass in your day to day life.  For as you walk others are unconsciously drawn to your light and so you continue the work of sharing and giving the light to others and to the planet. 
Each step you take can send light into Gaia, so walk knowingly, helping the earth as you go. All the light that you transmit down through your steps into the planet will be used by Mother Gaia to renew and refresh Gaia.  Well done Lightworkers.

13 December 2012
So after the excitement and strangeness of the 12.12.12 things will settle down somewhat until the 21.12.2012 when the energies will start and stop.  This will be an instantaneous movement, so most people will not even notice anything, but many people may feel as though they have been mixed up.  This is due to an instant recalibration of your bodies at the 11.11 moment on the 21.  However, those who are prepared and have released most or all of their baggage will find things easier.  Many people will be confused by what happens after the 21, so it is up to Lightworkers and Wayshowers to be on hand to help .  Many will refuse to believe what happens and those who work for a darker way, will try to block advancement of the world.  But there will be many good things that happen in the future.  More big businesses will fail, but this will allow a more open market for those small businesses who in the past have been overtaken by huge conglomerates.  Be open to the changes and go with the flow.  Do not allow yourselves to become despondent or negative.  Instead be optimistic and happy with the changes and you will find that all will be well with your world. Blessings and much love.  Angel Angelique.

Saturday 1 December 2012 
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Are you excited?  You should be.  Energies being sent to the planet are growing stronger and stronger and are affecting everyone on the planet.  Every human is being affected whether they know it or not or even whether you realise it or not.  No-one can escape the energies that are being sent.  The strong energy rays are permeating into every human heart, to all animals, all plants and into the earth herself.  Each person’s heart opens further and further whenever a stronger energy comes in.    If you could look back a year ago or further, you would see that you have changed quite considerably.  If you look at the world and at others you can probably see even greater change.  Look at how the countries are changing through the power of the people.  No longer do people want to be sheep following a leader blindly.  They want change and they want change for the better.  See how various companies are losing out and how people want all businesses to be transparent and to be accountable for their actions.  See how people want to help the planet by buying ethically and eating more organic food.  No longer do people want to eat food that has been modified.  See how when a disaster strikes somewhere on your planet, people on the planet rise to the occasion.  They might give financial help, they might physically help, or they might pray or meditate to send love and healing to all involved.  This would not have happened one hundred years ago, but now so many want to help others.  How wonderful is this.    And so the energies being sent are stronger and stronger and the world Gaia and all its inhabitants rise in consciousness and so the planet changes, becoming lighter and brighter with each higher energy sent.  There is a great deal of excitement about these changes to your planet here in the spiritual realms.  So too should you be excited.  The 21 December 2012 is a time to party for it is not the end of the world as some predict.  Instead it is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  How exciting.  Blessings to you all.

9 September 2012 
I am the light.  I am the love.  I am the light that shines.  I surround you in love and I surround you in light and together that creates peace around you.  Love yourself.  Really learn to love yourself.  Look at all your “good bits” and love them.  Then look at all your “bad bits” (as you think of them) and love them too.  For humanity is made of both.  By all means try to become the pest person you can ever be, but accept and love the whole of you.  For you would not be “human” without an up and a down side.  Try and release negativity within you and you will shine brighter dear ones.  Let your light shine out brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger, so that all may look at you and see your light (even if they do this unconsciously).  Be the beacon showing the way.  Be the light in the darkness.  Be the light of hope and love and peace.  Shine brightly dear ones, shine brightly.  Many blessings to you all. Haniel.

27 August 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  This is a message for all lightworkers.  You know who you are, you are the ones on your spiritual path and able to channel the light from source.  So far you have done a wonderful job, for Gaia has already risen in consciousness and is the 5 dimension as well as being in the 3 and 4 dimensions.  Perhaps you did not realise that different dimensions could exist side by side. 
Each of you depending on where you are on your spiritual path sees Gaia in a different light, a slightly different dimension from all others, for each has reached their perfect place at this moment in time.  What you give out, so shall you receive – this is a well known fact even among those that are still struggling in the 3 and 4 dimensions.   You have many sayings that explain this law of the universe.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  He/she will get his/her just desserts.  What goes around, comes around.  
So each will see the world according to how they act.  If you have raised yourself to the higher dimension, you will see the beauty of the world, while still acknowledging the negativity which still remains within it.  But you will see that each person, each soul, no matter how negative, is a child of God/Creator and you will see the beauty that is within, just waiting to emerge. 
So send the light and send the love so that at the end of this year the light will be so bright upon planet Gaia that all will rise in consciousness, even if at varying degrees.  So be the light, be the love and your light wherever you go. 

28 June 2012
Hello I am Io.  I am one of the three which send messages through this channel.  I wish to tell you about who we are and where we are.  We live on the planet Alteria, which circles the sun Arcturus.  Our planet is mainly gaseous, but does have a central core of iron.   We are ethereal and live within this atmosphere.  If you were to see us, you would consider us tall and elegant. You would see us wearing long flowing gowns of various colours.  We are a population of male and female identities, for balance is needed everywhere.  
We are in the sixth dimension and work in harmony together.  We work to help others on their path, for we have already made this journey.  We understand the difficulties of living in a corporal body, for we used to be this way.   Now we do not need to eat or sleep.  We communicate by thought and this is how we connect with this channel.  We send our intentions to communicate, which she feels as heat within her head.  Then we send our thoughts to translate into words which you will understand. 
We constantly send thoughts of love and light to the planet Gaia, for all the cosmos is watching and waiting for Gaia to ascend to the fifth dimension.   But you will not become ethereal as we did, you will stay within your earthly bodies to incorporate the love and light of spirit upon the physical.   You have worked well towards this end, for it is now guaranteed to happen, as more and more of you accept the light and love into your lives.  Well done friends, well done.  Sent with much love and light.
2 June 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  What would you wish us to speak of today?  We wish to speak about love.  Love and the heart.  Love makes the world go around.  All you need is love.  Love is a many splendored  thing.  You have many songs which say exactly what is true.  Love is the one and only emotion you actually need.  For love conquers all – all fears, all jealousies, all grief, all sadness – love is always the answer. 
So whenever you or someone you know is in a negative emotion just send  them love.  Bathe them in love.  Shower them with love.  We are of course talking about unconditional love, for you cannot be in love with all, as you understand it.  But unconditional love can be sent to your family, relations, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  Unconditional love can even be sent to those you don’t know and those you don’t like, for you know in your heart that every single person upon your planet is a child of God and therefore is divine, no matter what their outward appearance is showing.  So send unconditional love to those you don’t like very much, to those in power – politicians, big money moguls, kings, queens, dictators.  Send unconditional love to those in weakness – robbers, murderers, rapists. For all of these are still children of God, children of the Creator, all parts of the whole. 
When you can send love to all of these and more then love will be returned to you in so many ways and you will wonder why it took you so long to learn to love unconditionally.  We, the Arcturians, love you unconditionally. 
20 April 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we talk of peace and love and understanding.  These three work together in union.  You cannot have one without the other.   When there is peace, there is also love.  Where there is love there is understanding.  Where there is understanding there is peace.  Look to understand the world around you.  Try to understand the people who surround you.  Each person on the planet is working with the knowledge that they have at this time.  They may not have as much knowledge or understanding as yourself.  Remember to be lenient. 
Think about children of different ages and how they learn and grow.  Each learns at their own speed.  Even children the same age learn at different speed, some are eager to learn, while others are happy to play instead.  People are like children, growing and remembering at their own speed.  Some are like toddlers having tantrums, some are like teenagers misbehaving and some have become wise adults.  Be understanding of them all, every single person on the planet, for each is a child of the universe and is growing at their own speed.  Be loving and understanding and create peace.
4 April 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  People everywhere are finding life difficult.  Why is this?  It is due to the energies which are being sent to Earth, to Gaia.  These energies are getting stronger and stronger and are upsetting the balance of life.  Each day more and more people become unbalanced.  Most people do not realise what is happening and are in turmoil. 
However, those that connect to spirit and those that listen and hear, will understand that they need to keep rebalancing themselves daily and to go with the flow.  When you go with the flow everything is in order, for everything happens at the right time and in the right place.  Everything flows.  This is how it should be.
But when people become upset and out of kilter they don’t understand and life seems to get worse, not better.  We are asking you the Wayshowers, the Lightworkers to help others.  Tell them to follow their instincts, to go with their gut feelings. In this way you can help them, even if they understand nothing of spiritual life. 
Some believe in angels.  To these you can say to ask their angels to help them. 
Be an example to others to show them the way, totally balanced every day and going with the flow.  In this way you help yourself, other people and you help your world.
18 March 2012
We are the Arcturians.  We come to deliver peace into your hands.  All you have to do is receive it.  We are peace, as are so many of us in spirit.  In our hearts we have peace and so peace surrounds us.  All people on earth can have this peace too.  All they have to do is to have peace in their hearts.  When all people have peace in their hearts there will be peace surrounding you on your planet Gaia. 
Of course to make this happen you have to have no aggression within you.  You have to remove all thoughts of hate and mistrust.  Violence has to stop and bitterness too.  When you let go of this negativity within you and allow love to enter your heart, then you receive peace.  When you allow love to flow to others, your heart opens wider.  When you learn to truly love yourself then your heart opens even wider.  When you learn to love everyone on your planet Gaia, then you find that peace will surround you. 
As each person opens their heart, leaving aggression and negativity behind them, peace will come.  When you accept every single person on the planet as a spirit of the Creator, then you can truly find peace within yourself.  When you can send love to every single person on planet Gaia then you become peace and love.  Then each person that you meet receives some of that love and peace.  Gradually others open their hearts to love and peace.  Eventually all can be at peace and love each other.  Then you will have Peace on Earth.
14 February 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We come in peace and love, sending you congratulations on your work of raising the light ratio on planet Gaia.   More work is of course needed, so that the light continues to rise, so that Gaia rises higher and higher towards the 5 dimension.  So what can each person do?  Well each person can raise their own consciousness and light by releasing all negative thoughts and feelings within themselves: releasing anger, frustration, jealousy, grief and all lower energies from themselves.  
 By transforming negative energies into love and gratitude each thereby raises the light within themselves.  As each person raises the light within them, they join with others of a higher frequency and together they raise the light of the planet.  The higher the frequency of the planet, the higher the love and the higher the light, thereby creating an aura of love and light around the planet.  When love and light fill the planet, there can be no more aggression, there must be peace.  If peace is what you want, then help the planet, by raising the light and love within yourself.
3 February 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to speak of love and how this can help in your ascension into the light.  Love is always the answer, but it is not easy for humans to love – at least not in an unconditional way or to love themselves.
Start by learning to love yourself.  Look at your personality and realise how many things about yourself you really do like.  Love these parts of yourself.  Everyone has some good points: they may be kind to animals or people; they may work at a job where they help others; they may care for a member of their family or they may do something else. 
When you love these parts of yourself then learn to love the bits you are not proud of, for these too are part of you.  Nobody is perfect.
When you can love yourself, then learn to love others without conditions.  Start with partners and family and also your friends.  When you can love these unconditionally, then you can learn to love everybody without conditions – for all are children of God/Source. 
As you learn to love more and love unconditionally, then you rise higher and higher in consciousness.  And so it is that you can come to ascension.  Be the love and spread it out to the world and when the many do this, the world will become love.
24 January 2012 12 noon
I read about the strange noises that have been heard around the world and I listened to the recordings.  This is causing some people to be fearful.  And so a short while afterwards I received this channelling.
My friends do not rush into fear when you hear various noises around the earth.  These noises are manifested by spirit and you can only hear them now because the world has raised its consciousness.  These are the sounds of the vibrations or energies sent to the earth, to Gaia. 
Sometimes the sound seems like a horn or an orchestra tuning up.  And sometimes it sounds like choirs singing in a language you do not know.  Trust my friends.  Everything is alright with your world.  Different sounds are heard in different parts of the world dependant on the needs of that part of your world.  Sometimes a dense sound is needed to break up deep dense negativity.  Sometimes a lighter sound is required, such as in the forest, where negativity is reliable.    You will hear these sounds increase as your consciousness rises, as will all others. 
Fear not, for fear will take you into negativity.  Instead realise that sound can heal.  Remember that sound is used in your hospitals to break up kidney stones for example.  Therefore realise that the sounds are breaking up the negativity for your good and the good of your planet Gaia. 
Keep the peace in your heart and stay calm.  Fear only creates harm and more negativity.  So stay in the calm peace and realise that the energies and the sounds being sent are for yours and the world’s greatest good. 
Love and blessings to you all.  Archangel Michael.
20 January 2012
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to talk about peace.  Do you really want peace on your world?  From our perspective it doesn’t seem like it.  What we see are people fighting.  Fighting wars and fighting each other.  Of course, fighting doesn’t have to look like a fight with people hitting each other.  People fight with words too.  Words that hurt, and go deep into the mind and stay there rotting away.  People also fight by not speaking and by resenting.  People fight by thinking they have to achieve over others.  People fight by thinking they have to be the best. 
Is this how to go about peace?  Peace is about not hurting others, either by physical or mental means.  Peace is speaking your truth in a gentle way.  Peace is achieved by not glorifying material things and achievements over others.  Peace is about knowing that all on planet earth/Gaia are equal in God/Creator’s eyes.  Peace is knowing God/Creator.  Peace is connecting with God/Creator.  Peace creates love, not hate.  Peace is a gentle state of mind. 
When you have peace in your heart and mind then you can truly say you want and are working for peace on earth.  When the majority of people on earth/Gaia choose peace and declare it to the rest of the world, either individually or collectively then peace can come to your world. You can declare your peace, just by being peace.  So practice peace and be the peace.  And so it is. 
Blessings to you all.
2 January 2012
I come to give you good tidings.  This new year of 2012 is going to be a good year for most people.  All people will rise in consciousness due to the energies being sent to Gaia.  However, those who are already on their path and are working for their higher growth will find good things happening.  2012 will be a year of wonder and a year of new wisdoms.  It will be a year of growth for all.  Those who wish to further their path will find that it will become easier and easier for them.  As you release all negative energies, you therefore allow new wisdoms and new talents to come into your life.  This at times may be a challenge, but all those who are willing will receive many blessings as they grow and become more active in their spiritual life.  Blessings to you all for this wonderful year of 2012.  Archangel Gabriel.
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