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2 November 2013
Lighten your load, lighten your load.  Remove everything that is not required in your life.  It is now time to move on and leave the past behind.  Go through everything physical and remove what you do not use any more.  Go through your emotional baggage and remove all that you do not require any more.  Remove all negativity from yourselves.  Remove old thoughs, old ways of thinking.  When it is done and your ways are changing it is time to let in the new. 

New space, new thoughts, new emotions, allowing love and light ever further into yourselves so that you may shine and becoming lighter and brighter.  Creating yourself as a new person, a better person, a positive person, a more empathetic person and a person who can send more love and light out into the world. 

The Angels.

8th Oct 2013
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to talk about love and romance.  Everyone on earth is opening up and opening their hearts wider to love.  This is the time to accept that you are worthy of love, that you do not need to beg for love.  When you send love out from your heart to the wider world, people, feel that love and are attracted to you.  So send out love, whether you are single or attached.  If attached you will find that your partner is more loving, because you are more loving.  If you are single you will find that the opposite sex is attracted to you due to the  love waves you are sending out.  
So open your hearts wider, let God's/Creator's love into your heart more and more and let your heart and soul expand with the love.  In this way you will find that you are more loving to others and so others will be more loving to you.  Allow the love into your heart and send it out to the world to attract the person you would wish for into your life.  This is the Law of Attraction.  To attract you must be attractive.  So be attractive through the love inside you and you will find that relationships improve.  You may even find a soul mate or your twin flame.  Be the love to receive the love.

17 September 2013
We are the Arcturians.  We come in love and peace.  Many on your planet are struggling with the energies that are being sent to your planet.  For these energies are bringing up much darkness.  This is rising so that it can be seen.  When seen it can be dealt with.  So send the love and the light to the darkness, for it has forgotten the light and forgotten the love. 
When you send light to darkness it becomes grey instead of black, so you can lighten darkness bit by bit, whether the darkness is in people's hearts or whether it is in a government or an establishment. 

Wherever there is darkness, light is needed.  Be the eternal Light of God/Creator sending the light and love to the darkness and to all, for who has not got a dark side.  Light and dark this is the balance, Yin and Yang, black and white.  So send the light and the love into the darkness to bless and to raise consciousness.

19 March 2013
Dear Friends I am so pleased to be with you tonight.  The group grows and I am not talking numbers, I am meaning in consciousness.  Well done to each of you.  Well done.  This is a time for expansion.  This is a time of innovation.  This is a time of manifestation.  Each of you have grown tremendously and continue to grow as you remember the way home.  Your path becomes clearer and clearer as you become the real you in all your glory and majesty.  Never forget that you are spirit in a human body working for the light and sending out love and light to all.  Remember the divine within all on earth and remember not to judge.  Send love and light to each person and help them to remember.  Lift up your heart and in the process you lift up others hearts.  Spread your light far and wide.  Do not fear others seeing your light, for those held in darkness need to see your light to find their way.  So be the wayshower, the guide to those you meet.  For all you meet need to see the light and to increase the light within them.  And so they too will shine out to others.  And so the world, Gaia, becomes light and love. I am Lord Kumeka.

4 March 2013
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to talk about plans.  This is such a good time for you to create your plans, for this is a perfect time for creation.  You will have heard that you create your life.  You think about things you want to do, then you may talk about it and then you go do it – you create it.  So what plans do you have for your life?  Is your plan to stay exactly where you are?  Are you in your comfort zone?  Or do you want to do something new?  If you do not want your life to stagnate then create.  Create your life as you wish it to be.  Start with one small change and then increase those changes when you feel ready.  This is the perfect time to move your life forward, to create wonderful changes in your life, to raise your consciousness higher.   

Or maybe you feel the need to do something positive for your plane.  Do you feel your dreams are just dreams?  They don’t have to be.  Your dreams can become real.  All you need do is create, manifest.  So don’t be a stick in the mud, take one small step to a new life, a more exciting life, to a life full of happiness and contentment.  Make those changes and come truly alive, truly awake.  Climb out of the doldrums and create your new way of being.  You can do it.  We know you can, for many of your brothers and sisters on the planet have already done so.  It is time for humanity to climb higher, to create the change one step at a time, one person at a time.

21 February 2013
Hello we are the Arcturians. Enjoy the new energies that are coming in.  Try to relax into the energy instead of fighting it.  Allow the energies to release anything within you.  If memories arise check to see if you need to do any crying, forgiving or releasing of anger .  You may find that memories arise of things you had totally buried within you.   Things you had buried so deep that it is only now that they are being dug out of you.  Do not be afraid of this, as this is a natural progression on your spiritual path.  When you release the emotions, whether sadness, anger or any other emotion you will find such release.  You will feel happier.  Ask that these emotional memories be sent into the violet flame to be changed into neutral energy.  Ask too that you be filled with love and joy.  Each time you remove a negative memory you can learn to love yourself more.  Blessing to you all.

We are the Arcturians.  Welcome to the 5 dimension.  Is it what you expected?  Probably not.  Humans expect so much more that what there is and then get disappointed.  But this is not the time for disappointment, this is the time for celebration.  The veil is thinning more and more and more people are experiencing what they might call “spooky events”.  There is nothing to be frightened of, as we and all in spirit send full protection.  Nothing can harm you unless you let it.  Nothing can frighten you unless you let it.  So don’t let anything frighten you.  Ask your angels and guides for courage as well as protectionBe in the light and open yourselves up to new experiences, for you are on your way home.  Home to the Creator and all there is.  No, we are not saying you will “die”, at least not until it is your time.  But you are all on your journey back to the Creator, as we all are.  So join us on this path, live in the light and spread it to others.  Be the very best that you can be and the example for others. 

4th January
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to discuss the future, the future for Gaia.  So what is it to be?  What do you long for?  For the future is not set in stone.  The future is malleable.  You create the future and together you create the future of Gaia.  So what do you want?  Whatever it is, create it.  Never before have you had such an opportunity, but now the portal has opened, now the door is open and you have such potential.  The future is yours to create.  So if you want a world which has peace, together you must create it.  Of course this is not as easy as it sounds, as there are some still creating war and violence.  But if the majority want peace, then peace will happen.  And if you want peace you must have peace inside yourself, so deal with your own problems and then become the peace.  That way you will spread peace around you, as will many others.   What you give out comes back to you.  So wish for what you want, then create it within yourself.  If you want happiness, find your inner happiness.  If you want love, be love.  If you want peace, be peace.  And so it is.

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