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9 November 2014  

Hello we are the Arcturians.  We have not spoken for a while, but it is now time to get re-connected once again.  The planet Earth/Gaia is rising in consciousness but there is more work to do still. 

All around people see the news and think the planet is very negative.  What percentage of the news do you see? You see the negative news, which needs you to send light into it, so that it too may rise. 

What percentage of the news (which you don't get to see or hear) is positive news?  We assure you that this percentage is far higher than the negative.  Why is negative news so predominant?  Because Lightworkers you have worked so well on raising the light/higher consciousness of the planet, that now the darker/lower consciousness is fighting back.    It is desperate to survive. 

What can you do?  Well you can send love and light to that darker/lower energy to raise it to the light.  Not an easy thing to do, but it can be done.  Do not let yourself be drawn into the negative and lower your own consciousness.  Realise that God/Creator sends only love and light and does not judge.  So raise your light, send out more love, be the candle in the dark to lighten that darkness and see how the world consciousness rises higher and higher. 

We cannot do this alone, we need every single Lightworker to continue in this quest to raise your planet to that higher frequency.  So do not  get caught up in dramas, large as on the news, or small as in your family and friends.  Do not get caught up and feed the negative darker side.  Stay the watcher, empathetic and strong, sending light to increase the light.

We are always with you, along with angels and spirit guides to help you.  So be strong, be the light, be the love and be the example to all, so that others may see your light and want to join you.  In this way you will raise your planet Earth/Gaia to higher light consciousness and then you will eventually have peace on earth. 

We send great love and blessings to you all.  We honour the work you do and praise your strength and energy Lightworkers.  Keep up the good work.

18 August 2014 

Hello we are the Arcturians.  We have waited for some time now to talk with you again for this has been a difficult time for all on earth, but it is also a time for all to learn how to work in the new energy.  It was not appropriate for you to be told, it was a time for learning, to swim in the ocean of new energies and to integrate with them.  Many of you have now done this and we applaud you.  Many of you are still struggling to find your way, and we applaud you, for you are searching and learning.  Some of you have given up and for this there is no judgement, it is just how things are.   

However, for those who are still working through the energies and for those who have now integrated with the energies, there is a wonderful time coming for you.  Especially as you learn to work with these new energies and to realise that you are creating your path, your life and all that is before you.   

Many of you are now feeling an excitement, an adrenalin rush for a new project or a new way of doing things.  Well done to you.  Many of you have started to work with others on expanding knowledge to those on your planet.  Many of you are getting together in groups to enhance the life on earth in so many different ways.  Sometimes these ways seem so ordinary to you, because you think this is not spiritual.  Believe,  that everything that enhances your planet and raises the consciousness is spiritual in its own way.  So whether you are into cleaning up the planet, helping others to understand other ideas or just being a loving peaceful soul, all are helping with raising that consciousness.  Be proud of who you are and continue with your good work.  Well done.

25 May 2014
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today we wish to talk about health.  You create your health.  Surprise.  You are happy to believe that you can create abundance, so why do you not believe that you can create health. 

We have told you and many others have spread the message that you create your future.  Even your scientists now realise that the future is created by your thoughts and visualisations.  However, you do have to be consistent  in your thoughts to  create anything.  So if you consistently think positively about wealth abundance, without thinking negatively about it, at any time, then you must become abundantly wealthy. 

The problem is that humans find it so difficult to stay positive in their thoughts and not bring in some negatives. However, wealth is not the only thing that can be created abundantly, health can too.  Think of yourself already receiving health or wealth.  Think of what you can do as a healthy person. Create the scenario and stay positive. 

After all you thought about your pain and made it worse, you thought about your disease, so now think of yourself pain free, disease free.  Create your health.  Create your healthy lifestyle for you can do it.  Blessings to you all.

19 April 2014 
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Well-wishers want everything to go absolutely to plan.  Unfortunately the human race is varied in its thinking and so there are usually bumps and obstacles to most plans.  However, all Lightworkers can send out light and positive thoughts to allow various plans to work more smoothly.  This is what we are asking you all to do more and more.   

As consciousness rises, those that have been main players in creating how the world works have become frightened of losing their power.  They love their greed and power.  How can you stop this greed for power and money?  Send them love, send them light.   

We know how hard this is for you.  But if you can create a chink in their darkness with light or love, then you can help change their hearts.   Those that do not know love or have never felt real love are the ones who need it most.  Delve deep within yourselves Lightworkers and send that unconditional love to those that truly need it.  

If you can open their hearts more, then truly the world can change.  For when love is in your heart and not greed, then you want to do your most to help others.  Send the love and light and change your world.   

We and others in the Light are always here with love and support for you.  Know this and receive our blessings and love.

8 April 2014  
What excitement, not only for you, but us as well.  Great strides  forward for the Children of Gaia.  All learning, all growing.  Deciding to go through all their trials and tribulations, so that in the end each grows to be a better and more informed person.  Lives are changing, all for the better, even if that doesn't appear to be what is happening.  Know that each time you go through a great hurt or trial of some kind that you grow.  You become stronger.  You become wiser.  You become a better person.  Each of you is growing exponentially  Each of you is getting brighter and lighter.  

The sun is shining on you all and the clouds are going away so that you can see clearly.  This is an analogy with the thinning of the veils, so that you can see our realm more clearly.  Your hearing too is opening up to the spiritual realms.  Love and joy rains down upon you all, along with many blessings and so much unconditional love.  You are the Children of the Light, waiting to spread the light and love to the whole planet.  And Gaia needs that light and love, for she too is going through her own problems of rising in consciousness and to do that she must clear and cleanse herself with many actions that you find hard, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc.  But the clearing and cleansing must be done, for all has to rise.  Know that those who go through these traumatic events for the earth, agreed to do this while in spirit  before they came to Gaia.  They all help Gaia transmute  darkness to pure energy.   

Know that you are loved beyond measure and all in the heavenly realms praise you for being such wonderful Children of God/Great Spirit/Creator.  Reach out and feel that love.  

Archangels Uriel and Gabriel

23 March 2014

We are the Arcturians.  We are so pleased with all on planet Gaia.  You have all raised your consciousness due to the hard work of many Lightworkers.  Well done.  Things are shifting on the planet.  Much is coming to light so that it can be seen and then dealt with.  Praise be to the new ways of sharing information which allows many across the planet to understand and work together on various projects.  People everywhere are beginning to "see the light", to realise they have a voice, that they can act with others who share the same thoughts, that things can be changed by the people for the people.  If you want it, you can get it.  So if you want peace, go get peace by sharing with others of a like mind.  If you want to end a specific thing which hurts people or animals in some way, then do it.  People everywhere are finding that they have a voice and they are not afraid to use it.  People are standing up and saying "No more, we will not put up with this."  Well done.  People are coming together to work together to improve things on the planet.  Well done.  Keep up the good work and we wish you many blessings.

13 Feb 2014
We are the Arcturians.  We three have been watching the progress on the planet Gaia and are mightily pleased.  We are so proud of all the hard work that has been put in by many people on the planet to raise the vibration and to keep on raising it.  This last year so many of you have had to go through traumas of one kind or another.  We would like to say well done to all of you for dealing with this so well.  You have learnt so much from all the emotional and physical dramas.  Well done.  You have learnt and you have raised your energy again and again.  We applaud you for not giving in, for dealing with the dramas/ traumas that have beset you.  Remember that you never have anything that you cannot master.  Also remember that we and the company of Heaven are here to support you always.  Blessings to you all.

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