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19th December 2015

Hello we are the Arcturians.  We wish to send greetings to all inhabitants of planet Gaia/Earth especially at this time of special celebration.  For on your Christmas Day the energy increases and unconditional love is in the air.  This is a day for celebration but also for love, peace and forgiveness.  All on planet Gaia are God's children. 
All humans are playing their part in the drama of the planet.  If you did not know negativity, you would not understand positivity.  If you did not know bad, how would you know good.  If you did not know hate, how would you know love.  Each human is playing their part - to teach and to learn.  Learn well my friends.  You have done well, for so many of you are learning that love is the answer.  Love and compassion for all mankind is the way forward.  For there are those who teach and those that learn.  Learn well. 
Know that as more and more people learn this lesson, they then understand and become peace.  When you are in peace and each of you spread this out to more and more, eventually there will be peace on your planet.
So do not hate, be love.  Be love and work for your planet.  Forgive those that hurt you, but realise that you do not have to condone what they do.  As you forgive you become more peaceful and eventually become peace inside, which you can then send out to all of humanity.  Forgiveness, compassion, peace and love will win in the end.
How soon  do you want peace? Send love and peace out to the world and all humanity.  The more people that do this, the faster peace will come.
Great blessings to you all for a wonderful celebration at your Christmas time and spread the love and peace in the extra energy of Christmas Day.  The future is yours to create.

Saturday, 31st October, 2015

Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today the veil is thin and we wish to remind you to only stay in the light - always.  Not just on your Halloween, but always.  It is important that you all keep your energy and light at the highest level that you can.  Constantly the level of energy sent to your world is going higher and higher and you need to be able to absorb this higher light quotient. 

So be open to receive and to allow this higher light into your body.  Your bodies are becoming more crystalline and this is of benefit to you in this process.  Always allow the light to enter. 

As you lighten yourselves higher and higher you are acting as amazing beacons sharing that light with the world.  Well done to you all.  Keep receiving and sharing the higher light to make your world more compassionate, more loving and therefore more at peace with one another.  Be the Beacons of Light one to another and so your world brightens and glows.  Well done.

Wednesday 21st October, 2015.

I am Archangel Michael.  I come in love and peace for I love and work for all humanity.  Allow yourselves to relax and enjoy life.  You do not always have to be doing.  Human beings should be.  Just be.  When you just sit and be yourself, not doing, not thinking, not worrying, then you can listen to what God and Angels like me are trying to convey to you.  We are always trying to whisper in your ear, or give you a nudge in the right direction, but so many of you are just doing things all the time and have no time to stop and listen.

It is time, to make time.  When you stop and listen and just be, then we can connect with you and tell you so many things.  We can help with your decisions, we can help with easing worries, we can help you trust in God that all things pass and all will be well. 

We understand that when you are in a human body it is difficult not to worry about issues that you have.  But why not pass those issues to us.  Will worry help you?  No, it just makes you feel downhearted.  Why not ask us for solutions?  It may be that the answer is obvious or what you would consider very practical, but if that is what is needed, then the answer is good.  

Especially, do not worry about your world, for your world is rising into higher and higher dimensions, as are all people on planet Earth.  We understand that you see your news and think that the planet is getting worse.  But when so many people show their light, then the darkness within the planet cannot hide.  What you are seeing is the darkness rising to the surface, so that it can be dealt with by the people. 

So many people are now standing up and saying no to so many things.  They are saying no to cruelty and abuse to people.  Saying no to war.  Saying no to ruining the planet by drilling or fracking for oil.  Saying no to cutting down the forests.  Saying no to taking away the homes of people who live in nature.  Saying no to taking away the homes of animals.  Saying no to abuse of animals.  There are so many things that many wonderful people on your planet are saying no to and finding that the governments and businesses cannot continue if you all say no.

Your world can and will restore itself.  But you can help the process practically and mentally.  If you only stand and say no, then you will be helping the planet.  Enough is enough.  As a people you have been conditioned over centuries to accept what is told you.  But no more.  Enough is enough.  Stand and be strong.  Stand and be counted.  Together as people you can change your world in so many ways for the better.  Why would you not do this? 

So just be and listen, for when you listen you find the way that you as an individual can do your bit for your planet.  Everyone is important and has a job to do, even if that job is just to be the light and love and to be an example to others.

It is with much love to you all that I entrust you with this work.  You have already done so much by lighting up your planet and all in the angelic and spiritual kingdoms applaud your work and efforts.

So it is with many blessings I ask that you continue to stand and be strong.

7th September 2015
Hello we are the Arcturians.  We wish all the people of the planet Gaia/Earth love and peace.   All ascended beings in the Multiverse send their love and peace.  As each person on Gaia learns to live as a peaceful person, it adds to the whole and the further ascension of Gaia/Earth. 
How do you become a peaceful person?  Well you learn to forgive yourself and everyone on the planet.  Then you learn to send unconditional love to yourself and everyone on the planet. 
We know that this is hard, for we too were once like you.  Our planet also once had wars.  It is not easy to forgive or love those that intimidate and kill.  There is a hard lesson happening on your planet right now as you have many refugees that you do not know how to deal with.  Look into your hearts.  Wonder how they feel.  Know that in another life you too have been in a similar circumstance. 
Learn to be empathetic.  Learn to love all.  Learn to forgive all.  If you achieve this you have learnt a very valuable lesson in ascension.  Love ad light to you all.

25th August 2015
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Peace to you and all on the planet Gaia.  Peace be with you, in your heart, as it is in your soul.  Allow no thoughts of hate or jealousy or any other negative emotion to enter your heart and mind.  Instead forgive yourself and others.  Love yourself and others.  This is the way to peace.  If there is any negativity in your heart you are not at peace, so how can you send peace.  Learn to be the peace by healing yourself.  Then learn to be the calm within the storm.  Learn to react peacefully when others around you storm.  If you can do this others will feel your peace and be attracted to it.  Be an example of peace.
As each person learns to forgive and love and to become peace, so there is a little bit more peace in the world.  As each person learns to be peace, so this will multiply and eventually there will be peace.  So if you want peace in your world - be the peace.  And so it is.
17th August 2015

Hello we are the Arcturians and today we are talking about the Love of God.  God/Creator/The Universe/Allah, whatever you wish to say, loves each and every person on your planet.  Creator loves everything and all souls within the Omniverse and wants you to know that you are loved unconditionally. 

Creator is your parent and loves you no matter what.  Whatever you have done in your life Creator loves you.  Creator wants you to know that everyone on your planet Gaia/Earth is a Child of God and is loved unconditionally.  Unconditional love of Creator is given to all humans no matter how they behave while on planet Earth.  Everyone on the planet is going through experiences to learn and grow.  Some act as saints and some act as sinners, as you call them, God/Creator loves them all.   Parents of children do not stop loving their children if they do something bad, even really bad (in their eyes).  Parents still love their children even if they don't like what they do.

Creator/God loves all humans unconditionally.  So be open to receiving the love of God/Creator.  Open your heart to receive the unconditional love, so that in turn you may send unconditional love to all.  When love is in the hearts of all on planet Gaia there will be Peace on Earth.

29th June 2015
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Well done for the work you are doing to put these channellings into books.  We will shine the light together and spread the word further, so well done.   Everything will go as planned so do not worry.
We would like to talk about ascension.  Many have heard of ascension and in the past it meant that a person disappeared and went into the light.  Jesus ascended.  Buddha ascended.  There have even been indigenous tribes that have ascended.  Well that was then and now Ascension is somewhat different.
Now a person who has worked hard on their personal path to become a wiser and more spiritual human can ascend while in the body on the earth.  This has never been possible before.  This is a new way of existing.  Those that have reached Ascension Level have a choice, they can leave this planet and go home or they can choose to stay to help the planet Gaia and her occupants.  Many of you are choosing to stay for you feel your work is not over.  Well done Lightworkers, well done.

27th May 2015
We are the Arcturians.  We come in peace and love to all on the planet Gaia, Earth as you call her.  Well done, well done to you all, for you are learning fast to integrate the new energies that are being sent to your planet.  Some of you are having an easy adjustment to the new energy of the fifth dimension and some of you are having a harder time. 
Realise that your bodies have to be realigned to the new energy and that you will have less problems realigning if you release more baggage from your being.  The more forgiveness you can do the easier it will  become.  Every time you release something negative that you have kept within you, knowingly or unknowingly, helps you with the transition to the higher energy levels.  So learn to forgive, for this is a great gift to yourself as well as to the other involved.  The gift to yourself is a lightening of your spirit and a raising of your consciousness. Every little bit helps.  So remember that each time you forgive, whether it is for something big or something small, you help yourself. 
And in addition by helping yourself you raise your light and in so doing help the planet.  What a wonderful system that through forgiveness you help the person or persons you forgive, plus yourself and your planet earth.  How wonderful is that.  If you have the slightest negative thought about an incident, think about whether there is forgiveness needed whether for yourself or another, within that thought.  So keep growing in the light and blessings and gratitude to you all.

10th May 2015
Well done my childless women, well done.  You have borne great hardship and yet what wonders you have created and are creating.  For through you a book is born, a book to learn from and a book to teach.  How this will educate your world, you do not yet understand.  But it will open hearts to greater understanding. 
Do not forget that those who have lost a child, known or unknown, have helped that soul to move on, to grow.  This is a great gift you have given to those souls.  So be proud of yourselves for helping those souls to grow. 
For those who cannot in this lifetime have a child for one reason or another, realise that if you share your sorrows, you teach the world.  For how do others understand unless you speak.  So speak out, be brave and be teachers of others.  Use your sorrow for the greater good and education of others. 
Well done childless ones, well done.
The ArchAngels.

8th May 2015
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Well done to you all for you are working well at raising the light quotient on your planet Gaia/Earth.  As each person realises that it is better to release negativity within themselves and learns to forgive, however painful that is, the more light shines within them and as more and more people shine their light brighter and brighter so the world rises in consciousness. 
For forgiveness for others gives you the greatest gift, allowing you to shine your light and to become more loving to others.  We realise that it is not easy to forgive and that it can take several attempts, maybe forgiving a little piece at a time.  But each little bit of forgiveness gives you a little bit more of love and light. 
And of course you must not forget to forgive yourself for the things you have done knowingly or unknowingly.  Often things are said and you do not see the effect in others.  As praise can lift and empower, so unthinking  thoughts and words can lower and disempower.    So watch your thoughts and words and remember to forgive yourself whenever you realise you have not been kind, however, recognising that you have done this is a major step forward.
Remember too to lighten yourself by being the bigger person by giving that forgiveness.  Not to get into the ego, but to be a much nicer person.  Always remember to share love and light and to be the example.  In this way your whole planet benefits. 
Every time one person raises their consciousness by giving forgiveness and sending love, their light shines brighter adding to the light of the world.  So one by one, each of you with all other light bearers can create more light upon your planet Gaia and so she rises higher and higher into the fifth dimension.  Blessings to you all.

Channelled by Pam Goodall

Hello we are the Arcturians. Today we speak about energy.  Everything is energy, this is proved by your scientists.  Everything is energy, in different degrees of denseness.   So the planet earth is energy, all rocks, all plant life and all animals are energy.  All humans are pure energy, which scientists see when  they look at cells through their strongest microscopes.  Air and wind is energy.  And so of course is spirit, Angels and God/Creator. 
We are all one, united by energy, only separated by slight differences in the energy levels.  Ascension is learning to rise through these energy levels to become lighter and brighter.   So live in the light, not the denser darkness.  Release any negativity/darkness within you.  Let it rise up so that you can deal with it.  So that you can clear it with forgiveness and love.  As you learn to do this and to rise higher and higher, so the lighter light shines through and within you.  Shine bright my beautiful people.  Shine bright.

Hello we are the Arcturians.  Love is the answer to everything.  Love is always the answer.  Love conquers hate.  Love forgives.  Love changes people.  So be the love and conquer any hate you hold in your heart, even for those you think are hateful.  Everyone is a child of God and is serving some purpose.  Just because you don't see that purpose, is it right for you to judge and hate.  So let it go, hate does not serve you.  Hate is demeaning for you and hurts your soul.  Leave hate behind and learn to love.  Learn to love unconditionally, no matter what someone does.  Learn to love everyone in the world unconditionally.  

And when you have conquered any hatred in your heart, then learn to forgive.  Forgive those that hurt you.  Jesus said that when someone slaps your cheek, show them the other cheek.  Jesus forgave everyone.  Learn to forgive unconditionally and to all of God/Creator's children.  Learn also to forgive yourself.  You may not have done terrible things, but every human has said something that hurts another at some time in their life.  So forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness from those you hurt.    When you give love and forgiveness this changes people for the better. 

Love and forgiveness changes you and you become a better person.  Love, especially unconditional love conquers everything and brings peace.  So be the love, send the love and forgive, forgive, forgive.  Allow no hatred to enter your heart.  Keep your heart filled with unconditional love, then you will feel the peace inside.  When you are peaceful inside, then others will feel your peace and love and want to be like you.  They will want to follow your example.  Be the wonderful example you can be, full of love and peace.  Blessings.  

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