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16th December 2017 - Be the Catalyst
Hello, Io here again, ah I just love this form of communication.  It is so good.  Thank  you for allowing it.  Okay.
 So everyone on earth is preparing for their joyous Christmas, but of course not everyone is joyous about Christmas, so do remember, remember the ones who are sad, remember the ones who are lonely, remember the ones who are having a bad time, remember the ones who have illness or disability, those that don't enjoy your Christmas so much. 
Try and help where you can, for this helps you on your journey, your journey to the Light.  The more you help others, the more you help yourself.  What you give out comes back to you.  You know this, you know this law.  So help others where you can, this lights up your world as well as light up you.
 For every time you grow, the world grows in light and love.  The quantity of light and love upon your planet grows evermore with each individual act of love, act of light.  And there are more and more of you every day.  Every day people are waking up, how wonderful is this.  Waking up to the knowledge that life can be better,  life can be kinder, life can be more wonderful and all by letting go. 
Letting go of what's within, what you have coped with, allow it out.  Do not keep it within, for this way it harms you.  When you release and say goodbye to what happened in the past, you grow, you light up, you become a catalyst for others, an example for others.  Well done.  Well done.
Allow yourselves to be the catalyst and to show others the way.  Show them your footsteps of light.  Show them the way to be.  This is how to do it.  The way to peace and love upon your planet.  The more people that wake up to the light and love, the more the planet can grow, your planet can grow.  Your planet Gaia will feel the love, will accept the love and grow with it and as the light grows, darkness cannot hide and so it comes into the light to be seen, where it can be dealt with. 

When there are enough of you standing up and saying to the darkness, this is not the way we want things to be, then your planet, your Gaia, your Earth will become the light and peaceful, loving planet that you wish to be on.  So stand up and be strong, allow yourselves to be the Peaceful Warriors, Warrior of Peace and Love, for this is way, the way to be.  And so it is. 
And thank you again for allowing me to be here.  I am Io.

2017 - 28 Nov - Io - Change the Energy
Hello, this is Io.  Hi, oh so great to be here again, so great, so wonderful, so lovely.  I love visiting your beautiful planet.  And it is a beautiful planet.  For you do not always realise it, you see the negative on your news, you see all the bad stuff happening and you forget all the wonderful good stuff.  All the things that people do for each other.  You forget the kind things, you forget the nice things that people do.  Helping someone to pick something up, giving up a seat to an elderly person on a bus, helping someone with their shopping, just giving a lending hand.  This is all the nice stuff and you forget about this and concentrate on all the stuff that's pushed at you through your news, on your televisions, through your computers, through the radio, you listen to that and you think this is the world oh my goodness. 
Well it's not your world.  Your world is beautiful, beautiful beyond compare.  Yes you have messed it up somewhat.  Yes your oceans are full of rubbish, you have landfill sites full of rubbish.  Soon, soon you will have the means to get rid of all this rubbish, to change it.  All rubbish is energy, energy is everywhere, your scientists say so.  Your scientists say that you are energy, everything is energy, your planet is energy, just in different densities.  So look for the good stuff.  Look for the new inventions.  The new inventions that will clear all the negatives in this planet, the landfill, the plastics in the oceans. 
You will send out love, love to all the creatures, on the land and the sea.  This is coming.  Do not doubt it. People are changing, people are changing due to the waves of energy that are coming through to you from Father Source, Mother Source, God you say, some say Jehovah, Allah.   The name doesn't matter, as long as you realise all is Source, everything is Source.  God is within you, Source is within you, Allah is within you.  Know this, know that everything is one, all energy, just in different densities.  Learn to cleanse the energy, to change the energy, to change the negative energy of the landfill to just pure energy.  Change the energy of the plastics to just pure energy.  Raise it up to pure energy, to be used again in another way.  Now that, is recycling, that is how you do it.  Use your minds dear ones, use your minds. 
This is the way to be.  This is the way you see that your world is truly beautiful.  Your world is truly magnificent and you too are magnificent, truly beautiful beings, able to change the energies on this planet, to raise it, to become higher and to make your world beautiful again, change the energies. 
And thank you for allowing me to be here.  It is my great pleasure and I absolutely love visiting. 
I am Io.
Channelled in body through Pamela Goodall

18th November 2017 - Be the Love/Light
Hello we are the Arcturians.  Today is a day to talk about love.  For love is all there is.  love is the greatest gift that you can give anyone.  Love heals all.  Love conquers all.  Love is the healer.  Love is the forgiver.  Love is all there is.  Love is God/Creator.
So be the Love and be the Light.  Send love to all, not just your family and friends, that's the easy bit.  Send love to all who abuse you, send love to those you don't like.  Send love to criminals, to politicians, to those who think they can do whatever they want, perhaps because they are in power.  These are the ones who need love the
For love can conquer the darkness.  Love can overcome all negativity.  Send love to those who are arrogant, to those who put you down, to those who bully and to all others who are negative.  In this way you will overcome the darkness by sending love, for Love is the Light. 
And when you send the Love/Light you help lighten the darkness.  Each time every single one of you send the Love/Light out to those in the negativity/in the darkness, then you change the world by lightening up a small part.
When many of you do this, the world lightens and the world becomes more peaceful, for the darkness cannot live in the Light.
So be the Love/Light and send it out stronger and stronger to everyone in your world and so your planet learns to live in peace and love.

11th September 2017 - You are greater than you know.
Ha ha ha ha, this is Io, I do love this way of merging together, to be able to talk through you. I do love this and I think you enjoy it too, as you allow me into your body, to speak through you.  What a wonderful merging is this.  I love it. 
So what have I got to say today?  Love yourselves humans, love yourselves, not in an egotistical way, no of course not, but love yourselves.  Remember who you are, remember you are spirit living in a shell on this planet earth, Gaia.  Remember that this is not truly who you are.  You are playing a part, today you are playing a part.  This life is a learning, a learning for you that you wish to do.  Nobody forced it upon you. You chose this life, whatever has happened to you and where you are going from here, you chose it all.  And when you get through it, well done, well done.  If you don't , you know that you will choose it again. ha ha ha.
 It's a strange way of being maybe but don't forget that you want to grow.  When you're in spirit you want to grow, you want to learn, you want to learn so much, so  you push yourself forward, you push yourself to go through these harder energies for you, these dramas that you experience with other soul mates.  You have had many lives going through many of these lessons.  So there is no problem, no problem whatsoever in going through this one.  You know you can do it, you've done it so many times.  Continue through your life and learn.  Get through the dark times to be in the light times.  Live and learn,  live and learn.  This is all there is to it.  Live and learn.  
We so enjoy talking to you this way.  Remember God is within you, you are a child of God, no matter  where you are on your path of ascension.  You are a child of God, remember this, you are greater than you know.  Your soul is much greater than you can ever envision.  You are the Light, you are the Love.  Remember this,  get back to this if you've dipped.    Remember you are the Light, you are the Love, and well done on your journey so far.  And thank you for allowing me to join you.  I am Io.
Channelled in body by Pamela Goodall

29th August - Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
This is Merlia and now we have come to give a message. The time is right for the Divine Feminine to meet with the Divine Masculine.  The Divine Masculine is rising to match with the Divine Feminine, this is as it should be.  For now as the two join together Love and Peace, Unconditional Love and Peace will merge.  Everything  will be unified.  The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine it is time to flow together, to work together, to be together, to work for Gaia, to work for humankind, to work for the animals and the whole planet.  Together the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine work wonders, work miracles and so it is.
Channelled through Pamela Goodall

14th August 2017 - Happiness Within
Antilles here with others.  We ask you to find your happiness within.  When you find your own happiness, then other people are attracted to your happiness and so they too find their happiness within.
When you have happiness within you attract what you desire.  Each and every one of you has different desires and needs.  This is the way, as you are all unique and special.
So find your own happiness to bring to you what you desire or feel you would like in your life.  This is the way to bring it to you.  Happiness within creates love for yourself and others and so love is circulated out to your people as you grow in love and joy.
Blessings to you all with love, happiness and pure joy.

23rd July 2017 - Clear Out Your Life
We are the Arcturians.  well the pace is picking up for now the Lion's Gate is opening and stronger and higher energies are being sent to Gaia, to your world.
if you haven't done so already, it really is time to clear out your life.  Clean and clear your home, then clean and clear yourself.  Discard old habits.  Release old thought patterns.  Remove all negative emotions that are still held in your body.
Forgive those that have hurt you in thought, word or deed.  Then forgive yourself for negative things you have thought, said or done, even if you did those things without thought of the consequences.  (Remember that to forgive someone you do not have to condone what they did.)
Then learn to love each and every one of you.  Did not Jesus when on your planet say that everyone was your neighbour.  All humans are loved unconditionally by God the Creator because they are the Children of God the Creator.  Learn to love unconditionally in the same way.  (Remember that to send love to a person you do not have to like them.)
As you release, forgive and love you allow yourself to carry more light and to raise yourself in a higher consciousness and you flow, not flounder, through the stronger waves of energy that are coming.
So well done all humans who do this, for then you can help your planet light up and overcome the darkness upon her.  You become a Lightworker, working for the whole planet and as you do so you work for the whole galaxy and all of creation.  So well done.
Explanations in italics by Pamela  Goodall.

9th July 2017 - A Roller Coaster Ride
Hello we are the Arcturians.  What a time you are all having.  It's a bit of a roller coaster ride at times.  One minute up and the next down.  Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't.  Sometimes your happy and sometimes your sad.  Sometimes you have pain and sometimes you feel healthy and fit.  Sometimes your brain works fine and sometimes you even forget your best friend's name.
So what is happening?  Well it is all down to the energies which are being sent to you and everyone on planet Gaia/Earth.  These energies are increasing in strength and are changing you bit by bit. 
When you accept this, you go with the flow, but when you fight it and try to work in old ways then things do not work.  We tell you again and again to let go of the old, so that the new can come in.  Let go of the Third Dimension, so that you can move through the Fourth and into the Fifth Dimension.
There are some who would like to stay in the Third Dimension, for they like the way it works.  They like to keep the people acting like sheep following the shepherd.  They like to bully and browbeat.  They like to put people down.  Do you really want to stay in this Dimension?
If you want to grow and move on, then you are probably already in the Fourth Dimension where love and compassion starts to open up.  As you move through the Fourth you become more loving and compassionate and want to help others, especially those you know and love.
When you move to the Fifth Dimension you wish to help all others.  You realise that All is One, that you are all brothers and sisters on the planet and need to work together.   You realise that it is time to stand up and not be a sheep, not to follow the crowd.  Instead to follow your own instinct and beliefs, to find your own morals and to become a much better person.
So if you want to be in the Fifth Dimension or higher, remember to go with the flow.  Remember too to let go of the old ways, old thoughts, old habits, so that you can bring in the new for you.

7th July 2017 - Release the Negativity
Kuthumi here.  So let's lay it on the line.  Those that do not declutter their minds, their emotions and learn to forgive and love (unconditionally is best) will be left behind.
So it is time, we of the Spiritual and Angelic Dimensions have all been giving the same message in different words and ways, but still the same message, release the negativity within you.  When you do so, you become lighter.
Some of you say "how do I do this?".  Join a spiritual group for help, look online for meditations to release, go to a spiritual fair and be in the atmosphere and listen.  Open your eyes and ears.  The answers are not hard to find.
Some of you having found the answers, do not want to forgive and release.  This is your choice, but I can guarantee you that if you do this releasing you will feel so much better in yourself.  Once you start to release what we call the darkness within you, you will want to release it all. 
So release the anger and by so doing release the pain within yourself.  Forgive and thereby give yourself the present of peacefulness.  Release sorrow by knowing that loved one who are in spirit are not far away, in fact they are with you always. 
Release any hurting darker thoughts and emotions that go with this negativity within you and in so doing you allow yourself to rise in consciousness and will rise with the planet to the 5th dimension.  Some of you will rise to the 6th or even 7th dimension, for the more you release the lighter you become.
So many have said this time and time again that as each person clears darkness from themselves and becomes lighter that the planet, your planet, Gaia will rise in consciousness and so darkness on the planet can be eliminated.  For Light overcomes the dark.
Darkness cannot live in the Light.  So raise the Light higher and higher and higher.  In this way the Light finally defeats the darkness and then dear friends, then you will have peace on your planet.  And so it is.
Lord Kuthumi.

3rd July 2017 - Well Done Lightworkers
Antilles here.  And so you are almost ready for another group session.  It is so good when two or more people get together and work on themselves to become lighter and lighter.  Every time one person lights up a bit more, then the light brightens in the world/Gaia and so the world lifts herself out of the darkness, bit by bit, one by one.   
So well done to all who lift themselves further and further into the light, becoming more Godlike and therefore more loving, more caring, more empathetic and more peaceful.  Each one of you plays their part.  Never therefore, put yourself down.  Instead congratulate yourself every time you rise that little bit more. 
Rising together makes such a difference and so the world/Gaia grows and receives more and more light and therefore can use this light to lighten the darkness and gradually overcome it. 
Know that all of you on  Planet Earth/Gaia who work in this way are working towards the Light and the Peace and know that this will be so.  That there will be peace on planet Earth and it may be sooner than you think.  Well done to you all.  Many blessings.  Antilles.

2nd July 2017 - New Ways
We are the Arcturians.  Know that the time is fast approaching for you to learn more.  Time for everyone to learn more. Information will be forthcoming.  You will be surprised by what you hear.  Accept what feels right to your heart.
In the 5th dimension and higher dimensions there are new ways to deal with everyday living.  You are finding it hard to deal with what used to be so easy for you.  Now that is no longer the case.  Now you have to work out new ways.  Get rid of the old and bring in the new.
It is the same advice for everything.  Clear out the old material things, emotions and old thought processes and bring in the new.  The old is over and will not work for you anymore.  Everything you try to do in the old way seems to be hard, with things going wrong along the way.  It is time to stop using the old ways and to start working out the new ways.
New ways are simple, they are not hard.  Stop trying to confuse yourselves by thinking too much.  Think positive and straightforward.  It is not complicated.
So forget the past and move on into the easier, simpler ways that go straight to the point of what you are trying to achieve.  Allow yourselves the freedom of letting go and LIVE IN THE NOW.

8th June 2017 - Positive News

We are the Arcturians.  Never despair for you are strong.  Just because what you hear on your news sounds very negative, it is not all the news in the world.   There is much positive news that you do not hear.  Do you hear of all the babies being born, the wonderful kindnesses that people do for each other every day or those that send love and light to the planet daily?  These you do not hear of, and yet these are only a few of the millions of good things that happen on your planet every day.
So instead be joyful and look with a positive heart at the world.  How can you make this a better place?.  What can you do to help?  Look to what you can do positively to help.  This could be very simple.  It could be listening to another and giving advice about how to deal with their problem.  Or it might be nursing someone who you love, even if you struggle sometimes.  Doing things that are practical such as removing rubbish from the sea or beach is a very positive move.  Voluntary work of any kind to help others is wonderful.
You may say prayers for the planet every day, so that your planet will be a better place.  Maybe in meditation you send love and light to your planet to increase the light and decrease the darkness. 
All of these and more are the positive news on your planet.  Never forget that.  There is much more care and love on your planet than there is darkness.  So be positive, be love and be light.

1st June 2017 - Lumps and Bumps
Hello, Antilles here.  This is not what you expected is it?  You expected everything to fit into place and everything would sail nicely along towards peace after your year 2012.
Well you've hit a few lumps and bumps.  It was never predicted for everything to go easy.  Lightworkers may work in the Light and expect things to flow.  But don't forget you have third dimensional beings still on your planet.  They don't want things to change, so what do they do?  Well of course they provide the lumps and bumps you have experienced.
We know that this will sound as though we treat what's happening on your planet lightly.  Not so.  We too had to pass through this process to get to peace.  Do you think you are the only planet to have wars.  Not so.  Many do.   Some, like mine, manage to bring the love and light and disperse war and negativity, so there could be peace.
So do not despair.  Others have gone through this before and won.  You too can win.  You can win peace.  So spread more and more Light and Love upon your planet so this may happen.  Live in the Light.

22nd May 2017 - Bit by Bit
Antilles here.  Well done, well done.  You think you are not achieving, but you are.  Just by being in the Light, you achieve.  Do not despair when you see what your news tells you.  This is a small amount of what is happening on your planet. You have been told less than a tenth is still third dimensional.  It is even less now.  Bit by bit you are raising your light and bit by bit you are diminishing the darkness.  You have an election soon and you may be surprised by what happens.  Wait and see.  Bit by bit you win, bit by bit the darkness, the negativity is eaten away.  Bit by bit you win.  Love and blessings to all Warriors of the Light.

20th May 2017 - Simply Ask
Hello we are the Arcturians and today Io is speaking.  I wish to speak and to talk about your journeys of light.  How you interact upon them.  Why you do so.  And how easy it is rather than difficult.  Your journey of  Light to the Light should be as simple as possible.  Meditations, prayers, imagination are all useful tools to work with.  The simplest way is the easiest way.  You can create a workplace in which to do this, by lighting a candle, asking for protection, making a room a special place for meditation.  Or you can be in a garden, sitting by a river in the countryside, looking out over the sea on a beach.
It matters not where you are, what matters is the intention. Only the intention matters.  The rest may get you in the mood, the candle, the music, dim lights etc, but the intention is what is important.  you may do a ceremony if you so wish, but it is still the intention that is important. 
What do you intend to do to grow.  For growing in spirituality is what it's all about.  Growing towards the light, to become more Godlike, to become more like the Light.  To become the Light, to be the Light, to spread the Light.  For what is Light but Love.  Light and love are interchangeable.  And you can work as fast as love and light or you can work at a slower pace for your journey.  The choice is yours.  Always yours. 
Ask for help when you need it.  For we, the Angels, the Spirit Guides all wish to help as much as possible.  And of course there are Elementals, and Unicorns and Dragons who also love to help.  You are never alone.  There is always someone in the light on hand to help.  Don't be afraid to ask.  We love to be asked.  We love to help you grow, we love to help you grow towards the light.  To become more full of Light, to be the Light.  To become stronger and stronger in the Light as you move up through the dimensions, from the third through the fourth, and into the fifth.  Through the fifth and maybe into the sixth.  We love to help you wherever you are on your path.  So do please  call on us all to help.  Blessings.

4th May 2017  Good Stuff
Hello we are the Arcturians.  What's it all about?  This is how many of you are feeling. You expected all good stuff to happen when the earth came into the 5th dimension, instead it feels like it is falling apart.  
Well, let us tell you, that only the 3rd dimension is falling apart.  But because your news reports it constantly, this is what you see and therefore you think that this is all that is happening.
Think again, dear humans.  Much of the good stuff is happening, but because it is not "in your face" perhaps you don't see it.  Certainly your main news shows do not report much good stuff.
However, there are some places on your internet that do promote the good stuff.  Look for it and be amazed.
Those that do the good stuff do not feel the need to bandy it about and promote themselves.  They are happy to do the work and view the results.
So don't despair dear humans.  A better way is coming.  You have been told before that less than 10% on the planet are still in the third dimension and they are fighting to stay.
Fight back with love and light.  Send it to them, for they need it badly and love will win.  Love is the highest energy.  Love will win.

20th April 2017 - Guardian Angels
Dear Ones, we are always here.  We watch over you waiting for you to want our help, for we cannot interfere.  We wait with patience for you to ask us for the simplest of things.  Nothing is too small a request.  We help by giving nudges in the right direction, by sending pennies or feathers.
Although you may not feel us, we are always here.  We want to help you always.  There is nothing we cannot help with.  So ask away.  Talk to us like a friend, that can be asking.  Sometimes it is like you are thinking to yourself, "now what if I did this".  Well listen for an answer as that is asking.
We love you so much and always want to be there for you. We can help in so many ways, so never be afraid to ask for help.  Help can be given for physical things, emotional things and for spiritual growth. 
Ask where you lost that locket, where did I put my glasses, how can I do this, when will I hear about my appointment, will I ever feel happy again, what do I need to do to move on spiritually and so much more.
We send you love and blessings.  We are your Guardian Angels.

9th April 2017 -  4.00am - Warm Hearts and Gentle Souls
I was woken at 4am last night with the words "warm hearts and gentle souls".  This I knew to be a channelling, so got up to write it down.  The number 4 is related to Angels, so this channelling I knew was from the Angels, but I was surprised to find out it was from the whole Angelic Kingdom.
Warm hearts and gentle souls we beseech you to help your planet in its time of need.  We know that you love planet Earth or Gaia as we say.  We know that you have been raising the light higher and higher and more and more, so that darkness cannot hide anymore. 
This is why at this moment in your time, your news if full of darkness.  Darkness is fighting back, it doesn't want to go, but you are working so hard that it is forced to show it's face.  When you switch a light on in a dark room, the darkness goes.  This is exactly what is happening on your planet.  There is a small amount of darkness left to be dealt with, but more and more light is needed to be rid of this.  The news on your planet rejoices in negativity, in darkness and revels in bringing this before your eyes. 
When you watch your news, this brings you down, so that unconsciously you are adding to the darkness.  If you feel you must know the news, then watch or listen with empathetic eyes and ears.  React with love.  Send love to darkness.  We realise that this is hard for you to do. 
Sending love to those who fuel wars, to those that commit crimes in any way is very hard.  But those of you with warm hearts and gentle souls can do this.  For you have learnt that love is the greatest energy and emotion of them all.  You have learnt that love can conquer everything.  Love can overcome the negativity, love can overcome darkness, for love is the Light of the Creator/God.  Love is the strongest and most purest emotion of all.  Love is the bravest, love is the mightiest energy and does dispel the darkness, because it is the Light.
So Light Warriors please send your light, your love to your planet Gaia.  Send your heart love and light to Mother Earth.  It is needed now more and more at this time.  Do not think that the work of raising the Light is over.  Not yet.  The good news is that there is only less than 10% of dark energy left on your planet, for you have raised the light to more than 90%.  Only the dregs are left to be cleared, but those dregs are fighting hard to stay.  They are fighting to stay in the 3rd dimensional energy.  Therefore, all in the 4th, 5th and higher dimensional energy can overcome this less than 10%.
Raise your light, raise your love, be brave and send it to the darkness, for together you are stronger in the Light of Love.  Together you raise the Earth/Gaia to a higher dimension.  Gaia is already in the 5th dimension, but needs to be raised to a higher level within that dimension.
So be the love to everything and everyone on your planet.  It is easy to love the 90%.  Please we beseech you to be the Light Warriors you are and send love, unconditional love, to the 10% of darkness, so that love and peace can finally prevail.
We thank you for your work, for we know your hearts and minds and we know you are willing to do this. 
We send you unconditional Love and Light Always. We are the Angelic Host.

Channelled by Pamela Goodall
90% does not mean everyone is spiritual.  However, it does mean that people are in the 4th dimension and care.
Finally felt sleepy at 4.44am surrounded by Angels.

30 March 2017 - Clear the wars within
Hello we are the Arcturians.  You may be surprised that today we are speaking about wars.  We know you have wars on your planet and you would like peace.  Do you realise that many of you have wars in your mind and heart.  These wars within you stop you from being at peace.
Most of you know the saying "What you give out, comes back to you".  Well if you have war in your mind or heart, then that is what you give out.
We can hear you all saying that you don't have war within you, but these wars are not big wars.  Each time you are angry at someone, you are at war with them.  Each time you are jealous, annoyed, hurt, upset or any negative emotion there is a little war within.
We ask you to learn from these negative emotions and to do what is necessary to clear them.  Forgive those who have hurt you or angered you.  Stand up to those who put you down, but do it in a loving way.  Send love to every emotion that you feel is negative within you. 
Send love to yourself.  We know that humans find this hard, but it is important to love yourself.  For when you do, you will find it easier to love and forgive others.  And as you do this, you will become more and more peaceful. 
When you are at peace with yourself, then you will send out peace to the world.  When many are truly sending love and peace from their heart and mind to the world, then that is what can happen.  Peace can happen.
Many Lightworkers are learning to be at peace within by releasing negativity from themselves.  When more and more do the same, then peace will become more and more likely to happen.
When so many people are sending peace out through their hearts and minds then truly there will be peace, for they will be the catalyst for peace to expand to all consciousness on the planet.  So become the peace and have peace.

25 March 2017 - Relax in the Incoming Energies
Antilles here.  As you so rightly think it is time to relax and go with the flow.  As higher energies reach your planet, it is difficult for you to relax.   Humans, it seems, tense up instead.
It is now time to learn to relax in the newer energy.  As you relax you will find things work more easily for you.  The more you tense up, the harder things will be.  So relax.
Think of this as what you give out, so you receive.  You understand that concept.  You know that if you go into a room of angry people it attracts you to be angry.  When people are angry nothing gets done.
If instead you give out a relaxed and restful energy, this is what you receive and so things happen easily for you.
So try to stop being frustrated by this new energy, learn to live within it.  When you learn to live in a relaxed way and go with the flow, then everything will sort itself out and work more easily for you.
This works with everything on your planet.  Do not get into anger, instead be empathetic and understanding.  Realise that people and things that frustrate you are working for your highest good, for they are teaching you.
It is okay to be passionate about your work, cause or your planet, as long as it is for the highest good of all and you are not in a negative emotion.
Working together in a safe relaxed way, giving out only good will bring the same back to you.  So relax my friends.  Relax and go with the flow.  Each and every one of you will benefit from doing this.  So relax. 
Blessings to you all.

18 March 2017 - Time to Create
Hello we are the Arcturians.  This is a time of creation.  A time for each and every one of you to create, to manifest.  This time has been waiting for you to be ready.  Of course, some were already ready and create as they go.  But now is the time for everybody to create.  So create.  Create your dreams, create your future by being in the Now.
When you create you speak as though you already have what you choose to create.  You can only create in the now, so watch your words and phrases.  When you say "wish for, hope for, want to happen"  and many other similar things, they only keep  you wanting.  For all these words are looking to the future.  You cannot create in the future when you are here and now.
So create in the now, today, not tomorrow.  Create by saying such thing as "I am happy  and healthy, I have my house".  When you speak of having then you create.
However remember that as humans you tend to stop creation.  And how do you do that, You do it by thinking "well it's not happening".  When you think or say negative words against creation, then there is no creation.
You can of course create material things, but as higher beings in the 5th dimension think about what all of you can create together.
You could create a clean ocean, love all over the planet, happiness and harmony in all people and peace on the planet.
So what do you choose to manifest, to create?  You can, of course, do both. Live well, live wisely and in creation.

2nd March 2017
Antilles here.  As the light increases on planet Earth/Gaia so darkness fights to stay  Darkness is now fighting hard.  Do not listen or watch your news and get into the drama of the darkness.  Do not be pulled in.
What you hear on the news is less than one tenth of all news on the planet.  Most of the news on your planet is good.  Why waste your time getting pulled backwards by the negative stuff.
Move forward friends.  When there is so much light, darkness cannot hide.  It has to stop hiding in the shadows, for there are no shadows.  It therefore has to be seen. 
When you can see something that is not good, you can start to change things.
The darkness that is being seen now is making up your mind for you.  You have a choice.  Do you want to stay in the darkness of the 3rd dimension or do you want to change things for the better and be in the 5th dimension.
If you are afraid of seeing darkness that is now rearing it's head, then you are still allowing the darkness to win.
5th dimensional people face the darkness and say "this can be no more", "this must end".  However, you cannot do this if you put your head in the sand because you cannot face the emotions that arise within you when you see darkness.
These dramatic instances that you see can be changed.  They can be changed by each one of you facing the darkness head on and stating "NO".
Follow the example of the indigenous Americans who said "No" at Standing Rock.  They faced the darkness and people around the world saw and agreed and stood with them in love and peace.
Many will say "they are martyrs for their cause".  But martyrs change thoughts and thoughts create actions and change how things are.
Will you be the brave Warriors of Light standing up and facing the darkness (any darkness) with no fear or will you hide in the shadows unable to look.
It is your choice dear ones.  You have done so much work creating the light, which is winning.  Do not fall now at the last fence.
Stand up, be brave and send light to the darkness.

22nd February 2017

Hello we are the Arcturians.  The earth, your world, is moving on up and is in another energy.  This is hard for you to cope for you have never felt this before.  This is refined energy of the fifth dimension, so therefore you need to refine yourself.  How do you do this?   

First you release all or most of the negativity within you.  Then clear and cleanse yourself, your aura and your chakras.  Also balance your Yin/Yang energy, this is the male/female energy within each and everyone of you.

It is helpful to you if you love yourselves, not only your soul, but your bodies and minds too.  For love is always the answer.  Love defines who you are.  Love refines you.  As you become lighter having removed negativity in your body and mind, so you move on up through the layers of each dimension.  Allow yourselves to grow.

Many of you are having what you call Ascension Symptoms.  Send love to all symptoms that you feel.  Each of you is being adjusted to the new energy so allow this to happen and send love to your body and mind. 

Allow new thoughts to arrive, even if you feel they may be strange.  Perhaps as you grow or talk to others you will find they are not so strange. 
So allow yourself to relax and go with the flow.  This is the easiest way for you as a soul in a human body.  Just relax and send yourself love.  Love conquers all and will see you through.

You are doing magnificently.  So well done.

10 February 2017
Antilles here.  So nice to communicate with you and to be able to pass messages of love and light.

For we are all love and light, did you know that?  All of creation is made of love and light, nothing more, nothing less, just love ad light energy.

For love and light are energies, energies of the creator, who is the one and only.  We are all part of the Creator, for we are made of God particles which are Love and Light.

You often say "All is One" and so it is, for everything is the Creator, just being seen as different densities of energy.

So love one another, how can you not love your Creator, who is within you.  And indeed how can you not love yourselves, for you are God the Creator.  And so it is.

8th February 2017
I am Antilles. I come from far away, from another star system, which is the other side of our galaxy, which you call the Milky Way.  I come in love and light and I work for the Creator and the highest good.
Many of you are feeling unbalanced and wondering why this is.  Do not worry my friends, this is all part of the acceleration of the ascension system for your planet Gaia/Earth.  Soon this will pass and things will settle again.  Realise that nothing is as it once was.  When a planet ascends, then the energy changes to a lighter energy.
You must stay grounded for it is too easy to fly away into the sunset and never be seen again in this energy.  You cannot be too airy fairy.  Ground yourself into the new energy.  You can do it.  Then learn to live and work in this new lighter energy.
Yes I have heard that many of you are flustered by what is happening on your planet.  Do you expect no disturbance when a new energy comes in.
Continue with your work Lightworkers.  Bring even more light.  Show it to the world.  Send it to the world.  Shine as you have never shone before, so that others will want to be like you in the Light.  Allow yourselves to shine more and more brightly and send it to Gaia.  Send it deep into the earth so that Mother Gaia can work with the light to repair your world, for your world has been greatly damaged.  Help it now to repair.  Do your bit by sending light and also by physically doing what you can to help.  In this way together you will restore your beautiful planet.
I am come to help by sending much light to your planet.  My planet has already ascended and I have been called to help yours.
Do not despair with the darkness you see on the surface, it is a small part of what is happening on Gaia.  Never despair.  Your planet is on the way to Ascension.  Give thanks and blessings, as I do.
I am Antilles.

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