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Spirit asked me to let you know that when you go to any group such as ghost hunting, spiritual development, anywhere where you are connecting with spirit,  you must ask for protection for yourself before you go.  The group protection that is asked for by the group leader is not enough anymore.  Everyone is responsible for their own protection.  Do this before you go to any group.


There are many ways you can protect yourself from negative energies, here are some of them.

  • Ask God/Creator to protect you.
  • Ask Jesus to protect you.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to protect you.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to protect you.
  • Ask your Spirit Guide or Guides to protect you.
  • Say the Lord's Prayer.
  • Say Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd.
  • Visualise yourself within a white bubble which totally surrounds you.  You can ask Archangel Michael to surround the bubble with his blue cloak.  If you are still worried, ask that mirrors be placed outside of the bubble facing outwards to reflect any negativity back to where it came from.  The mirrors do not reflect back to hurt but to teach.

*Stop energy vampires in their tracks!
*Take responsibility for your energy leaks!
An easy declaration to help your energy work be more effective!
Received on top of Mount Haleakala,
with the ancestral cloud people, Maui, HI. ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin

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