KI  CHANGES - Love Light Peace
Angel in cloud formation
Angel in cloud formation with angels in row behind
These photos were taken in France, while I was sitting sunning myself. The first photo is the angels approaching.  The large angel is Archangel Michael.  In the second photo there is a row of angels behind him.  Above to the right is a rainbow and to the left is the word Love.  How amazing and wonderful.  I feel very privileged.  The photos as you can see were taken on 10-10-2008 a 111 day - Wow!
Snowman with angel orbs
This photo was taken in my daughter's garden and there are several orbs of angels and fairies.
orb of spirit on shoulder
Two Angel Orbs on my daughter's partner.  Note that the "snow" appears to be going upwards and these smaller orbs are elementals.
orb of spirit on face
An Angel Orb on my daughter's face.
my aura as I entered a spiritual fair
This photo of my aura was taken at the Faery Fest, Penzance, Cornwall on 25th October 2009.
my aura 2 hours later
This photo was taken about 2 hours later at the same event.  I was amazed how my aura had changed.
Angel Orbs taken from my window.  The blue orb is Archangel Michael, the orange orb is Archangel Metatron and there is a large white orb which is Archangel Gabriel (this one is difficult to see in this photo, but is top right).
Archangel Michael
Close up of Archangel Michael
Archangel Metatron
Close up of Archangel Metatron
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel
Angel in cloud formation
Taken in France, September 2010.
Angel in the clouds
I find it interesting that I seem to take photos of angels in France.  I wonder why not in England, for I am always looking at the clouds.

Angel flying away 
Angel flying away
orbs in amongst and around the family
Lots of orbs in this family photo taken at my Mum's 90th birthday party and we did receive messages that lots of family in spirit would come to the party.  When I magnified this photo I counted 14 orbs.

orbs with children
Several orbs amongst the children dancing.
Wayne with spirit orbs
Wayne surrounded by orbs.
Healing Spiritual  Light
Obviously this is not a photo, but this image tugged at my heart strings many years ago when I first started to send healing.  I love this image.
Stall at MBS fayre
Mind Body Spirit Fayre, Torpoint, Cornwall, UK - June 2011.
Spirit Orb
An orb of Archangel Metatron on the umbrella. France Oct 2011.
Pink Spirit Orb
An orb with pink wings possibly Archangel Chamuel.  Notice that the blue umbrella also has a flowery pink shape.  France Oct 2011.
Spirit Orb on man
There is an orb on the higher heart chakra of the tall man.  The lady's jumper has several spots in the pattern.
Violet orb amonst trees
What a beautiful orb.  This photo was taken at Golitha Falls, Cornwall at the beginning of November.  I believe this to be Archangel Zadkiel of the violet flame.
orb with sunset
This photo with a beautiful orb of Archangel Chamuel was taken on the cliff at Whitsands, Cornwall, UK.
orb as sun sets
The orb moving away as the sun goes down.

Feather and arrow

This photo of a feather and an arrow was taken in my bedroom.

It is impossible for the sun to shine on this wall and I could not work out how these wonderful images were created. 

Notice the white shadow over the empty chair.

Two orbs either side on conservatory roof.  The middle bright light is a reflection.

Orb above my head to the right.  Other lights are disco lights.

Angels above my house 22nd July 2016 as I was leaving on a journey.

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