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Steps Backward

Posted on June 19, 2014 at 3:57 PM Comments comments (34)
Well what a strange time for me.  Expecting to have an operation for a replacement hip and then having it cancelled when  had been fully prepped for it.  Now re-arranging my life as my operation is now on 27th. 

It feels like it was two steps forward and one back.  But having listened to a channelling by The Group through Steve Rother, it was all about learning to live in this new 5d world, instead of in a 3d world.  So where in the past we have taken 3 steps forward and 2 back, when we learn to live in this new way we may take 3 steps forward and only 1 back.  But this is fine as it was explained that we go forward with a wave like energy.  So the small bit backward is just taking a breather before we move on again.

Often we need to take a breather especially after we have gone through a hardship of some kind.  But taking a breather is a good thing, we cannot just go on and on without taking a break, so we need these times to rest and recuperate.  So gratitude for the steps back giving us the energy to move on to greater things.