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Freedom - back on the road again

Wow feeling good.  Have had my 6 week check and have been told I can now drive again after my operation.  Wow Freedom! Back on the road again.  Next Saturday 6th September I will be at the Aromaware Mind Body and Spirit Event at The Garden.  I am so excited.  I will be giving readings with the help of spirit and giving a talk about "My Path to Spirituality", which I hope will help others going through similar stuff.  Looking forward to meeting old friends and meeting many new ones.

Aromaware Mind Body Spirit Event

Had a wonderful time on Saturday 17th May at the Aromaware Mind Body Spirit Event.  I met with so many wonderful people, caught up with friends I hadn't seen for a while and  made new contacts.  I gave card readings and also a talk on Angels. 

Talks are fairly new for me and I am still a little nervous, but ok once I get into the swing of things. I hope that everyone who came to the talk got a little more insight or connection to the angels. 

It was a day with a wonderful spiritual happy atmosphere and I had a fantastic time.
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