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Love Light Peace

What is spirituality?

So what is spirituality? You can be religious and be spiritual, whether Catholic, Methodist, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist, Spiritualist or other. But you can also be spiritual and not belong to a religion. Many spiritual people have never gone to a church, temple, mosque, etc.

An explanation I found on the internet is “Spirituality is not a religion, spirituality is learning about and experiencing one’s own self on a deeper level and this leads to the realization of truth and spiritual reality.”  

However, I consider everyone to be spiritual and people say to me “Oh no, not me, not in the least.”

But let me compare this with Art. Everyone can draw and people say “Oh no, I can’t draw”. But I say, “Can you draw a line, a stick figure? If so, you can draw.

And yes there are masters, like Monet, Rembrandt, Goya. But everyone is somewhere on that scale between stick figure and perfect portrait or work of art. And in between are the majority of us.

And there are many different types of Art – for example, Fine Art, Oils, Embroidery, Cake Decoration, Pottery, people who create statues or wonderful woodwork, architecture, etc. There is a whole gamut of different styles of art and we can all do some of it, even if it’s only the stick figure.

The same with spirituality, we can all do some of it.

So if you have ever had any experience, which you called spooky, that was most probably a spiritual experience. Whether it was:

- speaking the same word or sentence at exactly the same time as someone else;

- thinking I must contact so and so and the phone rings and it is the person of whom you have just been thinking.

- the phone ringing and you say oh I bet that’s Susan and it is Susan

- having a shiver and saying someone’s just walked over my grave

- seeing movement out of the corner of your eye

ALL of these and many more are spiritual or psychic experiences.

When we travel on our spiritual path we find there are several lessons to be learnt. But I consider the main two are to love unconditionally and to forgive. 

Unconditional love is loving someone whether they love you or not, and no matter what they do. I think the nearest analogy to this is parental love. There are times when as parents we don’t like our children very much, but it doesn’t stop us loving them. We can love them but not like what they are doing. So unconditional love is loving everyone, even yourself, no matter what, whether they are a murderer, thief, are aggressive, are loving and giving - because everyone is a child of God.   

Forgiveness is also hard. Often, as humans we say “I’ll forgive you, but I’ll never forget”. Well if you have said that then you truly have not forgiven. (There is much more about forgiveness on the page Forgiveness & Meditations) 

There is a children’s story which I love. It is about a little spirit in heaven who wants to learn to forgive? His very best friend said “Well there is no-one to forgive here, because we are in heaven.” But the little spirit said “But I really want to learn to forgive”.

So his best friend, his very best friend offered “Well let’s both go down to earth and I will be really nasty to you, then you can learn to forgive me.” So maybe your enemy down here is your best friend in spirit.

Okay, so why do we meditate? Well you can do so many things in meditation:

  • Work on loving yourself
  • Work on loving others
  • Work on healing all hurts within you
  • Work on forgiveness – for you & others
  • You can meet loved ones who have passed
  • You can meet animals who have passed
  • You can meet your Guardian Angel
  • You can meet your Spirit Guide or Guides
  • You can send love to others
  • You can send protection
  • You can help heal the world
  • You can send love to the world
  • You can send light to the world
  • And so much more

Spirituality is about being on your path back to God. So what does that mean? Well it’s about trying to be more like God, about becoming as perfect as you can be in this lifetime.

The more you work on yourself the faster you travel along the path. It is within everyone to become more spiritual. and to do that we want to become more like God – more loving, more caring, more forgiving.

If we all practiced unconditional love and forgiveness daily, by thought, word and deed then we would see a positive difference in the world. World Peace would be attained. How wonderful that would be.  


Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair with your feet apart resting flat on the floor, your hands on your knees or you may prefer to sit crossed legged on the floor.  

Close your eyes. Start taking some deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. As you breathe deeply allow your body to relax deeper and deeper with each breathe. Imagine that roots grow out of your feet and go down into the earth. See these roots go down really deep and finding a big diamond in the middle of the earth to wrap your roots around. This will anchor you to the earth, ground you and protect you.

Bring the light from that diamond up through your roots and into your feet. Let the diamond light travel up through your body and out the top of your head until it is about 2 feet above you.

See a bright star in the sky shining its light down to you. This starlight comes down through the top of you head and down through your body until it is about 2 feet below you.

See the light from the diamond and the star mingle within your body connecting the physical with the spiritual. This connects you heaven to earth totally protected, totally connected.

Use all your senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Do not worry if there is nothing. Perhaps you just have a knowing that something is taking place.  

Imagine before you an enormous pair of golden hands —God’s/Creator’s hands.

Climb into these hands and feel yourself loved. Let go of any worries and just relax. Feel yourself being cherished and being loved unconditionally. Being loved for who you are. Feel the love wrap around you and feel totally safe. Stay for a short while and then give thanks for the love you have received and climb out of God’s/Creator’s hands.

Now imagine that the light from the diamond and the star are retracting back and your roots are letting go retracting into your feet at a speed that you are happy with.

When your roots are back in your feet and you feel you are fully back in your body, wriggle your fingers and toes.

When you are ready open your eyes and drink some water..