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Pamela Goodall was born on her Spiritual Path as an empath. Many psychic and spiritual experiences have happened to her throughout her life. However, she did not get fully onto her spiritual path until 2001 when she started going to a meditation group. In the years since then she has moved on spiritually in leaps and bounds.

She owned a crystal and spiritual shop for three years which helped her work with customers and clients and she still loves talking to anyone about God/ Creator, angels and anything to do with spirituality. In the past she has also run Mind Body Spirit Fairs.

Meditation & Spiritual Development Group are via email at this time to help others move along on their spiritual path.


Card readings are given with the help of her Angels and Spirit Guides and this often comes with spiritual counseling and sometimes a personal channeling.


Workshops are provided on many spiritual subjects.

Her path of passion is to give talks on Spirituality as she loves talking to anyone about God/Source/Creator, angels and anything to do with spirituality. She gives these talks at Mind Body Spirit Fairs and also to various other groups, such as The Rotarians, the Women's Institute, Pythagorus Society, Probus, etc.


Pamela channels messages from The Arcturians, who come in love and light. She also receives channelings from Archangels and Masters of Light. In the last year she has started channeling entities within her body, rather than just "get the message". The two entities that channel through her inbody are Io, who is one of the three Arcturians, and Merlia, who is The Divine Feminine.


Pamela has now put these channelled messages, as requested by spirit, into three Paperbacks and ebooks.

Book One contains my channelings from the Arcturians and information on the Arcturians. All channelings are still relevant to the present time.  


Book One contains many channelings from the Arcturians and an explanation of how I came to channel and why.  


Book Two contains more channelings from the Arcturians and information on the Arcturians, plus information on channeling. All channelings are still relevant to now.


Book Three contains my channelings from Angels and other higher entities, plus information on channeling and a glossary of the higher energies who sent channelings. All channelings are still relevant to now.


All 3 books now available from,, etc

Book One, two and Three Paperback version £5.95 each.

Books One, Two and Three ebook version £4.95 each.

The front covers are my channeled paintings.

All is given in love to aid you and Earth/Gaia.

Painting is one of her hobbies and she has channelled many paintings, which are a set of oracle cards. These are also used as covers for her books.

Courses taken by Pamela are Tera Mai & Seichem Reiki I and Reiki II, Access healing, Quantum Touch, EFT and NLP. Also courses on Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Basic Forking, Sound of the Seraphim, 888 Time Gate/Portal, 999 Orion's Gateway, Meet the Dragons and a Dragon Magick Workshop. When employed Pamela has previously taken courses in Basic Counselling, many disabilities and computer programmes.

Travelling is a great enjoyment especially around Britain and abroad visiting beaches, moors, stone circles and much more. Two of the many ancient standing stones Pamela has visited are the Carnac megaliths in France and the inner circle of Stonehenge to spread love and light. She believes in love and peace and works to increase these in each place she visits around the world.

A conscientious, genuine and caring person who lives in Plymouth, Devon in the beautiful south west of England. Pamela continues to enjoy learning and experiencing all aspects of spirituality and through this has increased her psychic and healing abilities, as well as her spiritual connection with clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance.


Pamela believes very strongly in God/Source/Creator and the Angels, Masters of Light and all Lightworkers throughout the Omniverse. In fact, she says "I don't believe, I know. She works for love, light and peace and channels Universal Love that we may interact peacefully with each other.


Two of her favourite quotes which she feels have much to say are:


The difference between religion and spirituality. "One is an institution, the other is an EXPERIENCE."

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh, Book 1.


"Religions and dogma divide people; spiritual truth will unite them."

Let the Standing Stones Speak (Messages from the archangels revealed)” by Natasha Hoffman with Hamilton Hill.


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