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What is Meditation?

To some it is a quiet walk through the trees while meditating on a problem. To others it is sitting quietly and thinking deeply. While others consider it to be a way to communicate with your inner self and inner wisdom and some think it is a way to communicate with God or Source.


I have various meditations on You Tube.  

Meditation to Balance the 7 Main Chakras

Meditation to Release Every  Negative Within You

Meditation with the Violet Flame

Meditation to Shine Love, Light and Peace

Meditation to Meet Your Highest Guide

Meditation of Healing Love and Light for India and the World

Meditation of Healing Our World with Three Angels

Meditation with Unicorn Blessings for You and the World

Meditation with the 5th Dimensional Blueprint

Meditation of Unconditional Love

Meditation to Bring Adamantine/Diamond Light to Gaia

You do not have to sign in to You Tube to access these.  Just go to You Tube and put "Ki Changes - Pamela Goodall" in the Search and you will find them.


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