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People often feel that they need some help or guidance because they have become confused in their life or feel stuck. A card reading can help to point you in the right direction.

When I give a card reading I feel that the client's Angel or Spirit Guide helps them choose the cards (or me on an email reading) and my Angels and Spirit Guides use me to interpret the cards.

Some people are surprised when the cards do not always give the answer they want. I feel that spirit gives the guidance and information that you need at that particular time to help you on your journey through life. Occasionally a relative or friend in spirit may come through for the person and sometimes there is a channeling. Channelings are usually at the end of the reading and may be from an Angel, Spirit Guide or Higher Being.

I use Zen Tarot, Crystal cards and Angel cards, but may also use many other cards to read for the client.


People often wonder how long a card reading takes. I feel the answer to be as long as it needs, within reason. Average time half an hour.

Phone or email readings can be arranged. Payments can be arranged by email and paid before the reading.

Email to arrange time and place for reading.

Mobile: 0796 707 6584



Price: £30



Needed some guidance, was fantastic. Very insightful.



Pamela is a beautiful light, with a lovely positive energy. I have worked alongside Pamela at several fairs and have been impressed by her beautiful presence. She offers Spiritual readings and guidance, and having personally received some wonderful guidance, I can wholeheartedly recommend her. Marie


Really enjoyed the reading. Was given good explanations. Very calming and understanding. Raylisha.


Thank you Pam. You gave me clarity about my next move along life's path. I will be looking out for opportunities and silencing my mind for answers to my questions. xx


Thank you so much Pam, for putting my mind more relaxed. I so wanted to speak with someone, but didn't know how. Now I have achieved that. Thank you.


Very on target and gentle approach.


Goes to the centre of some issues I have.


Your Reading has proven quite prophetic! I told my husband that you had said I would be offered a volunteer job that was different from what I was currently doing and would be unexpected. Well, it's not exactly voluntary but the boss, where I used to work, asked if I was interested in doing an occasional bit for the Charity, interviewing prospective applicants. This was quite out of the blue! well done! Jan


I had a wonderful and very positive reading with Pamela at a MInd Body Spirit festival. Within a week of the reading 2 things had already come true and within 3 weeks four things had come true. She also picked up on a lot of things going on in my life and she has never met me. I was shocked and surprised at how much she just knew about me. A lot of her insights helped me to understand some issues in my life. Pamela is an amazing medium. And her reading was the best reading I have ever had and I have had quite a few. Thank you Pamela for the wonderful reading.



Wonderful Mystical reading. The best I've ever had (and I've had a far few). Lovely Angel Lady. Juliet


Lovely reading, made a lot of sense. Thank you very much. Light and Love.


Wonderful reading, has given me courage for the future. Thank you. Trish.


Excellent reading. Learnt a lot about what I should do. Very encouraging. Thank you. Brenda.


I was intrigued by this lady when I entered the hall and felt it right time that I had a reading. Wow I'm enamoured at what the cards said. Thank you Pam.


Really enjoyed my reading.  Was so me!


Spot on with everything.


Just what I needed today!


Really enjoyed my reading.


Plenty to think about and a lovely reminder that I cannot pour from an empty cup.

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