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This channelling can be found on You Tube - Channelling from Io, one of the three Arcturians.


Channelling - Love Will Win – 11th March 2022

To find this go to You Tube and put "Ki Changes - Pamela Goodall" in the Search and you will find this plus meditations and a talk.  ​You do not have to sign in to You Tube to access this.  Just go to You

Hello we the Arcturians. Today we want to talk about your world and how there is more Light and love on your planet and how this is going to save you.

For you know that Love is the strongest energy. Love can overcome fear and hate. So, Love is the answer.

As more and more people send love to the situations on your planet, so love with conquer these situations. You may think, well that’s not going to happen, but it will.

Send love especially to the aggressors for when you can lessen their power with love, they will dissolve.

We are not saying this will happen quickly, as it does take time. Remember that Kryon tells you two steps forward, one step back. But this still moves you forward.

You cannot overcome war and aggression with aggression. If you want peace, then you must peace for peace.

Remember too that all that are involved, even those that die, have agreed to this before they came to Earth. Theirs is a great sacrifice for the greater good.

In the end Love will Rise Above All and peace will come to planet Gaia. This may take a few years, but peace will come. Know this.

We send love, light, peace and blessings to all on planet Gaia.

Channelled by Pamela Goodall



LIGHT IS WINNING. A channelling with Io, an Arcturian.


Hello this is Io. We, greet you in love and blessings. I am with the others who you channel, so we are three.


We see great strides ahead happening on your beautiful planet. So much Light and Love is there now. So much more than before and more Lightworkers are awakening all the time. There is great energy at work here. The energy of Love. Well done to all who have awoken and share their Light with the planet. KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING.

At the same time, darkness in its many forms cannot hide, due to the Light. This is why you are seeing more negativity on your news. And the media love to catch on to a story and make it seem more than it is. For example, how many times have you heard how many have died due to covid. But have you heard how many have survived covid? No, you do not see this on your news, for those who pay the media, want you in fear and negativity.

But you will know that the Light and Love is winning. Soon there will be a topple effect of Light which will bring more darkness for you to see. But when it is seen, it can be dealt with. Justice can be brought to the fore and those in the dark will receive their just desserts.

This can be done with Love. Love is the greatest energy and can overcome anything. Be the greater being and deal with these things with Love and justice can be served. Be the Higher Being and stand tall in Love and Light.

Channelled by Pamela Goodall



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