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All Workshops (except individual workshops):

  • Fun and laughter during the day
  • Vegetable soup and delicious bread provided at lunch.
  • Plus tea, coffee, herbal teas and blessed water.
  • Date: (to be arranged)
  • Venue: Plymouth, UK (to be advised)
  • Time: 9.30 am for 10 am start
  • Finishing: 5 pm
  • Cost: £40

Please email for details, to sign up and how to pay if you are interested in coming to a workshop.


Available Workshops


Exploring angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels. Where they come from, what are they, etc.


What the scientists say, what we know from ancient tales and what spirit tells us now.

Chakras 3rd to 5th dimension

Talking about the 7 traditional chakras and the extra chakras to help in the 5th dimension.

What is Channelling

Describing channelling and giving demonstrations.

Dimensions, and in particular the 5th Dimension.

All about dimensions, what is the 5th dimension and what it means for Planet Earth.


5th Dimension and Forgiveness

Explaining the 5th Dimension and why we need to forgive to reach the 5th dimension.



Explaining what they are, why they have come back and what they do.

Fairies and Elementals

Explaining what they are, why they are called Elementals and much more.


Explaining how we help ourselves by forgiving others.

My Path Prior to Spiritual Awakening

The experiences which led me to spirituality. An explanation of my understanding of Spirituality to hopefully help others.


To understand peace, you have to understand aggression and then how peace can be achieved within ourselves and the  world.

Reincarnation and Past Lives

Explaining reincarnation and telling some stories of my own past lives and others.

Spirituality versus Science

Exploring the differences and similarities of science and spirituality.

Spirituality - What is it?

My understanding of spirituality.

Mobile: 0796 707 6584


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