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held in Plymouth, Devon, UK


If you are interested in coming to my Spiritual Development and Meditation Group or a one-to-one session held at my home in Plymouth UK, please contact me for further details:



Every Monday afternoon 

Spiritual Development and Meditation Group

1pm - 5pm

£5 a session

Held at my home, so I can access reference material and various spiritual objects.


Continuing every Monday unless informed differently.

My group is confidential and friendly with fun and laughter.  Held at my home so I can access my library

of books, crystals, spiritual items when required. All welcome from beginners upwards.


The groups develop our psychic talents and our spirituality. At the weekly meetings we work on

something that will help us progress on our spiritual path by developing our higher senses and connection.


This might be tuning into crystals, ESP, doing a drawing, sensing objects etc. Or it could be learning

about unconditional love, forgiveness or letting go of ego for example.


Most times we listen to a channeling (information from a higher spirit or angel).

We always have a meditation.

There is a break for a drink and biscuits.

Afterwards those that choose to, do small card readings for each other.


I usually suggest that you come along to a meeting to see if you enjoy it, and then see if you wish to continue with our group.


If you are interested contact me by e.mail,which is at the top of the page and I will give you the address.




Lovely evening with Pamela Goodall tonight and a fab meditation. Thank you Pam. You're a tonic! :) I look forward to next week's meditation group.



Pamela is a wonderful inspiration in teaching and leading in meditation and relaxation. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with you. Pam also provides excellent readings using Tarot and other cards, I would highly recommend her. A genuine caring and trustworthy person. Linda



See Workshops and Sessions page.

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