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Permi​ssion is granted to copy and redistribute these articles to all who will listen, on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely.


14th August 2021 – The Arcturians – Gaia has come far.


Hello we are the Arcturians. Know that you and your planet Gaia have come far. So many people on Gaia have woken up to the Light and Love that it would be impossible now to go back to what was in the 3rd dimension.

Gaia is now 5th Dimensional and so are many people on the planet, at least one third of humanity. Most of those not in the 5th Dimension are in the 4th Dimension and are caring, loving people. These are across your world in various places, for example: in churches, temples, mosques; in deserts and forests; indigenous everywhere; in their own homes just being love and many sending love.

Those that are still in the 3rd Dimension, just 12% of the population are fighting to stay in the darkness. For darkness is what they know, and they fear change.

However, darkness cannot hide when there is so much Light, so keep sending that Light out brighter and brighter, so that they can understand and move on.


Channelled by Pamela Goodall


Channelling for the World. 30th January 2021.

This is a message for the world. Stop worrying. When you worry, you create more worry. When you worry you lower your body’s immunity. When you worry you let things in which you don’t want in your body or your mind. So, stop worrying. Everything will recover, it will take time, but stop worrying. For this is a temporary thing. The worst is over, better is coming. It will never go away totally. There will always be viruses but stop worrying. The worst is over, the worst is over, so stop worrying.

Start enjoying life in the now, today, enjoy life for what it is. Do what you can to cheer others and in that way you cheer yourself. Allow yourself to help others. Allow yourself to become a better person, not bringing others down, but raising others up.

This is the way to go with optimism not pessimism. Don’t look at the negative, look at the positive. Find three positive things each day. Do you have air to breathe? Yes. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have something to sleep on? Do you have something to eat? Do you have water to drink? These are all positives and be grateful for them, for not everybody has all of these. Be grateful for what you do have, for the blessings within your life.

Be the positive blessing for others. Allow yourself to open to love and light, to spread positivity, smiles and warmth.

Everyone has down days, but everyone also has good days. Remember the good days. Remember when it was good. And then make today a good day, bring in that positivity, bring in that smile even if it’s just for you. Watch something or read something that makes you laugh. All this is good for you.

So, stop worrying and live. Live joyfully, live happily and all will be well.

The Angels


A MESSAGE OF HOPE – The Arcturians – 13th January 2021

Hello, we are the Arcturians. It’s been sometime since we contacted you in this way. But now we are here with a message of hope.


For many on this planet are losing hope because they watch the news, but the news is biased. The news is biased towards bringing you down, making you feel sad, making you feel all is lost, but what is the truth?

The truth is all is not lost. The truth is that there is much good in this life, in this planet for many recover, remember that. They don’t tell you that. 99% recover.


So, watch the news and realise they tell you part, but not the whole. Remember that it is only part of the news that they tell you, not the whole news. 99% recover.


Yes, there still will be a lot of hardship until this is over, but raise your spirits, raise your sights and know that the future ahead is good. It is not the end of the world. Life moves on, just differently.

Most people say they want to go back to normal. Why not go back to better than normal, wouldn’t that be good, better than normal.


You can do this, joining together with your minds, sending out thoughts of love, peace, goodness, happiness, joy. All these things, all these positive things join together when you all think the same. Think of it as a cloud of thoughts.


Instead of thinking of a cloud of negative thoughts as the media put out, get together with others to make a bigger cloud of positive thoughts. How things can improve, how things will improve in the future, for why not make the future better and brighter and happier and more peaceful and more loving.


This is what you should be aiming at, making the future better and in the meantime, ok, there is some chaos, there is some hardship, but remember out of chaos comes the sorting. Out of chaos comes the right way to do things. Negative things disappear in the chaos, you can see this happening.


So, rejoice in the future and make that cloud of happy positive thoughts bigger and bigger and bigger. Join together with those positive thoughts and create a better world.


We are the Arcturians.


Channelled by Pamela Goodall​

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